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									                                                             Entrepreneurial Leaders Program - ELP 2012
                                                                    A partnership between Mercy Corps and
                            Portland State University’s Impact Entrepreneurs and Graduate Business Program

                                         Application Materials

This document includes the following:
        How to Apply
        Application Checklist
        Application Form
        Application Essay

How to Apply
    Review Section II: Who will benefit from this program? Including Selection Criteria (from the document
    About the ELP Program) to determine your fit for the program. Discuss your interest with your
    supervisor and Dept Head (if at HQ) or Country Director (if field based).
    Gather your materials and recommendations, and complete your application. Your application package
    should include:
             1. Application Form
             2. Application Essay
             3. Your CV
             4. Your position description (PD)
             5. Your performance management plan
             6. A letter of recommendation from your supervisor
             7. A letter of commitment from your supervisor or sponsor
             Note: Supervisors support includes enabling participants to work on their projects, complete
             their homework etc. The letter of commitment affirms your supervisor/sponsor’s willingness to
             pay attention to your project, provide guidance and support as necessary, and to ensure the
             project’s quality and usefulness to Mercy Corps.
    Zip the files into a single file named: “ELP4:YOURNAME.zip” and submit it to your Country Director or
    Head of Department on or before October 21, 2011. Please use subject line: “ELP4: YOURNAME”
    Please do not submit an incomplete application.
    Make sure your Country Director/ Head of Department submits your completed application along with
    her/his own letter of support to Janell Lee jjlee@mercycorps.org by October 28, 2011.
    You will be notified of your acceptance in December of 2011.

Application Materials                                                    October 2011 / ELP Cohort IV
                                                                          Entrepreneurial Leaders Program

Application Checklist

Please make sure to include all of the following:
             □   Application form (MS Excel - attached)
             □   Application essay (MS Word - below)
             □   Your CV
             □   Your position description (PD)
             □   Your performance management plan
             □   A letter of recommendation from your supervisor
             □   A letter of commitment from your supervisor or sponsor

Application Materials                                                     October 2011 / ELP Cohort IV
                                               Application Form

 Background Information
                                    First Name
                                    Last Name
                                Skype address
      Nationality (If you have dual citizenship,
                               please list both)
                                  Telephone #
                                          Fax #
                                 Work Address

 Education & Professional Background
  Start date at Mercy Corps (or your agency)
                 Start date at current position

   Education (i.e. BA, MS, MS) State degree,
       year of completion and concentration

         How many people are you currently
     What is the $ amount of the budget you
 English competency (Fluent or read, write &
                       understand fairly well)
           Are you responsible for directing a
   technical/operations support function (i.e.
   monitoring & evaluation, finance, logistics
        and administration)? If yes, please
       Are you able to devote additional time
      outside of normal working hours to fully
     participate in all aspects of the program?
 Supervisor Information

Application Materials                                             October 2011 / ELP Cohort IV
                               Email address
                               Skype address
 Does your application include?
                  Completed Application Form
                       Your Application Essay
                           Your CV or resume
                      Your Position Description
      Your current Performance Management
        A letter of recommendation from your
              A letter of commitment from your
 A letter of recommendation from your CD (if
  field-base) or Head of Dept. (if HQ-based)

 Is your Country Program/ HQ
 Department able to cover the cost of
 your participation in the ELP? (Select
 your response from Yes – No – Partial)

Application Materials                             October 2011 / ELP Cohort IV
Application Essay

Name: ________________________________
Title: ________________________________
Program or Unit: _________________________
Country: _______________________________

We would like you to reflect on your current job at Mercy Corps and write an essay that addresses the
following points.

   Describe the critical challenges that your country program faces and the challenges you personally and
    your team has faced as part of your work at Mercy Corps.
   Include a description of how you managed your team to overcome these challenges, and the lessons
    learned during this process. Include specific examples.
   What are your professional goals and how do you think your participation in the ELP will help meet
    those goals?

(The essay should be no longer than two pages. Please complete the essay using MS word and submit it
along with your application and all related attachments by email.)

Application Materials                                                  October 2011 / ELP Cohort IV

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