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									                        Solon High School

       The College Application
                 Information for Seniors
                                 Class of 2012

                     SHS Guidance Department
Mrs. Dingman     A - De           349-6242
Mr. Nowak        Df - Ho          349-6243
Ms. Bruce        Hp - Mc          349-7407
Mr. Washington   Md - See         349-7307
Mrs. Johns       Sef - Z          349-6241

Ms. Rymaz, Guidance Secretary     349-7304

  Senior Appointment for Post-High School Planning

Student Name _______________________________                                 Date __________

           __ GPA, credits toward graduation, OGT, Honors Diploma
           __ ACT/SAT: taken             registered for fall  needs to register
           __ Record scores on Senior Chart
_____ Discuss PLANS for future:
           __ 4-year College              __ Technical School
           __ 2-year College              __ Military
           __ Work                        __ Volunteer Experience/Travel
       College List/Ideas: __________________________________________________
_____ FORMS: Has student submitted? (all forms available at
         __ Transcript Release Form
         __ Student/Parent Questionnaire
         __ Updated Resume
_____ Discuss college selection/application PROCESS:
           1. APPLY ONLINE
_____ Provide info about NAVIANCE (SHS college counseling website)
_____ Provide resource info about FINANCIAL AID/SCHOLARSHIPS

TIMELINE: Counselors encourage students to complete the application process before
Thanksgiving Break. Always allow TWO WEEKS for processing materials through Guidance
before a deadline.

         SHS College Planning “TO DO LIST” for SENIORS
1. Register/take the SAT and ACT if you would like to try to raise scores:
      - The Solon test site fills up quickly, so register early if you would prefer to test here.
      - If you intend to apply to highly-selective colleges, check the websites of the colleges you are considering
          to determine if they require/ recommend SATII Subject Tests.
      - STUDENTS, SEND YOUR TEST SCORES from the testing companies to the colleges to which you are
          applying. Use your ACT and/or SAT accounts online to complete this process.

                            TEST DATES FOR 2011-2012 School Year
    ACT:                                          SAT I & SAT II:
    Test Date             Register by:                               Test Date              Register by:
    September 10*         August 12                                  October 1              September 9
    October 22            September 16                               November 5*            October 7
    December 10*          November 4                                 December 3             November 8
    February 11*          January 13                                 January 28             December 30
    April 14*             March 9                                    March 10*              February 10
    June 9                May 4                                      May 5                  April 6
                                                                     June 2*                May 8
    *tests offered at SHS                                            Note: No SAT IIs on March 10

2. Submit all required forms: Be sure to complete your section of the forms and follow all directions/guidelines
   before giving the forms to the teacher or Guidance Office:
       - Complete/submit the “TRANSCRIPT RELEASE FORM,” and the “STUDENT/PARENT
            QUESTIONNAIRES” along with your resume BEFORE we begin to process your college applications.
       - Use “REQUEST FOR RECOMMENDATION LETTER” form to ask teachers for rec letters. Also give
            them a copy of your transcript and resume and any evaluation forms required by colleges.
       - Use the “COLLEGE APPLICATION PROCESSING REQUEST FORM” to have your transcript and
            counselor forms sent through Guidance.
       *All forms are available online at under Downloadable Handouts.

3. Apply to colleges or other post-secondary choices:
      - If you have not yet determined the list of colleges to which you will apply, use the “Website Resources”
          section of to do college searches based on your interests/profile. We
          recommend Use the “Downloadable Resources” section on the guidance
          website for more information.
      - Use the Guidance webpage calendar to find information on college representative visits to SHS, and sign
          up to attend their presentations in the fall of your senior year.
      - During your senior appointment in September, your counselor will discuss with you your specific college
          planning process and give you information about how to submit your applications.
      - Visit college campuses: Before you make a final decision on the college you will attend, you should visit
          the campus. Go on the college websites and find the “tour/visit campus” icon. May 1 is the nationally
          recognized deadline to make your college decision.
      - Update/use your account on Naviance to keep track of your college application process.
      - Register for a session (7:15-7:30am & 3:00-3:30pm) of the College Seminar Series with SHS Guidance if
          you need additional help with any of these topics:
            September 28      “Using the Common Application”                  December 7      “Seniors Seeking Scholarships”
            October 26        “Reviewing the College Application Process”     April 11        “College Decision Time”

