Geography 307 Remote Sensing - Exam I

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					                      Geography 307 Remote Sensing - Exam I

Directions: Answer any four of the following questions with detailed essay answers…
All exams must be submitted typed, spell checked and review your answers to be sure
they explicitly address the questions as posed…

   1. Based upon your reading and experience with satellite images from the
      Connecticut Valley and Plum Island Sound area… Detail how the presence of
      molecular water affects spectral reflectance patterns for most earth surface
      materials…? In your answer be sure to explicitly address materials such as soil,
      pasture in summer, and broadleaf vegetation canopies…

   2. Detail the substantive differences between Landsat MSS and Landsat TM data
      and how the differences might affect a typical forest classification of age and
      species classes…

   3. Explain how a detailed understanding of plant phenology can be used to improve
      a remote sensing project plan (data acquisition plan) and data analysis (visual or
      image processing) procedures…

   4. Detail the role of contrast stretches in the image processing process…
      Specifically address why an analyst would pick a particular type of stretch and
      some of the dangers in selecting an inappropriate stretch for a given data

   5. Using the attached aerial photograph, detail your thoughts and analysis of the
      activity contained in the photo… and which of the psychophysical image
      interpretation characteristics are most important in your identification process.

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