Scholarships 2011 by 7G13Xd36


									Deadline                        Scholarship                            Value                  Criteria
October 15 Gardner Webb University Fellows                            Full Tuition   Senior Student with a
              -Please see your counselor if you are interested in                    cumulative GPA of 3.6 or
              attending Gardner Webb                                                 higher, at least 1130 on math
                                                                                     and reading portions of the
                                                                                     SAT or a 24
October 15 E.B. Kennedy Scholarship                                   Full Tuition   Senior Student with an “A”
              Erskine University                                                     Average (3.5 GPA) in
              -Apply on-line at                                                      college prep classes, top 10%
                                            of class, SAT score of 1100 or
                                                                                     higher, leadership potential.

October 15 George F. Spradley /VFW Dillon Post 60911 Scholarship        $1000        Senior must have a relative in
              Fund                                                                   service or a veteran; 300 -
              See counselor for application or call Bo Lane at 843-                  500 word essay.
October 30    Horatio Alger Scholarship Programs                       $$2,500       Critical financial need,
              -Apply online at:                                          To          preferably $50,000 or lower
                            $20,000       adjusted gross family income;
              Mail supporting documents to:                                          involvement in co-curricular
              Horatio Alger Scholarship Programs                                     and community service
              PO Box 4030                                                            activities; minimum GPA of
              Iowa City, IA 52243-4030                                               2.0; one letter of support;
              Phone (866) 763-9228                                                   copy of federal tax return.
October 31    Prudential Spirit of Community                            $1,000       Any student who has
              Awards                                                                 distinguished
              -Apply on-line at                                                      Him/herself through volunteer
                                                  opportunities and service to
              -Only one student will be nominated from LVHS                          the community
October 31    Coca-Cola Scholars                                       $10,000-      Senior student who has
           -Apply on-line at:                                     $20,000      demonstrated
                                            leadership in school,
                                                                               commitment to the
                                                                               community, academic
                                                                               achievement, and is at least
                                                                               employed part time, 2.5 GPA.
November   John Montgomery Belk Scholarship                       $40,814      Senior student who is
    1      Davidson College                                                    planning to attend
           -Please see your counselor if you are interested in                 Davidson College, shows
           attending Davidson College                                          academic rigor and leadership
November   SC Teaching Fellows                                   $6,000 per    Any high school senior can
    1      -Apply on-line at:                                       year       apply; 3 references required.
                                                                               Notify school counselor when
                                        you apply.
November   J. W. and Doris Floyd Moore Scholarship Fund                        2.75 GPA, reside in Dillon
    3      -Apply on-line at:                                    Unspecified   county, must be worthy and
                                           deserving, attach parents W-2
                                                                               and federal tax forms.
November   Foundation for Individual Rights in Education           $5,000      Senior student, write 800 –
    5      Apply on-line at:                                                   1000 word essay: Why is free
                                                      speech important at our
                                                                               nation’s colleges and
November   Kittie M. Fairey Educational                          Unspecified   Senior student, cumulative
   30      Scholarship                                                         GPA of 3.0 on 4.0 scale, SAT
           -Apply on-line at:                                                  score of 900 or ACT score of
                                             19, applicants parents must
                                                                               have a household adjusted
                                                                               gross income not exceeding
                                                                               $40,000, must be planning to
                                                                       attend a SC college or
November     South Carolina Junior Golf                  Unspecified   Senior student, cumulative
    30       Foundation Scholarship                                    GPA of 2.75 on 4.0 scale,
             -Apply on-line at:                                        have a competitive or
                                  recreational interest in golf,
                                                                       attend a 4 year

December 1 SAE Engineering Scholarships                  Unspecified   Many engineering
             -Please see your counselor for the                        scholarships to various
             informational booklet                                     schools, therefore each
                                                                       school has different
December     The AXA Achievement Scholarship              $10,000 to   To qualify, you must
   15        -Apply on-line at:                            $25,000     demonstrate:
                                      -ambition and drive
                                                                       -determination to set and
                                                                       reach goals
                                                                       -respect for self, family and
                                                                       -ability to succeed in college
January 15   The Herman W. Lay Scholarship Program for
             Furman University freshmen

