Commit to the Lord whatever you do_ and he will establish your plans

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					           SHOW-ME CHRISTIAN
                YOUTH HOME
                                                           “WHERE LOVE GROWS”

        KAREN CULLER-                                 Homes Located in LaMonte, Camdenton,
        EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR                          ElDorado Springs, Mayview, Sheridan, Barnett,
                                                              Goodman & Galt, MO

24302 Mahin Rd. PO Box 6, LaMonte, MO 65337                       (660)347-5982   FAX (660) 347-5711                                            

Judi Crawford, Editor                                                          Second Quarter 2011

   2                                                                                       R
   0                                                                                       D
   1                                                                                       A
   1                                                                                       E
      Ali Spring, Thomas Kent Chaney, Mark Shane, Christian Booth and Mariah LaRue.

Commit to the Lord whatever you do,
                and he will establish your plans.
                                                                            Proverbs 16:3
                       CURRENT NEEDS                                                                                                      Executive Director
                                                                                                                                                                          Director              Assistant Director
                                                  LAMONTE UNIT                                                                                Karen Culler              Chad Puckett              Brian Coats
Household Items                   Vehicle Needs                     3 oz. Dixie Cups                 Athletic Equipment                   (retiring 6/30/2011)       (beginning 7/1/2011)     (beginning 7/11/2011)
Peanut Butter & Jelly             10W-30 Oil                        Hydrocortisone Cream             Knee Pads for Volleyball
Paper Plates (Lg. & Sm.)          Windshield Washer Fluid           Tools for Shop                   Volleyballs                        Development Director                            Department Managers
Paper Towels & Napkins            Hand Cleaner                      3 Push Mowers                    Farm Needs
Facial Tissues                    Standard Receiver Hitch           Battery Charger (300 amp)        1 wheelbarrow                     Larry Smith - Consultant               Rachel Yates          Jacob Crawford
Trash Bags (13, 33, 55 gal.)      Tire Patches                      Battery Load Tester              2 muck buckets                                                           Melody Morse          Jennie Davis
Liquid Laundry Detergent          Car Dolly                         6’ Fiberglass Ladder             2 stall picks
Fabric Softener                   Nursing Needs                     4” Grinder & Disks               fly masks                           Office Team               Development Team         Direct Child Care Team
Tomato Sauce                      Tylenol/Ibuprofen/Motrin          Roofing Nailer                    blankets                           Jessica Weber            Ronnie Epps-Consultant   Jeff & Jessica Weber
Personal Care Items               Thermometers                      Safety Glasses                   Helmets                            Jim Tyler                Judi Crawford• P.R.      Jared & Rachelle Hurley
Deodorant                         Benadryl - tabs & liquid          Christian School Needs           brushes
Feminine Hygiene Products         Pepto Bismol                      23” x 17” Cork Boards            grooming buckets                   Brian Bates              The Leadership Team      Josh & Lydia Embrey
Diapers - Size 2 & Up             Tums                                                               lead ropes                         Holding Fenelus          The Child Care Staff     Tim & Dorothy Schroeder
                                                                                                                                        Virgil Mitchell•         Relief Child Care Team   Chuck & Carol Hurley
                                     ELDORADO SPRINGS UNIT                                                                              Carol Pinkston•                                   Thomas & Bekki DelVecchio
                                                                                                                                                                 Justin & Amber Willet
HE laundry detergent 2 rolls of 4pt 12.5 gauge       Feed for horses, cattle,   Kids’ shampoo, tooth-       Storage totes                                                                 Stephanie Palmer
(Allergen free)      barbed wire                                                paste & body wash                                                                Bridget Boley
                                                     cats and chickens                                      Salt pellets for water
Push mower           Steel fence posts               Handheld blender           Hairbrushes                 Filter System
Garden hoes                                          Egg cartons                Toothbrushes                                             Christian School Facilitators                    Maintenance Team
                                                                                                                                               Sharon Meyers•                   Jeff Weber Fred Kohn Terry Milton
                                                      GALT UNIT                                                                          Carol Hurley Josh Emrey                        Bill & Kim• Geary
cleaning supplies       shampoo & conditioner       ramen noodles                    push mowers
                                                                                                            fencing wire
Paper products         feminine products            dog food                         generator
                                                                                                            garden hoses                                           Board of Directors
fabric softener        syrup                        flour                             roto tiller
                                                                                     gravel                                           Ronnie Miller..Chairman-Operating Co. Rodney Schad...Chairman-Facilities Co.
laundry detergent      bread                        vegetable oil                                              Items Needed at        Elton Fay..Vice-Chair                     Larry Frew….Secretary/Treasurer
razors                 cheeses                      windshield washer fluid           steel fence posts             all Units
                       soups                                                                                     Canned Fruit
                                                                                                                                      Karen Culler….Asst. Sec./Treas.           Members- Lon West, Gale Culler
liquid dishwaher det
                                                                                                              Canned Vegetables                                                 Kevin Daniels
                            DRYSDALE FARM UNIT                                                                   Brown Sugar
 33 & 5 gallon trash bags      Frozen veggies     Large electric skillet Leaf rake and garden rake             Granulated Sugar                   * DENOTES CHRISTIAN SCHOOL STAFF & ASSISTANTS
 3 oz. Dixie cups              Fresh Fruit        Storage totes          Ice-melter                                Drink Mix                                 •DENOTES PART-TIME STAFF
 HE laundry detergent          Cat food           Bookcases              Extra coarse water softener salt         Juice & Tea
 (Allergen Free)               Chicken feed       Snow shovels           Shelled Corn                          Butter & Cheese
 Liquid fabric softener        Large crock pot    Garden hoes                                                    Milk & Flour                  MISSION STATEMENT - Show-Me Christian Youth Home is
                                                                                                                 Vegetable Oil         a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing a loving, stable, Christian home
                            EMERALD RANCH UNIT                                                                       Cereal            for children with backgrounds of abuse, neglect, abandonment and unfortunate
Trash Bags (13 & 32 gal.)       Flatbed Trailer    Large Elec. Skillet      Weedeaters                        Batteries (all sizes)      circumstances. Services are available to all persons regardless of race, color,
Paper Products                 10W-30 motor oil    Fuel for Tractor         Gas Tank                            Weather Radios
                                                   Stock Trailer            Shelled Corn                           Dish Soap              national origin, sex, age or handicap. Financial funding is solely provided
Dishwasher Det.                Garden tools                                                                                             through the contributions of individuals, churches and groups willing to invest
                                                   Riding Lawn Mower        Liquid fabric softener            13 Gal. Trash Bags
Money for paint                Cat Food                                                                                                                      in the lives of God’s precious children.

