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                                                                                         SEPTEMBER 2008 • VOLUME 5, NO. 9

                                    A Monthly Publication of BizXchange®

Grow Your Business in Volatile                                                               First, people are looking for ways to
                                                                                          save money. So they are open to change.
Times with Barter                                                                         Consequently, you can get through to a
                                                                                          lot of prospective customers who may
                                                                                          not have listened to you when times were
  The economic changes of high oil prices    economy, they feel they have no choice
and slumping real estate, combined with      but to batten down the hatches and pre-
                                                                                             By using barter as an incentive, you can
historic levels of consumer debt have cre-   pare for a bad spell.
                                                                                          give them the opportunity to do business
ated some insecurity in the marketplace.        However, those of you who have lived
                                                                                          with you, thereby facilitating the growth
Bankruptcy filings by both businesses         through several downturns and reces-
                                                                                          of your business.
and individuals are heading toward record    sions know such times always offer great
                                                                                             And second, you’ll have less competi-
highs.                                       growth opportunities. There are two basic
                                                                                          tion for their business. Some of your
  Psychology plays a big role in busi-       reasons this is true.
                                                                                          competitors are bound to make the most
ness, and right now most business people
                                                                                          common mistake of companies heading
are pretty nervous. Given the state of the
                                                                                          into a downturn. In an effort to conserve
                                                                                          cash, they will cut back in the one area
                                                                                          they should be expanding—namely, sales
                                                                                          and marketing.
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                                                                                            IN THIS ISSUE
                                                                                           Dear Valued BizX Members ......2
                                                                                           Featured Travel
                                                                                            Vacation on Hawaii’s
                                                                                            Garden Island ...................................3
                                                                                             Five Simple Ways to
                                                                                             Build Trust ........................................6
                                                                                           BizX in the News
                                                                                             BizXchange Receives
                                                                                             Inc. 5000 Recognition .................6
                                                                                           Featured Items ............................4-5
                                                                                           Featured Member
                                                                                            Elite Limousine. ................................7

                                                           1100 Olive Way, Suite 1720, Seattle, WA 98101
                                                           7677 Oakport Street, Suite 1130, Oakland, CA 94621
                                                  • (800) 939-BIZX
                                                   D E A R VA L U E D B I Z X M E M B E R
                                                                                                  Having an extensive variety of quality
                                                                                                members has always been the key to
   Bob Bagga • Chris Haddawy • Raj Kapoor
                                                                                                BizXchange’s success, which is why
               WASHINGTON                                                                       new member acquisition is always a top
        1100 Olive Way, Suite 1720                                                              priority. At the start of 2008, we made a
            Seattle, WA 98101                                                                   commitment to expand our membership
     (206) 447-9933, (800)-939-BIZX                                                             base. In order to do this, we have promoted
   DIRECTOR OF SALES AND MARKETING                                                              Jason Richards to Director of Sales and
             Jason Richards                                                                     Marketing and had the opportunity this
DIRECTOR OF FINANCE AND OPERATIONS                                                              summer to restructure and expand our
           Craig McCallum                                                                       Membership Development team. So far
   DIRECTOR OF TRADE OPERATIONS                                                                 this year, Jason and his team have already
                 Paul Camner                                                                    added over 100 new BizX members.
        ASSISTANT TRADE MANAGER                   Bob Bagga, BizXchange President & CEO         This gives you the ability to have more
                  Dea Shipp
                                                                                                customers to buy from and sell to. I
            ACCOUNT MANAGERS                         As summer comes to an end and we           would recommend that you keep an eye
  Zach Foster, Jesse Moerlein, Jesse Pilcher,     move forward into yet another fall, I         out for new BizX members via your
  Chris Shrope, Lucas Soltman, Joe Weisser        am pleased to announce that despite the       account manager, the Member Website
                                                  slowing national economy, BizXchange is       and newsletter.
  John Podrebarac, Stacy Silva, Natalie Ward
                                                  stronger than ever. As you will read later      The proof that our members are more
                                                  in this edition of the Xchange, BizXchange    engaged can be seen in the number of
        Leif Espelund, Peter Strickland
                                                  has once again been awarded as one of         recommendations you are making to your
                                                  the Inc. 5000 fastest growing companies       colleagues and the number of referrals
         Alex Garnett , Patricio Rabago
                                                  in the United States. I would like to         that you are giving us. Nearly two-thirds
                CALIFORNIA                        take this opportunity to thank you, our       of new members that join BizXchange
      7677 Oakport Street, Suite 1130             members, for putting your trust in us and     are a result of referrals from the current
            Oakland, CA 94621                     being so supportive of other BizXchange       membership. It is not only the biggest
     (510) 632-0299, (800)-630-BIZX
                                                  members.                                      compliment we can receive, but the
          ACCOUNT MANAGERS                           Every time you buy and sell with other     quickest way to grow the membership
         Andrew Lopez, Corey Sayles               BizX members you obviously realize            and make your BizX dollar stronger and
           BIZX MEDIA DIVISION                    that you are saving cash and generating       more valuable.
           Alex Kozak , Tim Morse                 new sales, but what is also important to        Chris, Raj, team BizX and I look
                THE XCHANGE                       remember is that you are supporting your      forward to serving you in the future and
                  DIRECTION                       local business community. While some          celebrating the mutual successes that
                 Leif Espelund                    companies are struggling, many BizX           BizXchange members are having. And if
                   DESIGN                         members have found that they are still        you ever come across a business owner
               Blue Beagle Design                 able to thrive despite the current economic   that you feel would benefit from the
                    EDITORS                       uncertainties.                                services of BizXchange, be sure to give
         Leif Espelund, Jason Richards,              One thing I have noticed is that           us their name and number and let them
               Peter Strickland                   members are becoming more active and          know they’ll be hearing from us.
                                                  involved within the exchange. They are
               Minuteman Press
                                                  calling their Account Managers looking
                            for new and creative ways to save cash          Sincerely,
                                                  by spending their BizX on products and