4. Explore Financial Aid Resources:
      - Parents/seniors may make an appointment through Guidance (349-7304) or contact College Now Greater
          Cleveland directly for free assistance with financial planning for college. (216)241-5587 or

      - Local scholarship opportunities will be posted on our website and mailed to all seniors in February.
      - Use the Guidance webpage for more financial aid resources.
      - Call or make an appointment with the financial aid offices at the colleges you are considering.

5. Continue to strive for your academic best :
      - College admissions initially look for three main factors: GPA, curriculum and ACT/SAT scores.
      - Be sure to earn solid grades in the senior year and take a rigorous course load. Colleges will request
          mid-year and final grades in the senior year which could change admission decisions.
                                           Solon High School

                               College Planning Timeline
                              for Seniors and their Parents

          Go online to the college websites to complete college applications. Guidance begins accepting “College
           Application Processing Request Forms” September 1 to send official transcripts, counselor forms and
           recommendation letters. Students send ACT/SAT scores to colleges via the testing companies. We
           encourage students to submit all application materials by mid-November.
          Follow each application’s directions carefully and completely. It is the student’s responsibility to keep track of
           deadlines and to submit applications materials to the Guidance Office two weeks before due dates.
          Be sure to update your contact information on NAVIANCE. Counselors send out all communications to
           seniors through NAVIANCE.
          Use the “Request for Recommendation Letter” Form when asking teachers for letters of recommendation.
           (All forms available at
          Retake the SAT or ACT in the fall if you are trying to raise your scores. Check requirements of the colleges
           on your list. Selective colleges may require or recommend SAT II Subject Tests.
          Have your essays proofread and revised. Essays should demonstrate your very best efforts and should be
           error and typo free.
          Attend college representative presentations at SHS. Over 120 colleges visit our high school each year.
           Check the guidance web calendar or Naviance often for dates and sign up in Guidance at least a day in
           advance to attend. Be sure to pick up a permission form when signing up as students must obtain teacher
           permission to miss class to attend a presentation.
          Make a list of questions to ask your counselor during your Senior Appointment in September. Counselors will
           meet with each senior individually to review post high school plans and the college application process.
          Visit serious college choices that you may not have already seen. Interview and stay overnight in a dorm if
          A strong first semester is vital. Some schools will withhold acceptance until completion of the first semester.
           This is the year to show real leadership in extracurricular activities.
          Contact College Now Greater Cleveland for assistance with financial planning for college.
          Go online to view the FAFSA (federal financial aid form) in December and begin to gather preliminary data.
          Remember to thank teachers who have written recommendation letters for you.

           Complete and submit your FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1 .
          Expect to be contacted for an alumni interview by some colleges.
          Apply for local scholarships in February/March. A list will be posted online and mailed to all seniors.

          Review all your acceptances and financial aid awards.
           By May 1 , notify all colleges who have accepted you that you will or will not be enrolling. Your enrollment
           deposit must be paid by May 1 to the college you plan to attend.

GOOD LUCK!         Remember that the counselors understand that this is a big decision for everyone involved.
We are here to assist both students and parents.
       The College Application Process at Solon High School
When submitting college applications to the Guidance Office, use the following guidelines:

 BEFORE submitting any applications, be sure you have already registered on the Naviance
  website and you have turned in your Transcript Release Form, Student/Parent Questionnaire, and
  Activities Resume to the Guidance Office. Forms available at
  under Downloadable Handouts.
 Allow two weeks for processing after turning in applications to the Guidance Office, especially
  for applications that require a personalized recommendation letter from your counselor. WATCH
 DO NOT wait for new SAT or ACT scores from this fall or winter. Send your application to your
  college ASAP and request to have your scores sent there when registering for testing. They will
  be merged at the college.
 Hand your application materials directly to the guidance secretary. DO NOT just put it down on
  the desk and leave. She will review your application materials, give you a postcard to complete,
  and attach your official transcript. The packet will then go on to your counselor for final processing
  and mailing.
 Once the transcript and materials have been mailed, the counselor will update your Naviance
  account with the date of mailing.