                                                                                                                                                                               Return Service Requested

                                                                                                                                                                                       LaMonte, MO 65337
                                                                                                                                                                                           P.O. Box 6
                                                                                                                                                                                        24302 Mahin Rd.
  La Monte, MO
                                                                                                                                             YOUTH HOME
   Permit No. 1                                                                                                                                CHRISTIAN
 US Postage
Non-Profit Org.
                                                                                                                                               HOW - ME
                            These are gifts received between February 1, 2011 through May 5, 2011.
BOB LINTON                    B & F Cattle Company Inc.    JOHN RICHARDSON                    JOHN WATSON                       Jerry & Carole Ann Page
 Norma Barnhart               Daniel & Mona Ballah          Terry & Linda Parsons              Dan & Carol Lowry                William & Norma Pepper
 Deb Clark                    Ronald & Shirley Berry        Chuck & Brenda Self                                                 Darrel & Gail Pike
 Bob & Lepha Crockett         Bud & Dorothy Brownfield                                         NATTALIE WEBER                    Gale & Barbara Ross
 Gale & Karen Culler          Clifford & Naomi Brownfield   SUSAN WOODS ROGERS RN               Leah Guensche                    Billy & Theresa Smith
 Claude & Nancy Jo Day        Billy & Connie Chevalier      Mike & Mary Woods                                                   John & Jeraldine Smith
 Elton & Nancy Fay            David & Denise Clear                                            SHARON WALL WEGNER                Cheryl Uldrich & Families
 James & Lana Ferneau         Etta Mae Clear               JACK RUTTER                         Loretta Workman                  Wallace Christian Church
 Forum Christian Church       Larry & Judy Clear            Gale & Karen Culler                                                 Carol Willis
 John & Charlotte Fussner     Gale & Karen Culler           Leola Gillham                     TERRY WEIKAL
 Shirley Kohn                 Bill & Kathy Elwell           Lois Lefler                         Gale & Karen Culler             LELAND ZEIGENBEIN
 Jean Newcomb                 Keith Elwell                  Dallas & Pat Vernon Jr.            Jack & Betty Blackwell           Ralph & Allene Peterson
 Norm & June Pierce           Alan & Jill Everts
 Kay Potter                   Travis Everts                KENNETH RYAN                       DORIS WICKERSHAM
 Douglas & Judith Privitt     Larry & Carol Ficken          Gale & Karen Culler                J.R. & Shirley Wheatley
 Jeff & Jana Schroeder        Sarah Gordon                  Sue Grosboll
 Jean Teter
 Craig & Brenda Vance
                              Thomas & Mertie Grimes
                              Barbara Hughes
                                                            Davijean Lyles
                                                            Lowell & Betty Mayfield
                                                                                              L. LEON WICKERT
                                                                                                Gale & Karen Culler
                                                                                                                               IN HONOR
 Paul & Claudia White         Mike & Kathy Johnson          Eunice Peeler
 David & Deloris Wurdeman           &Maeghan & Seth         Robert & Jan Tucker               PAUL WIESE                       HAZEL LEE ARMSTRONG
                              John & Linda Lange                                               Forest & Alice Allen             Lawrence & Yvonne Clark
FLOYD LOVELACE                Alan & Melody Morse          VIRGINIA SAYERS                     Gale & Karen Culler
 Carol Willis                 John & Violet Murray          Marvin & Mary Yakel                                                SID BELSHE
                              David & Dena Neill                                              KEITH WILKINSON                  (Birthday)
KATHLEEN MARKT                Donna & Cassie Plummer       MARJORIE SCOTT                      Dorothy Wilkinson                 Dorothy Drew
 Gale & Karen Culler                  & Dan Lowe            Laredo Christian Church            Gale & Karen Culler
 Paul & Yvonne Markt          Charles Pritchard                                                                                JERRY & CAROL BLAKELY
                              J.L. & Betty Purchase        JOYCE SHOEMAKER                    TOM WILLIS                        (Birthdays)