                                                  services that will improve their business.
                                                  These same businesses are also looking
   If you have questions or suggestions regard-
                                                  for additional ways to increase their sales
ing The Xchange and its contents, please send
your comments to We will           to other BizX members, of which there
be happy to answer your questions in future       are more now than ever.                         Bob Bagga
newsletters. •

       2 • TheXchange • July 2008
  T R AV E L S P O T L I G H T

Vacation on Hawaii’s Garden Island
   The tropical paradise of Kauai basks      aloha spirit that abounds in this friendly      Princeville Bed & Breakfast is within
amidst the sparkling blue waters of the      garden island paradise at the Princeville    walking distance of five beaches and five
Pacific Ocean, about 20 minutes by air        Bed and Breakfast, a luxury Kauai vaca-      restaurants. Nearby activities include
from Honolulu. Formed some six mil-          tion rental, perfect for weddings, honey-    swimming, surfing, sailing, kayaking,
lion years ago, the island encompasses       moons and vacations.                         fishing, biking, windsurfing, horseback
roughly 550 square miles and is the             Located on the sixth green of the         riding or simply relaxing on the beach.
oldest and northernmost of the main          championship Makai Golf Course,                 Learn more and see photos at www.
Hawaiian Islands.                            the bed and breakfast features a    Contact your BizX
   To visit Kauai is to quickly lose your-   1,000-square-foot penthouse with a           Account Manager to book your Hawaiin
self in the quiet majesty of the island’s    360 degree view of the majestic Pacific       vacation.
lush tropical setting and extraordinary      Ocean, Bali Hai mountain range and lush
natural heritage. Discover the legendary     flowering trees and shrubs.

