The Mission

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					                             The Mission: Video Guide
1. Who are the main characters of the film?

2. What is the setting?

3. What is the theme of the film?

4. Why don’t the Amazon Indians (Guaranis) trust the Jesuit missionaries at the beginning of the

5. With what does Father Gabriel capture the attention of the Amazon Indians (Guaranis) in the
    beginning of the film?

6. Why do Rodrigo Mendoza and his brother, Felipe, get into a fight?

7. What was the outcome of the fight between the two brothers?

8. How did Mendoza serve his penance and why did it have to be so difficult?
    9. Who is Don Cabeza and why was he interested in the Amazon Indians (Guaranis)?

    10. What was the main purpose of Father Gabriel’s missions?

    11. Who decided the fate of the missions?

    12. How did the Amazon Indians (Guaranis) react to the decision made by his Eminence?

    13. What was Father Gabriel’s position on fighting with the Amazon Indians (Guaranis)?

    14. What happened at the end of the movie? Why did this happen?

Reflection Essay:

Conversion is a theme found throughout the Bible. It causes the individual to completely change his or
her view of the world, approach towards others, and what they value. St. Paul changed from a law-
abiding Jew who believed in using the sword to purify the Jews into a man who helped spread Christianity
throughout the ancient civilized world. Pick one individual discussed in class, see in The Passion of the
Christ, or in The Mission and explain the events that occurred during their conversion and what
importance they had in converting that individual towards the way of Jesus. Make sure to include an
outline what their point of view, values, and personal approach was before and after their conversion.
This reflection should be 1 to 2 pages long.

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