 Three Basic Steps to Complete College Applications:

    1. Apply online
    2. Send test scores to colleges via testing websites
    3. Submit form to Guidance to request mailing of
       transcript, counselor form, recommendation letters

Remember to submit to Guidance:

____ College Application Processing Request Form
____ Counselor Form (if applicable)
____ Postcard (will be provided when submitting materials to secretary)
____ Addressed envelope
____ Resume
____ Any other materials to be included such as essays, recommendation
      letters, etc. that you did not submit online
____ (If submitting paper application, also include check for application fee)
                                                                                                  IN OFFICE DATE STAMP:

                                        Solon High School Guidance Office
                 College Application Processing Request Form
                         Submit this form to the Guidance Secretary every time you need a transcript sent.
                                     Copy this form or print from website as many as needed.

STUDENT __________________ _________       ID# ____________
College/University: _______________________________
 (OR: Send transcript to ___NCAA ___Scholarship ___ROTC ___ Other)
Date Submitted to Guidance Office _________________
Using on-line application?          ___ YES ___ NO
Using Common Application?           ___ YES ___ NO
Scores sent to college by ACT/SAT? ___ YES ___ NO (Student must have scores sent!)
Must be postmarked by: ________________ (allow two weeks for processing)
Include rec letters from: _____________________________________________________
Include teacher forms from: __________________________________________________
Notes to Counselor:

_____ College Application Processing Request Form with completed info (in box above)
_____ Large envelope addressed by student to college
_____ Counselor/School Report form with student section complete and signed
                 (printed by student from college website)
_____    Resume
_____    Postcard for proof of receipt (from Ms. Rymaz when you are ready to turn in materials)
_____    (Application/essay/check - if completed on paper)
_____    (Copy of essay for counselor to read - if applicable)

       Before submitting any applications you must be registered on NAVIANCE and have turned in your signed Transcript
        Release Form. (Both can be accessed on Guidance Webpage.)
       Hand the application materials directly to the secretary for review. Do not just leave it on the desk.
       Allow two weeks for processing. Watch your deadlines!
       When applying online, print out the counselor page if required and complete/sign the student section. The counselor will
        complete the form after you have submitted your College Application Processing Request Form and addressed envelope.
       Be sure to sign your application if using a paper application, and write your social security number on the check for the
        application fee.
       The Guidance staff will add your transcript, complete the counselor form, and include rec letters (as indicated above). Be
        sure to send ACT/SAT scores through the testing companies. Do this ASAP to allow processing time.

Date ready but ON HOLD for letters/forms: ____________ Date MAILED: ____________
                                          SHS Guidance Office
                          Request for Recommendation Letter

Student _______________________________                            Date of Request ____________

Letter requested from: ________________________________________
Letter needed by this date: ____________

Other letter if needed will be requested from: __________________________________________
DO NOT request more than two letters from SHS faculty.

Student is applying to these colleges:                             Type of Teacher Form Required:
______________________________________                                   Paper       Online     None
______________________________________                                   Paper       Online     None
______________________________________                                   Paper       Online     None
______________________________________                                   Paper       Online     None
______________________________________                                   Paper       Online     None
______________________________________                                   Paper       Online     None