                                                                                      September 2008 • TheXchange • 3
  F E AT U R E D I T E M S
                                               animal feces and various unwanted debris       balanced perspective and keener insight
                                               from both lower crawlspaces and attics.        into the issues of our time. The publication
        Washington                               For details and a full list of services
                                               visit To schedule
                                                                                              has a total circulation size of 23,000 copies
                                                                                              statewide with 13,000 copies in Eastern
                                               service, contact Zach Foster at (206)          Washington and 10,000 copies in Western
                                               442-4705.                                      Washington.
                                                                                                 Visit to
An Alternative to Hotels
                                                                                              learn more. Contact Zach Foster at (206)
   Executive Residence is the Northwest’s
                                                                                              442-4705 to place your advertising.
premiere alternative hotel stay service.
They offer a fully-furnished, cost effective
alternative to typical hotel accommodations                                                   Invest in Productivity
through short term housing at about half                                                         Studies show that healthy employees
the cost! Whether you need short-term                                                         are happier, more productive and more
housing for a few weeks, or long term                                                         alert than those who don’t take their
housing for an extended period of time,                                                       health seriously. Give your employees a
they will accommodate you in style!                                                           great incentive and improve your business
   Visit                                                           by providing health and fitness club
for more information. Contact Joe                                                             memberships to interested staff.
Weisser at (206) 805-0720 to book an                                                             Memberships are available now to local,
Executive Residence.                                                                          specialty and national clubs. Contact
                                               Make Your Holiday Plans Now
                                                  With the holidays approaching, it is        your BizX Account Manager (206)
                                               time to start planning your corporate and      447-9933 to learn more.
                                               private parties. Save your cash and let BizX
                                               help you plan your festivities. Whether it     Bring Your Event to Life
                                               is a one-time or an annual event, BizX can       Event Source Northwest provide
                                               help cover some or all of the cost necessary   interactive and engaging entertainment
                                               to throw a memorable party.                    services for weddings, corporate events,
                                                  Contact your BizX Account Manager at        auctions, private parties, reunions,
                                               (206) 447-9933 for the following services:     Mitzvahs, conferences, golf tournaments
                                               event services and planning, event             and more. They strive to create professional,
                                               sites, food and beverage catering, gifts,      fun, energy filled, unforgettable events by
Make Your Home Cleaner &                       entertainment and decorations.                 infusing each celebration with the perfect
Safer                                                                                         mixture of talent, creativity, expertise and
  The hidden crawl spaces and attic of         Advertise to Hispanics                         interaction.
a property are often overlooked by its            Reach our area’s fastest growing              Visit for
owners, but not by rats, mice, bats and        population by advertising in Tu Decides,       details. Contact Troy McVicker at (425)
other critters. Clean Crawls will handle       a weekly bilingual newspaper (Spanish          896-8118 to discuss your event needs.
rodent and critter issues, as well as the      and English) with a mission to provide
removal of moldy insulation, wood debris,      all generations of Hispanics with a more

     4 • TheXchange • September 2008
                                                                                             F E AT U R E D I T E M S
                                               ball coach shows he has done more than         for your personal enjoyment or to give

     California                                just study teamwork, he has lived it. His
                                               interactive style guarantees participant
                                                                                              as gifts. Their line of exquisite truffles has
                                                                                              been featured on the Today Show and
                                               involvement.                                   includes a collection of liquor-infused
                                                  To learn more, contact Dave Bollwinkel      delicacies.
                                               at (925) 708-1259 or visit                        Take your BizX card to 5002
                                                      Telegraph Avenue, Suite B in Oakland,
                                                                                              or view their collection online at
                                                                                              (510) 654-2923 to order. Wholesale
                                                                                              opportunities are also available to BizX