January 20, SCATA Scholarship                            $2000         Free/reduced lunch
             Counselor will announce                                   One page essay
                                                                       2 letters of recommendation
                                                                       Copies of SAT or ACT scores
January 22   SC Governor’s Committee on                   Four year    Student must be a high
             Employment of People with                   scholarship   school junior or
             Disabilities                                       to the       senior and you do not have to
             -Apply on-line at:                             SC institution   have a disability to enter.
                                           of         Journalism Contest: “Workers
                                                            the student’s    with Disabilities Talent for a
                                                               choice        Winning Team”

             Harry Hampton Fund Scholarship                  $2,500 per      Senior student who is a SC
January 31   -Apply on-line at:                                  year        resident, planning to attend a
                        for 4 years     SC college or university,
                                                                             planning to major in a natural
                                                                             resources discipline, must
                                                                             have a minimum 2.5 GPA
January 31   Wallace F. Pate Scholarship                       $1,500        Senior student who is a SC
             -Apply on-line at:                                              resident,
                                        planning to attend a SC
                                                                             college or university, planning
                                                                             to major in a natural
                                                                             resources discipline
January 31   James O. Thomason Scholarship                  $1,000 per       Senior student who is a SC
             -Apply on-line at:                             year             resident, planning to attend a
                            for 4 years     SC college or university,
              Call 803 463-7387                                              planning to major in
              e-mail:                                        (electronic, print or photo
                                                                             journalism, advertising, public
                                                                             relations, or mass
                                                                             communications), must
                                                                             have a minimum 2.5 GPA
February 1   Presidential Forum on Renewable Energy Essay   Three            Undergraduate student
             Contest.                                       awarded at       between the ages of 18 – 24.
             -Applications available at:                    $10,000          The essay contest will engage
                                           students on renewable
                                                                                        energy, sustainability and
February 1     Robert C. Byrd Honors Scholarship                           $1,500 for 4 1300 SAT (math & reading
               -School counselor will announce application availability    years        only) or 29 on the ACT, 3.5
                                                                                        GPA, SC resident
February 1     SC Association of Educational Office Professionals          One awarded Must be a SC resident, one
               Scholarship                                                 at $1,000    page biographical essay on a
               -School counselor will announce application availability.                specific topic, letters of
                                                                                        recommendation, transcript.
February 5     Bi-Lo Scholarship                                           Unspecified  Must work 15 hours/wk
               -Apply on-line at :
February 5     Wachovia – Dependent Scholarship Program                    Unspecified   Must be a dependent of an
                                                                                         employee of Wachovia, 3.0
                                                                                         GPA, SAT 1000

February 10
               KFC Scholarship                                             $5000/year    2.75 minimum GPA
               -Apply on-line at:                                                        US citizen
                                                            Pursuing a bachelor’s degree