DENNIS MAYNARD                Elroy Schroeder               Stella Ball                        Carol Willis                      Roy & Mary Arnett
 Chris & Sally Cline          Harold & Scotty Scotten       Terry & Melanie Davis & Family     Tim Willis
                              Gene & Kay Smith              Clara Harbit                                                       BILL BOATMAN
RALPH MCCLAIN                 Tony & Helen Steele           Benny & Pam Hunter & Family       BETTY WILSON                      (75th Birthday)
 Densil & Cyndi Allen Jr.     Tony & Evelina Turner         Carol & Abby Kohut                 Jack & Brenda Reams              Lowell & Brenda Corbett
 Don & Deanna Boosinger       Jim & Linda Tyler             Jeanne Sartain & Family
 Larry & Joyce Boosinger      Sheryl Viet                   Janice Shaw                       EUGENE WILSON                    M/M KIRK BRUCE
 Lonnis Breshears             Bob & Arthea Wasson           Katheryn Stump & John Thomas       Mary Wilson                      Steve & Sally Belshe
 Ben & Mary Callahan          Dale Wasson                   Bill & Norma Wheeler & Family
 Gale & Karen Culler          Raymond Wasson                Travis & Angie Wheeler & Family   JOHNATHAN WINDHORST              CLO CASS
 Helen Lyle                                                 William Wheeler                    James & Kathy Elder             (Birthday)
 Bill & Julia Maham         BILL PRICE                                                         C.L. & Connie Garst               Dan & Linda Curtis
 Larry & Carole Quinley      Gale & Karen Culler           JAMES SIMKO                         Gloria Graves
 Jan Sader                   Carl & Cora Mai Hall           Dale & Diane Ohmes                 Shirley Rader                   CHRISTIAN WOMEN’S
 Scott & Jayne Sader                                                                           Patricia Rolofson                           FELLOWSHIP
 Bill Sharp                 M. LOUISE RAINES               E.J. SIMS                           Gary & Janice Taylor             First Christian Church
 Don & Freida Snook          Larry & Roberta Thomas          Jack & Brenda Reams                                                            (Tipton, Mo)
 Merville Snook              Bothwell Hospital Employees                                      JANET WINDLER
 Ed & Sharon Stroh           Credit Union                  BRADLEY SOMMER                      Dale & Diane Ohmes              KEVIN DANIELS
 Tim & Maureen Stroh         James & Monica Brant           Deltan & Jean Washburn                                              Jim & Charlotte Daniels
 Gene & Glenda Terrell       Sue Brauer                                                       FRIEDA WINGER
 Harold & Elizabeth Wissman  Lucille Bruce                 CHARLES SPARKS                      Cathy Bullard                DON & EDITH DONATH
                             John & Hazel Cornine           Jerry & Carol Blakely              Gale & Karen Culler          (63rd Wedding Anniversary)
CALEB J. MCNULTY             Stanley & Kristeen Cox         Gale & Karen Culler                Keystone Class (Westridge CC) Frank & Kathryn Donath
 Lee & Jane Barnett          Gale & Karen Culler            Barbara Keele
                             Sherri Fort                    Don & Freida Snook                ADAM WOLFF                       MRS. EILEEN DUPONT
BILL MILLER                  Eric & Elizabeth Hackett       Merville Snook                     Henry & Patricia Graham         (90th Birthday)
 Lee & Jane Barnett          Janice M. Hoos                                                                                      Curtis R. Farr
                             Timothy & Kimberly Karigan    LAURENCE “BUTCH” SPENCER           CATHERINE F. WOLFSBERGER
FRANK MINCHEW                William & Carolyn Miller       Carol Willis                       Darla Biever                    GRANDCHILDREN OF
 Gale & Karen Culler         Robin & Jan Pummill                                                                               JUANITA HARRISON
                             Christeen Raines              LOY SPROAT                         FRANCES WYATT                     Juanita Harrison
HELEN MUSTAIN                William & Joyce Raines         Mary Sproat                        Clark & Susan Heckman
 Gale & Karen Culler         Rea Funeral Chapel                                                William & Norma Pepper          JEANIE JOHNSON
                             Melvin Schroer                CHARLES STOLTE                                                      (Birthday)
KATHY NEWMAN                 Elsie Simmons                  Gale & Sharon Stowers             LIONEL WYATT                       Putnam County Health Dept.
 Gale & Karen Culler         Sunshine Club                                                     Allen & Lisa Anders
 Leeton Christian Church     Jennifer Vanderlinden         J.D. TAPP                           Mary Lee Anderson               MASTER GARDNERS OF
 J.R. & Shirley Wheatley                                     Lois Lefler                        Myron & LaVonda Anderson                  SEDALIA, MO.
                            FLOSSIE REAM                                                       Todd Bennett                     Ronald & Shirley Berry
