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									                Honors English 9 - Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen
                           Introductory Reading Activity

Selection:            Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen or The Absolutely True Diary
                      of a Part-Time Indian by Sherman Alexie. The Absolutely True
                      Diary of a Part-Time Indian is for honors students only.

Rationale:            This text contains strong examples of the elements of literature
                      incorporated into the 9th grade English curriculum. More
                      importantly, this book will serve as a bridge between 8th grade
                      knowledge of literary elements and the 9th grade focus on
                      analysis of these elements.

Objectives:           To enjoy reading and responding to the book in its entirety.
                      To understand how a writer develops the elements of literature.

Assignment:           We strongly recommend you examine the questions prior to
                      reading the novel. You are encouraged to purchase your own book
                      to build your own library, or you may borrow one from any public
                      library. It’s also available on eBooks. Read the entire book and
                      complete all questions / activities.

Specific Instructions: Please word-process/type your answers (12 pt. Times New
                       Roman). Answer all questions (and all the parts of each
                       question) in complete sentences unless otherwise indicated.

Questions and Activities: Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen, Volume I:

   1. The exposition of a work is the author’s introduction of setting and characters to
      organize and hint at the piece’s conflict. The setting is 18th century England.
         A. What are two (2) social customs in England that are required to be
         B. What is Jane Austen saying about women’s place in this structured

   2. Jane Austen’s characters are realistic individuals in their speech and actions.
      Characterize any two (2) of the characters below. Discuss their personality traits,
      how you know this (specific evidence from the book), and why they are like this.
      For example: Mrs. X, my English teacher, is loud and outgoing. You can hear her
      from the back of the classroom, but she is always friendly and smiling. I think
      she is like this because she loves her job and wants us to learn but enjoy English
      at the same time.
               Mr. Bennet                     Mr. Bingley
               Mrs. Bennet                    Miss Bingley
               Jane Bennet                    Mr. Darcy
               Elizabeth Bennet               Mr. Collins

                                                                      Pride and Prejudice
      Volume II:

      1. Coincidence (luck, happening by chance) played a role in 18th century novels.
         Explain how coincidence played a part in allowing Elizabeth and Darcy to
         spend an extended period of time together.

      Volume III

      1. Elizabeth visits Pemberley with the Gardiners.
             A. What are the contradictory emotions Elizabeth has she visits
                Pemberley with the Gardiners?
             B. Why is she afraid? What does she learn of Darcy from his
             C. Is her change of opinion only because he is wealthy?

      2. After Darcy’s letter, both Darcy and Elizabeth had to admit and change the
         pride and the prejudice that each held in their own character.
             A. What changes did each make in his or her character that allowed them
                 to eventually love each other?
             B. Is it true that a person must know and love himself or herself before he
                 or she can love others? (Your opinion plus an explanation of why)

   Bio-Poem: Do this activity when you have completed the novel.
      Select one of the main characters from Pride and Prejudice and create a Bio-
      Poem following these line-by-line instructions. You may complete the line with
      single words or with phrases. Your objective is to show the depth of your
      understanding about the character. Don’t forget a title!

      Line 1-- First Name of character
      Line 2—Title or nickname given to the character
      Line 3-- Four words that describe the character
      Line 4-- Lover of (three items, objects, or ideas)
      Line 5-- Who believes (one idea or concept)
      Line 6-- Who wants (three things)
      Line 7-- Who uses (three things)
      Line 8-- Who gives (three things)
      Line 9-- Who says (a direct quote)
      Line 10-- Last name of character

Assessment: A range (100-90) – Answers indicate critical and close reading,
            thoughtful engagement and analysis. Very few if any grammatical or

                                                                    Pride and Prejudice
               formatting errors are present. Academic voice. All directions are

               B range (89-80) – Answers predominately indicate critical and close
               reading, and mostly thoughtful engagement and analysis. Some, although
               few, grammatical or formatting errors may be present. Academic voice.
               All directions are followed.

               C range (79-70) – Answers indicate some critical and close reading and
               analysis, although understanding of the text may be not in depth or just
               skimming the surface. Very few if any grammatical or formatting errors
               are present. Academic voice. All directions are followed.

               D or F range (69-0) – Responses are not acceptable for honors level
               work. It is unclear whether the book was read or understood. Multiple
               errors in grammar, voice and / or formatting may be present.

               This will count for 50 points in the Homework Category.

Due Date: The completed questions / activities are due – Word-processed, 12 font,
Times New Roman (or similar), on Thursday / Friday, August 9 /10, 2012

A copy of this assignment is available on-line at the Hamilton website:

Questions: (please put “summer reading” in the subject line of your e-mail)                                                      

Books are available at all libraries, Changing Hands Book Store, Bookmans, and Barnes
and Noble. Please check with the front desk during the summer if you are unable to
obtain a copy. A few copies will be available for loan.

                                                                     Pride and Prejudice

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