       Please be aware that many colleges DO NOT require recommendation letters such as OSU, OU, Kent, BGSU, Akron,
        Toledo, Indiana, Cincinnati. Do not request a letter if your colleges do not ask for a letter. DO NOT request more
        than two letters from SHS faculty. (A third may be written by your counselor upon college request.)
       Give the recommender a copy of your resume and transcript along with this form.
       Give the recommender the teacher forms if they are required by your colleges OR instructions about how to complete
        the recommendation online. Indicate paper/online/none above in box.
       Be sure the student has submitted to you his/her resume and transcript with this form.
       Address all letters to “To Whom It May Concern.”
       Print all letters on SHS letterhead which is available in the mailroom OR use the letterhead emailed to you earlier.
        (Email Wendy, and she can email it to you if needed.)
       Provide the counselor with a SIGNED COPY of your letter to include in packet mailed to colleges. (Counselors can
        make copies.)
       Turn in this form with your recommendation letter/forms to the Guidance Office

DO NOT release any recommendation letters to students in the fall. If needed for
scholarships, you may choose (or not) to provide the student the letter in second semester.
The counselors WILL NOT release any teacher letters to students at any time.
                        TRANSCRIPT RELEASE FORM
Student’s Name ___________________________________                                           Student ID______________
                           Last Name                             First Name

                               PARENT AUTHORIZATION
This authorizes the Solon High School Guidance Office to prepare and process all transcripts
that are requested for submission with college applications and/or scholarship applications,
and verifies that I have read the student responsibilities below.

  (Parent Signature)                                                  (Date)

ATHLETES: This authorizes the Solon High School Guidance Office to process transcripts and test scores that are requested by
college/university coaches and by the student for NCAA Clearinghouse.

  (Parent Signature)                                                  (Date)

ALL STUDENTS: Please read and sign below.
Discipline Records
         I understand the Solon High School policy as stated in the SHS Student Handbook: “The Common Application and certain
universities are now asking for information regarding student suspensions and expulsions. When asked this question, Solon City
Schools will be releasing this information.”

Test Scores
        I understand that it is my responsibility as a student to arrange for my ACT and/or SAT scores to be sent from the testing
companies directly to all colleges to which I am applying.

Student Athletes
          I understand that to be considered to participate in Division I or II college athletics, I must go onto
after the junior year, complete the on-line registration/payment, and submit a request for SHS Guidance to send the transcript to
NCAA Clearinghouse.

  (Student Signature)                                                  (Date)

*Please note that NO college applications will be processed unless this form is filed in our records in the Guidance Office.
Please contact the Guidance Secretary, Carol Rymaz, if you have any questions (349-7304).
Contact the Guidance Office at 349-7304 to set up a free appointment
   with College Now in the SHS Guidance Office to discuss grants,
 scholarships, loans, work-study, and general financial aid planning
                     for your student for college.

                        College Now Greater Cleveland
                         200 Public Square, Suite 3820
                             Cleveland, OH 44114
                             216-241-5587 (phone)
                              216-241-6184 (fax)

Financial Aid Tips:
   Check the updated listing of local scholarship opportunities for seniors which is
    posted each February on A mailing will also be
    sent to all seniors at that time with a listing of scholarships and guidelines/deadlines
    for applying.
   Review the financial aid section of the guidance website under “website resources”
    for national scholarships and other financial aid websites.
   Contact the colleges’ financial aid offices for more information regarding financial
    aid options at the specific colleges on your list.
                                 Solon High School
                        HONORS DIPLOMA
Under state standards students in a college preparatory education curriculum will qualify for a
diploma with honors if they meet the following criteria:

   1. Meet all of the graduation and credit requirements established by the Solon Schools.

   2. Pass all five parts of the Ohio Graduation Test.

   3. Students who complete the college preparatory curriculum must fulfill all but one of the
      following criteria:

      _____ FOUR units of English

      _____ FOUR units of mathematics including Algebra 1, geometry, Algebra II or
            equivalent and another higher level course or a four-year sequence of
            courses that contain equivalent content

      _____ FOUR units of science including physics and chemistry

      _____ FOUR units of social studies

      _____ either THREE units of one foreign language or TWO units each of
            TWO foreign languages

      _____ ONE unit of fine arts

      _____ maintain a cumulative grade point average of 3.5 up to the last
            grading period of the senior year

      _____ Composite score of 27 on ACT or a combined score of 1210 on SAT V/M.

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