LAVERNE OTTEN                Gale & Karen Culler           OLLIE THOMPSON                      Marsha Brown
 Gale & Karen Culler         Dorothy Hollenbeck             Charles & Twila Cayton             Daryl Budine                    AUDLEY & POLLY MORRIS
 Carolyn Purchase            Eddie & Kay Myears             Gale & Karen Culler                Lloyd & Barbara Budine          (50th Wedding Anniversary)
                                                                                               Shawn Budine                      Danny & Elaine Morris
KEN PATTERSON                ANNA MARIE RENFROW           FLORENCE THURSTON                    Truman & Louise Campbell
 Gale & Karen Culler          Bud & Dorothy Brownfield      Dave & Ann Wobbe                    David & Linda Cline             CECIL PETERMAN
 Jim & Charlotte Daniels      Christian Builders Class                                         Jim & Jackie Cline & Family      Diane Peterman
 Shirley Kohn                          (LaMonte CC)       RUTH M. TYLER                        David & Jerri Colburn            Glen & Debbie Pinkston
 Leo & Shirley Moyers         Barbara Hughes               Melvin & Pat Ficken                 Gale & Karen Culler
 Tom & Phyllis Patterson      Glenn & Margie Johnson                                           Billy & Karen Dittemore         ROBIN WADE
 Joe & Betty Phelps           Arthur & Mary Kathryn Mahin VIC VALEIKA                          Jenny Donaldson                  Social Security Administration
 Mr. Dee Ridenhour            Eddie & Catherine Nevils     Louise Valeika                      Jeffrey & Kristen Emmendorfer
 Dale & Sara Wands            Raymond Wasson               Gale & Karen Culler                 George & Bernice Fee            PASTOR KEN
 Vada Warren                                                                                   Paul & Georgina Fortune              & MARILYN WESSEL
                             DON RENKEN                    PAUL & ALICE VILLERS                Roger & Susie Krusemark          Curtis R. Farr
CECIL PERRIGUEY               Lila Renken                   Jeffrey & Cheri Nations            Mary Lovelace
 Sam & Jerri Anderson         Mark & Deloyce Barry                                             Ronald & Jane Martin
 Roy & Mary Arnett                                         DOUG WATKINS                        Elson & Vera Jean Nichols
                                                            Carol Watkins
CULLER’S CORNER                            new directors to
                             Life is a
                        journey and this
                                           begin duties in july
                        34 year phase of
                        our journey as          The baton is being passed into the capable hands of two fine Christian
                        Executive Direc-   men following Karen Culler’s retirement as Director on June 30th.
                        tors of Show-Me                                                Chad Puckett will serve as the
                        is drawing to a
                        close as of June                                           new Director of Show-Me. Chad
   Gale & Karen
                        30, 2011 when                                              has served together with the Culler’s
I officially step down. It has been an                                              for the past 13 years and has great
incredible ride! Many milestones have
been achieved. God has answered so                                                 insight into the ministry needs.
many prayers enabling Show-Me to                                                   During his tenure he has served as
experience tremendous growth. We are                                               a houseparent for 10 years, as the
so thankful nearly 2000 young people                                               Christian School Assistant Adminis-
have had an opportunity to call Show-      Chad with his family. Wife, Jennifer &
Me their home! What a life changing                                               trator for 7 years, and as an Associate
                                           children Emily, Sadie, Drew & Quin.
experience!                                                                       Director for the last 4 years. Chad
     It’s hard to believe in October of    fell in love with Show-Me while doing an internship here while receiv-
1977 when we arrived to begin this
journey, only six children, three staff    ing his education at the University of Missouri. That internship placed a
members, one calf, three homes and a       passion in his heart for Show-Me that never went away. While serving as
barn were on the original site of Show-    a youth minister, the Culler’s approached Chad about joining the staff in
Me. As the years passed, God has
blessed Show-Me with seven additional      December of 1997, giving him an opportunity to fulfill his lifelong dream
locations throughout the state of Mis-     of working at Show-Me. While here he met and married the love of his
souri. Many more lives were touched        life, Jennifer, who served at Show-Me for eight years before becoming
and blessed as the ministry grew. God
is so good!                                a full-time mom. The Puckett’s make their home in Warrensburg, along
