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					                                     FRENCH 3
                                 Alexia Gino-Saliba

General Description:

This is a continuation to French 2. The main goal of the course is to help the student
achieve a higher level of proficiency in reading, writing, understanding and speaking
French. Therefore, the class will be conducted in French mainly.
This is the third of a 3- or 4- year course sequence.

General Objectives:
      At the completion of the course, the student will:

       1. know vocabulary pertaining to topics such as students’life, family life,
          description, ordering a meal, travel, current events.
       2. be able to hold a fairly complex conversation.
       3. be able to use tenses such as the past, present and future in modes such as the
          indicative, subjunctive and conditional.
       4. be able to conjugate in all tenses all verbs in –er, -ir and -re as well as most
          irregular verbs.
       5. be able to write longer paragraphs about a variety of topics in different tenses.
       6. be able to read and understand authentic texts on a variety of topics.

Book required:

Allez viens! Level 3, Holt and Rhinehart. Textbook and exercise book.

French Four Years Workbook, Second Edition; publisher: AMSCO

Course evaluation: Testing days are days 3 and 7.

       Class participation    15 %
       Homework               10 %
       Oral presentations     15 %
       Essays                 15%
       Quizzes, class work    20%
       Tests                  25%

Class participation:
Students are expected to have done their homework and participate in every class

Short pop-quizzes will be given regularly in class. They will be unannounced and will
target the last lesson covered or the homework assigned. If the students don’t do their
homework, there may be a pop-quiz everyday for an indefinite period of time.

Homework will be assigned every Friday for the following week. Students will be given
a homework sheet at that time. The homework sheet will also be available on the
teacher’s webpage.
Homework will be checked each morning. Each homework is worth 5 points. When
home is not done, 5 points are being taken off the total tally of homework worth
10% of your final grade.

Topics will be given 1 week before the first draft of the essays are due. The first draft will
be given back with mistakes underlined and comments from the teacher. The final draft
will be due one week after the first draft has been given back. All essays must be one
page long, typed, double-space and handed in on time or they will NOT be accepted.
If you know you will be absent the day your essay is due, you may hand it in early or e-
mail it to me. An essay not handed on time is a zero out of a 100. I will not accept any
late work.

Oral presentations:
They may be in French or/and English on a topic chosen by the teacher and/or the
student. They will not last more than 5 minutes. They may be an individual or a group
project. The topics will center on cultural, political, historical events in Francophone
countries. I will not accept any late work.

Chapter tests:
A test will be given at the end of each chapter of the textbook.

Materials needed in class everyday:

1. a 3-subjects notebook for French only.

2. a folder to store any hand-out given

No gum, Ipod, MP3s or cell phones are allowed during class.

Cheating is also unacceptable: should I catch you cheating during a test or quiz, you
will be given a zero and will have to go to the office of Students’ Services.

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