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					How Did You Get…From There To Here?

The publishers of New Mobility magazine are seeking essays from people with spinal cord
injuries for a new book called “From There To Here: Stories of Adjustment to Spinal Cord
Injury,” to be co-edited by Gary Karp and Stanley Klein.
Your experience can be a source of insight for people in the early stages of adjusting to a spinal
cord dysfunction – the ones who are “There.” They want to know how they will get “Here” – a
place of adjustment and acceptance.
As you know from your own experience, looking at a future life with a disability is a daunting,
uncertain place to be. Through your essay, others will be able to connect to their own experience
and gain insight into what path might lead them to feeling whole and confident in their life.
Please carefully consider the following guidelines as you write your essay:
             Be brief in telling the actual story of how you acquired your spinal cord injury.
                How it happened should be only the foundation of your essay. Focus instead on
                the internal experience of how you adjusted to your disability.
             Describe how living with a disability has been different than you imagined when
                you were first disabled.
             What specific attitudes or assumptions have changed for you since your injury?
                Was there some event or person that was the catalyst for your new point of view?
                Tell us how that took place – not just the fact of it.
             Are there ways that you have gained a deeper sense of your own identity as a
                person through your experience with disability?
             In what ways did rehab contribute to your adjustment? Take care here not to
                simply describe what you did in therapy – your readers will already know what
                happens there. Focus on the specific effects it had on how you’ve since
                accommodated your disability.
             Don’t try to be “inspirational.” People are not looking for a pep talk. They want to
                hear about your deep, inner experience so they can find their own thoughts and
                feelings in your essay.
             Word limit: 2000 words or less.
             Deadline: submit essays no later than February 28, 2003.
For more detailed guidance, and to read a sample essay, visit
Should your essay be accepted, either Mr. Karp or Dr. Klein will work with you to refine and
finalize the piece. Authors of accepted essays will receive a one-time payment of $125, plus
discounts on the finished book.
Gary Karp is the author of “Life On Wheels: For the Active Wheelchair User” and “Choosing A
Wheelchair: A Guide for Optimal Independence.” and has been on wheels since his T-12 spinal
cord injury in 1973. Mr. Karp is a highly regarded, international speaker. For information about
Gary, go to
Stanley Klein, Ph.D., is a clinical psychologist with over 35 years experience working with
children with disabilities and their families. He is the co-editor of “You Will Dream New
Dreams: Inspiring Personal Stories by Parents of Children With Disabilities.” Dr. Klein is
Education Director for Abilities Expo, Series Editor, People With Disabilities Press, and a
popular public speaker. For more information about Stan, go to
Please submit your draft essay of no more than 2000 words by e-mail (preferred), fax, or regular
mail by February 28, 2003. Please include your date of disability, present age, level of injury, e-
mail address, and/or telephone number. Email essay to:

Gary Karp
From There To Here
128 Golden Hinde Blvd.
San Rafael, CA 94903
fax 415.491.4363

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