     Our average monthly income upon       with their four children.
arrival was $2,800.00. Now monthly              Brian Coats will serve as the
income averages nearly $130,000.00.        Assistant Director, coming to us
Thank you for being a huge part of the
growth through your generous, faith-       from his current ministry as As-
ful support. Show-Me has grown in its      sociate Minister of Counseling at
size and effectiveness because of the      the Harvester Christian Church in
combined efforts of many who love the
Lord and His children. May God bless       St Charles, Missouri, where he has
your love in action today and always.      served for the last 4 years. Prior to
     As I step down, I am thrilled to be   that time, Brian served as a social
able to announce the Board of Directors
has found a spot for me to continue to     worker and along with his family
serve as a Consultant and through Pub-     served as houseparents in Knoxville,
lic Relations Outreach. I will be ac-      Tennessee, for 3 years. Brian re-         The Coats Family: Brian & Kimberly with
complishing my new duties through my                                                 their children, Abby, Megan, Candice, Kara-
office at our home, which will enable       ceived his Bachelor of Arts Degree line & Zachariah.
me to be with Gale more often. Thank       at the University of Tennessee and
you for your prayers as we move into       his Marriage and Family Therapy Degree at Johnson Bible College. He
this new phase of our journey in life.     was commissioned for ministry in April of 2006. He is a clinical mem-
     Words could never adequately
express our love for each of you. Your     ber of the St Charles Christian Therapy Network and of the American
friendship and partnership have blessed    Association of Christian Counselors. Brian comes to us as a Licensed
us immeasurably! We shall treasure the     Professional Counselor. Needless to say, his education and experience
memories forever!
                                           will bring tremendous expertise that will be invaluable in his new role of
    Much Love Always,                      leadership here at Show-Me. Brian and his wife, Kimberly, are parents
                                           of five children, who are excited to be reaching out to God’s precious
                                           children through Show-Me.
    Gale & Karen Culler                         As the new leadership team begins their responsibilities, we are con-
                                           fident God will continue to be glorified through the efforts of Show-Me.
                                           How thankful we are to be moving into the future on solid footing!
                                                                 Galt Unit Becomes Hubble Home
 Childcare Specialist Hired                                          We are happy to
                             Stephanie Palmer joined us in       announce the Bard of-
                        June to provide direct child care.       directors has chosen to
                        After a long ministry in Arizona, God    honor Leon and Mary Ann
                        moved her to Knob Noster; uncertain      Hubble by naming the unit
                        about His purpose, she prayed dili-
                                                                 they made possible after
                                                                 them. Tim and Dorothy
                        gently for specific direction – eventu-
                                                                 Schroeder serve as the
                        ally, the Lord pointed her to Show-Me
                                                                 houseparents at the Hubble
                        and we have been blessed! She fulfills
                                                                 Home in Galt, Missouri to a family of 10 young ladies. We
  an urgent need for child care at our LaMonte unit and will
                                                                 are so thankful to be able to provide a home for 10 to 12
  bless in other areas as well. Welcome Stephanie!
                                                                 more young people because of the Hubble’s generosity.
      Thomas and Bekki Del Veccio
  joined the team in April as house-
  parents at La Monte. In addition to                            Show-Me Day in the Churches
  their children, Tommy and Bella,                                   Please mark your calendars for August 7th and be
  they care for a sibling group of 6.                            sure your church receives their Show-Me Day informa-
  Thomas, also, prepares meals at                                tion. The packets, which will be mailed out the end of
  the Multi and Bekki teaches dance                              this month, will include a short video to share during your
  to our young ladies. Thomas and                                worship service and prayer request bookmarks to hand out
  Bekki are members of Northside Christian Church in War-        to members of your church. We will ask you to pray for
  rensburg. We’re glad to have you aboard!                       Show-Me and to consider a special offering.