February 11 South Carolina Law Enforcement Officer’s Association           2 @ $2000
               Write for application: Scholarships                         1 @ $5000
               SC Law Enforcement Officer’s Foundation
               PO Box 210709
               Columbia, SC 29221-0709
February 15 Alexander Graham Bell Scholarship                            $250 to       Applicant must have profound
            -Apply on-line at:                                           $2,000        hearing loss since birth
February 15 AXA Achievement Community Scholarship                        $2,000        Applicant must possess
            Download an application at                                                 ambition, drive, determination
   .com                                                   to set and reach goals, ability
                                                                                       to succeed in college
February 15 James F. Byrnes Foundation Scholarship                       Unspecified   Student must have lost one or
              -Apply on line at or print application:                                  both parents; based on SAT,
                                                       ACT, class rank, SC resident,
February 15 McDonald’s Scholarship (Annual)                              $1,000        For minority and scholar
              -Apply on-line at:                                                       students of any race.
February 15   Monsanto Company Scholarship                               $1,500        Applicant must plan to pursue
              -apply on-line at:                                                       a career in an agriculture-
     or                                                      related field.
February 15   USA Funds Access to Education Scholarship                  $1,500        Economic need or ethnic
              Apply on-line between Dec. 15 and Feb. 15 at:                            minority or physically
February 16   Best Buy Scholarship                                       $1,000        Senior
              Apply online at
February 21   South Carolina Sheriff’s Association Scholarship           $1,000 to     Must be a SC resident,
              -School counselor will announce application availability   $2,000        complete application including
                                                                                       a 1000 word essay on a
                                                                                       specific topic, letters of
                                                                                       recommendation, picture,
                                                                                       principal signature required.
March 1       Law Offices of Michael A. DeMayo                           $2,500        Resident of Dillon County,
            Apply on-line at:                                                    senior, plan to attend a 4 year
                                                      college or university, SAT
                                                                                 scores, 2 letters of
                                                                                 recommendation, transcript,
                                                                                 essay or electronic
March 6     CTEA Scholarship (Career & Technical Education)            TBA       Complete application
                                                                                 List honors, awards,
                                                                                 accomplishments, be an
                                                                                 occupational completer, 3
                                                                                 letters of reference
 March 3    Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation, Inc.                  $1000 -   Son/daughter of active duty or
            For more information visit                                 $10,000   honorably discharged or killed
                                                           while in service U.S. Marine
                                                                                 or active duty or reserve U. S.
                                                                                 Navy Corpsman who has or is
                                                                                 serving in U. S. Marine Corp,
                                                                                 have less than $77,000
                                                                                 adjusted gross family income,
                                                                                 have at least a 2.0 GPA.
 March 7    SAMMY Award                                                $7,500    Judging is based on
            -Apply on-line at:                                                   academic performance,
                                               athletic excellence,
                                                                                 leadership, community
                                                                                 service and what role milk
                                                                                 plays in their success.
 March 13   SC Association of Extension Administrative                 $500      Letter of recommendation
            Professionals                                                        from business teacher, list of
            -School counselor will announce application availability             extra-curricular activities,
                                                                                 essay stating career goals (no
                                                                                 more than 100 words)
March 15   SC Soil & Water Conservation Society                  $1000            Essay, 3 recommendations,
                                                                                  community involvement,
                                                                                  financial need.
March 15   J. P. Coates/SCACT Scholarship                        $1000            Senior
           See counselor for an application.                                      Plan to attend a 4 year
                                                                                  accredited four-year college
                                                                                  or university within the state
                                                                                  of SC.
                                                                                  Pursue a degree in education.
March 15   Delta Kappa Gamma Scholarship                         $300             Senior girl from Dillon County,
           See counselor                                                          in the upper third of her class,
                                                                                  planning a career in
March 18   SC State Fair Scholarship                             $1500 per        Senior, overall school
           Get application at                year for up to   performance and
                                                                 4 years.         involvement, aptitude for
                                                                                  completion of the application,
                                                                                  extra-curricular activities.
March 20   SC National Teenager Scholarship                       Unspecified     Senior female student who is
           Organization                                                           interested in
           -Apply on-line at:                                                     participating in the SC
                                                National Teenager Pageant
March 25   SC Coaches Association Of Women’s Sports & Trophies      $1000         Female, major in medical
           by “M” Scholarship                                                     field, three letters of
  to download an application                              recommendation. (One
                                                                                  scholarship from each school
March 25   SC Coaches Association of Women’s Sports Educator’s       $500         Female, major in education,
           Scholarship                                                            three letters of
  to download an application                              recommendation, (one
                                                                                  scholarship per school only)
March 31   The Janice M. Scott Memorial Scholarship Fund, Inc.      6 @ $2500      3.0 GPA, high School senior,
           ATTN: Mr. Abraham Scott                                                 Demonstrated leadership
           PO Box 1023                                                             abilities, parents, adjusted
           Springfield, Virginia 22151                                             income cannot exceed
                                                                                   $100,000, 2 letters of
                                                                                   recommendation, 500 – 1000
                                                                                   word essay, high school
                                                                                   senior picture, copy of student
                                                                                   aid report.
March 31   National Federation of the Blind Scholarship Program      $3,000 to     Must be legally blind, high
           -Apply on-line at:                                         $12,000      achieving
March 31   SCDOT Adopt-A-Highway Program Scholarship                  $500 to      Applicant must be an Adopt-
           -Apply on-line at:                                         $1,000       A-Highway volunteer,500
                                word essay required, 2.5 GPA

