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 Official Use Only

To ensure the integrity of the evaluation process, please do not use your name or the name of your high school in your answers.
Questions may be answered using this form, or in an essay format on additional pages. Responses must be typed, and should not
exceed 350 words. Students may apply in one than more category, but may not win more than one award.

Education Scholarship Award
Education Plans (10 Points): What are your educational plans after high school? How would an award from the Prince William Chamber of
Chamber Scholarship Program help you to achieve them?

Community Involvement (10 Points): During the past 4 years, how have you contributed to your community (school, work, church, volunteer
organizations)? Please include special awards or projects.

Extracurricular Activities (10 points): Please describe your extracurricular activities. These may include your paid job, clubs or organizations you
belong to and other home, school or church activities.

Career Path (40 Points): Why do you want to go into the education field?

Future Service (10 Points): Tell how you will use your career in education to serve the community in the future.

*Letter of Recommendation (10 points): Provided by a teacher, guidance counselor or employer

Overall Application (10 points): Grammar, spelling, appearance and completeness

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