Golf Tournament to be
 Held in Warrensburg
    A Show-Me Christian Youth Home benefit golf tour-                                    Brianna, Anthony and Jonathon
nament will be held September 30th, 1:00 p.m. at Keth                                   chose to become Christians re-
Memorial Golf Course, home of the U.C.M. golf team. A                                   cently. Brianna,16, was baptized
classic car for the Hole in One contest will be provided by                             at Galt Christian Church and is a
John Meyer of Happy Days Dream Cars. Cost is $180.00                                    part of the Schroeder family at
per foursome; limited to first 100 golfers. To enter the                                 the Hubble Home in Galt, MO.
tournament email                             Houseparent, Tim    Anthony,15,
                                                                    Schroeder, baptizes was baptized at
                                                                    Brianna.            Westridge
 Annual Meeting and Open House to be held at La Monte                                   Christian
 September 10th with the Vintage Gospel Lads in Concert!          Church in Raytown, MO. Jona-
                                                                  thon,17, was baptized at West Cen-
                                                                  tral Christian Camp in LaMonte,
Booster, memorial & HonorariuM                                    MO. Please add these young            Karen congratulates
 Donations Can be made Online                                     people to your prayers as they        Jonathon following
                                                                  begin their Christian life.           his baptism.
                  If you are interested in giving In
              Memory or In Honor of someone you can
              now do so from our website by going to                            To receive information on a regular
                                    basis friend us on Facebook and/or
                                                                                sign up for our monthly E-News,
Go Paperless! als.htm Be sure to enter the address where                        which includes our prayer requests and
              you would like the acknowledgement to
  be sent. Booster donation can also be made online at                          updates on our youth. Sign up online at                                   
                             In Loving Memory & In Honor
BOB ABBET                             Becky Scott & Family               MARLAND EMERY                  LUCILLE HEINRICH
 Lois Abbet-Eads                      Garnett Scott & Family              Ken & Sally Dugan              Bea Hiser
                                      Anna Mae Smith & Family
LARRY AKIN                            Ivala Taylor & Bob & Jeanne Duke   TROY ENGLER                    RAYMA HENLEY
 Rodney & Ginny Schad                 Sue Wolfe & Chuck Dorr              Bill & Beverly Parker          Bill & Darlene Adcock
                                      Mildred Yes & Family                                               Lois Berendzen
TOM ALEXANDER                                                            REBA ETHRIDGE                   Norman & Barbara Bond
 Opal Pryor                          JAN BURDICK                          North Shelby Class of ‘82      Gale & Barbara Carman
                                      Gale & Karen Culler                                                Victor, Jessica & Gregory Connell
GARY W. BAKER                         Carl & Cori Mai Hall               MARY EVANS                      Eugene Christian Church
 Bobby & Wanda Graham                 Roger & Carolyn Webb                Fabulous 50’s Plus Ministry    Dorothy Goodrick & Edna Graham
 Robert & Joreen Jones                                                    (Northside CC, KC, Mo)         Bobby & Wanda Graham
                                     JOETTA D. BURKEYBILE                                                Iris Hayward
BABY BOY BARNES                        Cedar Grove Christian Church      FLORENCE EVJEN                  Darrell & Julie Henley
 Barbara Hughes & Family                                                  John & Sherry Swearngin        Andrew & Margaret Jenkins
                                     LEO ROY CARMACK                                                     Alan & Judy McNeely
HAROLD BARRY                          Leeton Christian Church            JIM FARRIS                      Dink & Paula Musick
 Mark & Deloyce Barry                                                      Emmett & Mary Jo Stinson      Marie Scheperle
                                     LEE & CORDIA CASEY                                                  Bob & Anna Mae Shipman
JANET LOU BASYE                       Gary & Sonya Allison               GEORGETTA FICKEN                Gary Spalding
 Darla Biever                                                             Melvin & Pat Ficken
                                     JACKIE CATO                                                        MARY VIRGINIA HERRICK
E.J. BECK                             Charles & Virginia Sevier          LULA FISHBURN                   Gale & Karen Culler
  Gary & Diane Smith                                                      Jim & Nelda Bodenheimer        Janet Green
                                     JERRY CHRISTIAN                                                     Carolyn Purchase
VIOLET BIEVER                          Laverne Woolard & Family          JAMES FOWLER
 Barbara Jarman                                                           John & Helen Jones            GILBERT MARK HERRIN
                                     STANLEY J. CLEVENGER                                                Sandra Tanner
XANDER BRODY                          Judy Dawson                        DON GELVEN
 Steve & Gaila Beach                                                      Gale & Karen Culler           CHARLEY HESLER
                                     DOUG COLSON                                                         Jim & Patty Hawk
MRS. FLOY M. BROWN                    Nellie Grafke-Goss                 BEVERLY GOSS