March 22   James Stephens, III Scholarship                          $1000 and a    Academic excellence,
           -Apply on-line at:                                          laptop      financial need, community
                                          service, exceptional
                                                                                   leadership potential, essay,
 April 4   The McLeod Medical Center Dillon Auxiliary Scholarship      $1000       Requires that a student plans
           See counselor for application.                                          to pursue a career in a health
                                                                                   occupation field.
 April 4   The David H. Shuttleworth Scholarship                       $1000       Requires that a student plans
           See counselor for application.                                          to pursue a career in a health
                                                                                   occupational field.
April 13   Donate Life South Carolina Scholarship                   Up to $2,500   SC residents pursuing a
           -Apply on-line at:                                                      career relating to tissue
                                                     donation, including careers in
                                                                             medicine, nursing, social work
                                                                             and related fields.
  April 15   American Dream Scholarship                          $500 to     Open to African Americans
             -Apply on-line at:                                  $5,000      with financial need, minimum
                                              2.5 GPA, be enrolled full-time
                                                                             at an accredited institution.
April 15     First in My Family Scholarship                      $500 to     For Hispanic-Americans who
             -Apply on-line at:                                  $5,000      are first in family to attend
                                               college. 3.0 GPA required.
April 15     Marine Corps Scholarship Foundation Academic Year   $500 to     Must be a son or daughter of
             Scholarships                                        $1,000      a Marine on active duty,
             -Apply on-line at;                                              reserves, honorably
                                                       discharged, retired or
             or call (800) 292-7777                                          deceased.
                                                                             Must be currently enrolled in
                                                                             an accredited college or
                                                                             university, family income of
                                                                             $65,000 or less.
May 15       Tylenol Scholarship                                 $1,000 to   Applicants are judged on
             -Applications are available on-line at:              $5,000     leadership qualities and
                                        abilities and performance.

May 30       Thanks USA Scholarship                              $1,000 to   Must be a dependent child,
             -Apply on-line at:                                   $5,000.    age 24 or under, or legal
                                                  spouse of active duty Military
                                                                             service personnel, attending
                                                                             an accredited 2 or 4 year
                                                                             college or university and have
                                                                             at least a 2.5 GPA.
                                                                             Preference given to students
                                                                             who have studied a foreign
Unspecified The Naval Reserve Officer Training                    $125,000     Senior student, minimum SAT
            Corps (NROTC) Scholarship                                          of 1000 (math
            -Apply on-line at:                                                 and reading) or ACT of 22,
                                                   good physical
                                                                               health, eyesight correctable to
Unspecified Law Enforcement Officers Foundation Scholarship       $1,000 to    Prepare 1000 word essay on
              1-800-922-0038 or                                    $5,000      a specified topic. School
                                                       counselor will announce
                                                                               application date.
Unspecified The American Cancer Society                          Unspecified   Diagnosis of cancer by age
              (800) 282-4914                                                   21. Must maintain a 2.0 GPA
              -Apply on-line at:                                               And be enrolled in an
                                                       accredited college in NC, SC
                                                                               or GA.
Unspecified McLeod Regional Scholarships                                       For students in Nursing,
              -Contact Teresa Anderson, McLeod Human Resources      TBA        Pharmacy, Physical Therapy,
              Division, (803) 678-5361.                                        Occupational Therapy.
                                                                               Minorities are encouraged to
   Daily      Scholarship searches can be made at:                             Check for scholarships you
                                                      may qualify for. Read
                                                 eligibility criteria. Apply!

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