 Forrest & Wanda Brown                                                    Nellie Grafke-Goss            OPAL HOLLIS
                                     MARVIN CROSSWHITE                                                   Jim & Patty Hawk
CLIFFORD BROWNFIELD                   Gale & Karen Culler                NORMA GOUDE
 Anonymous                                                                Opal Pryor                    BILL HUNTER
 Ron & Shirley Berry                 TROY CULLER                                                         Gary & Deanne DeJarnette
 Bud & Dorothy Brownfield              Jon & Melissa Jacobs               ERNIE GRAFKE
 Gale & Karen Culler                  Ken & Erika Marker                  Nellie Grafke-Goss            LARRY JARMAN
 Betty Downs                                                                                             Barbara Jarman
 Harv & Judy Ebers                   EDITH DAVIS                         GEORGE R. GREEN
 Dorothy Hollenbeck                   Norm & June Pierce                  Nancy A. Faaborg              LUCILLE JOHNSON
 LaMonte Christian Church                                                 Earl & Glenda Finley           Pete & Nancy Miller
 Bill & Connie McLaughlin            CHANCE ANTHONY DEFRONZO              Janet Green
 John & Sharon Meyers                 John & Charlotte Fussner            Steven & Glenda Hopper        IMOGENE JONES
 J.D. & Glenda Muschany               Shirley Kohn                        Catherine A. Lamm              Gale & Karen Culler
 Ruth Ann Muschany                    Jon & Robyn McCullem                Ruth Ann Muschany              Ruth King
 Eddie & Kay Myears                   Melody Mitchell                     D.J. & T.A. Paul               Jim & Lois Ramsey
 Janette Pace                         Norm & June Pierce                  Pete & Lynn Phillips
 Marie Perriguey                      Joseph & Kara Riley Jr.             Garrell Pierce                GEORGE JUHL
 Chester & Betty Plummer              Brian & Fran Schnarre               Carolyn Purchase               Donald & Shirley Albert
 Donna & Cassie Plummer               David & Deloris Wurdeman            Rea Funeral Chapel             Don & Nelda Bollenbach
 Dale & Mary Beth Ray                                                     Charlotte Sidwell              Mollie Brant
                                     ROBERT DESELLE                       Wilma Teter                    Doris Brim
BONNIE BRUCE                          Carl & Cori Mai Hall                M/M John Wagenknecht           Bud & Dorothy Brownfield
 Kyle & Kelly Bruce                                                       Patty Wagenknecht              Roger & Eula Burton
                                     BETTY DITTMER                                                       Stephen & Cary Chelladurai
DOROTHY BUETZER                       Janet Green                        MADELYN GREGORY                 Ronnie & Violet Corbett
 Paul & Yvonne Markt                                                      Gale & Karen Culler            Gale & Karen Culler
                                     MILDRED DUBBERT                      Orchid Christian Church        John & Nina Dickey
WARNER BUNCH                          Gale & Sharon Stowers                                              Cody Droege
 Carol Bunch                                                             STUART GRESSLEY                 Larry & Donna Elliott
 Berry & JoAnn Azdell                ED DUNHAM                            Gale & Karen Culler            Alan & Jill Everts
 Leonard & Myrna Beatty &             Ruth Mosley                                                        Vickie Glover
 Mary Catherine                       Jerry & Terry Welch                ALLEN HAMMER                    Mary Alice Lyon
 Paul & Carol Lee Branam                                                  Fern Hammer                    Alan & Melody Morse
 J.A. & Sue Brassfield                CHRISTINE DUNLAP                                                    David & Teresa Pearce
 Jerry & Rachel Brown                 Gary & Sonya Allison               PHIL HAROLD SR.                 Jack & Carol Pinkston
 Town & Country Christian Church                                          James & Donna Boyles           Paul & Mary Rowland
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 Jo Ann Drew                          Gale & Karen Culler                KITA HARRIS                     Elroy Schroeder
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 Emerald Ranch Registered Cattle Operation Growing
                                          The Registered Black Angus cattle operation is
                                     growing at our Emerald Ranch thanks to the tremendous
                                     generosity of land donor, Dr. Will Lane, who shared
                                     his beautiful, picturesque, rolling 297-acre ranch in
                                     southwest Missouri in 2007. Show-Me has the unique
                                     blessing of a purebred cattle ranch with a program that
                                     is building new opportunities for ministry needs under
                                     the capable management of Chuck and Carol Hurley.
The young people who are part of     This impressive herd is growing and beginning to pro-      The 297-acre ranch came with
the Hurley Family at our Emerald     vide needed income to help God’s precious children who     this beautiful home where the
Ranch Unit near Goodman, Mis-        call Show-Me their home. The family takes advantage        Chuck and Carol Hurley family
souri.                               of Show-Me’s Private School opportunity, is active in      reside.
                                     the Parks and Recreation Program and most importantly,
                                     youth group activities. They, also thoroughly enjoy life
                                     in their lovely home in the peaceful setting of Emerald
                                     Ranch given in memory of Mr. and Mrs. F.G. Lane by
                                     their son.

                                     DONATIONS OF REGISTERED BLACK ANGUS
                                     CATTLE ARE NEEDED. HOW ABOUT MAKING THIS                   More of our Emerald Ranch Reg-
Part of our Registered Angus Herd.
                                     YOUR SUMMER PROJECT FOR VBS THIS YEAR!!!                   istered Cattle.

    Our Volunteers

                                                          Whitfield Academy                       A.B.C. Group
                                                          Kansas City, MO                   U.C.M. - Warrensburg, MO

            Jenison Christian Church
                Hudsonville, MI

                                                       Antioch Christian Church             Crossroads Christian Church
                                                             Leslie, MO                         Baxter Springs, KS
                Faith Fellowship
                  Oregon, MO

                                                         Feeler Tree Service                    First Christian Church
          Show-Me Staff Volunteers                           Belle, MO                                Belle, MO
          traveled to Joplin to help.
                    Spring Activities
    2011                                                                A Show-Me Spring in Pictures
                                                                       Prom, Prom, Prom
     We are so proud of our 2011
graduates! You will find the picture
of all of them on the front of this
newsletter. Christian Booth and
Mark Shane graduated at the end of Mark Shane Graduates From
the first semester and were featured Show-Me Christian School.         Charles, Levi and      Ali and her date       Brianna being
in the previous newsletter. They                                      Jonathon from our      have their picture     escorted into the
returned in May to participate in the Show-Me Christian School        Sheridan Unit take     taken at the Grundy    Grundy County
Graduation Ceremony. Since completing their course work both          a quick picture        County R-5 High        R-5 High School
Christian and Mark have joined the work force and are already         before picking up      School prom.           Prom. Brianna is
taking on the role of responsible adults.                             their prom dates for   Ali is part of the     a member of the
     Thomas Kent Chaney is the adopted son of Rachel Yates who        the Worth County       Schroeder family at    Schroeder family at
has been a part of the Show-Me Staff for 26 years. He graduated       R-3 High School        the Hubble Home        the Hubble Home
                                                                      prom.                  in Galt, MO.           in Galt, MO.
from Camdenton High School and will attend Linn Tech this Fall.
     Ali Spring graduated from Grundy County R-5 High School.                                               Using Talents
She is a member of the Schroeder family from The Hubble Home
in Galt, Missouri. She plans to begin her college course work
this Fall at North Central Missouri College in Trenton.
     Mariah graduated from Morgan County High School in Ver-
sailles. She is a member of the Embrey family at our Drysdale
Farm Unit. Mariah will move to Pettis County this Fall where
services are available for her continued care. Mariah came to
Show-Me when she was 9 years old.
                                                                     Levi, 11th grade, and Stephen, 8th grade,      Kate poses for
                                                                                                                    a picture after
BaseballCampheldatShow-Me                                            from our Sheridan Unit in Sheridan, MO
                                                                     were a part of their school’s track team.      performing special
                                                                                             Getting Involved
                                                                                             Ali enjoyed participating in the F.F.A.
                                                                                             activities at Grundy County R-5 High
                                                                                             School her senior year.

                                            Bill Seamon shared
                                            his talent by teaching
                                                                      Moving Up
                                                                      Gracee following her 6th grade
The young people who participated in the    baseball skills to our    graduation at Grundy County
baseball camp.                              young people.             School pictured with her teacher,
                                                                      Mrs Fordyce and her principal,
One of our longtime friends and contributor, Bill Seamon,             Mrs Fairley.
along with his crew, Nathan and John, held a Baseball                                                          A Special Surprise
Camp for our young people. Almost 20 of our children                                           Our young people were suprised to see
were blessed by each of his crew’s knowledge of the game.                                      a rabbit wearing a leather vest at our
Thank you for your efforts to expand their expertise and                                       La Monte unit in April. The Full Circle
show each of the children their own personal abilities,                                        Motorcycle Association brought goody
which raises their confidence level tremendously! What a                                        baskets for our young people to help
fun experience!                                                                                them celebrate Easter.

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