                                                                                              Affordable & Reliable Web
Quality, Affordable Office                                                                     Hosting
Furniture                                                                                        Web hosting is a necessary expense for
   Imago Associates is a provider of                                                          every business, so why not save some
cost-effective reclaimed office furniture.                                                     cash by switching your hosting to a BizX
They offer a full range of ready to re-use                                                    vendor? Network Outsourcing provides
commercial office furniture, including                                                         high quality, affordable and customized
office cubicles and panel systems, execu-                                                      web hosting services. Their hosting starts
tive desks, chairs, bookcases, conference      Vacation at Lake Tahoe                         at just $5 a month and can be on either
tables and seating, reception furniture,         Immerse yourself in all that Lake            Linux or Windows servers, both with a
filing and storage systems and ergonomic        Tahoe has to offer at one of three beauti-     plethora of standard features.
products.                                      ful homes from Lake Tahoe Vacation                Visit for
   View their current inventory, portfolio     Rentals. These immaculate six- and             more information. Contact Lucas Soltman
of projects and more at                        seven-bedroom homes are appointed with         at (510) 632-0299 to switch.                       the finest appliances, furniture and linens,
Contact Corey Sayles at (510) 343-8347 to      and boast a list of amenities that cannot      Custom Metal Manufacturing
view furniture in person and to place your     easily be beat.                                  Labtronix provides custom metal
order.                                           Visit to view             fabrication and precision manufactur-
                                               pictures and complete details of these         ing, including laser-cutting and CNC
Build a Stronger Team                          incredible vacation homes. When you are        machining. From design and prototyping
  COACH On and Off the Court works             ready to book your Lake Tahoe vacation,        to production, assembly and packaging,
with businesses of all sizes and situations,   contact Charles Seidel at (415) 505-2525.      Labtronix can help with large quantities
where the decision maker recognizes                                                           for resale or for unique items.
that by creating better teamwork she/          Delicious Chocolate                              Contact Ash Sud at (510) 786-3200 for
he can improve the bottom line. Dave             Cosmic Chocolate offers incredibly           more information.
Bollwinkel’s 25 years as a college basket-     delicious and unique chocolate creations

 New Members are joining the exchange every day. Remember to go online for the most
 up-to-date member directory, new listings, hot items and much more!
 Log onto and start browsing today!

                                                                                          September 2008 • TheXchange • 5

Five Simple Ways to Build Trust
                                                                                               BizX Tip
   Employees who don’t trust manage-                  should be clearly explained and
ment are less motivated, less productive,             equitably distributed.                      Motivating and rewarding em-
less innovative, less likely to stay and                                                       ployees is an effective way to build
more likely to pass on their doubts to           3.   Clarify boundaries. Job descrip-         company trustworthiness. Why
customers.                                            tions, team responsibilities and         not barter to pay for this impor-
   But can trust be created? Yes, although            departmental missions should be          tant investment in your long-term
it takes consistent attention, you can build          communicated to everyone.                success?
trust by giving out accurate information,                                                         Through BizX you can finance
setting and then meeting expectations,           4.   Assign work appropriately. In            employee training, team building,
providing an enjoyable workplace and                  delegating assignments, explain          staff outings, gifts and perks, health
placing your trust in staff.                          each task’s purpose and each indi-       and wellness benefits and much
   Here are five key points to keep in                 vidual’s role.                           more.
mind:                                                                                             Login to the BizX Member
   1. Get together regularly. Routine            5.   Act honorably. Be consistent,            Website at or
        low-pressure gatherings can help              keep your word, and explain the          contact your Account Manager
        create a familial atmosphere.                 reasons for any changes. Encourage       today for more ideas on investing
                                                      employees to ask questions.              in your employees.
  2.   Be fair with every form of                                          - Barter News
       compensation. Salaries, bonuses,
       incentives, perks, and other rewards

  BIZX IN THE NEWS                                                                          Grow Your Business
                                                                                            continued from page 1

BizXchange Receives Inc. 5000                                                                 You, however, can avoid this trap by
                                                                                            increasing your advertising and marketing
Recognition                                                                                 through BizX. While your competition is
                                                                                            shrinking you can pick up new custom-
   For the second                                                 sible. We will continue   ers, increase your sales and expand your
consecutive year,                                                 to work diligently to     market share; all without increasing your
BizXchange has                                                    fulfill our purpose to     cash spending.
been recognized as an Inc. 5000 company                           “serve, improve and         A final note: Attitude is important at
on Inc. Magazine’s list of the fastest grow-   grow business.”                              this time, so keep moving forward in
ing private companies in the United States.      Please join us in congratulating the       the right frame of mind. Set a goal and
   Regarding the recognition, Bob Bagga,       following BizX members who also made         go after it aggressively, while remaining
BizXchange President and CEO re-               the list:                                    flexible enough to adapt to the changing
marked: “When a company is not running           • Apex Facility Resources                  conditions in the marketplace.
at 100% capacity, they are losing money.         • Arborwell Professional Tree                                             - Barter News
BizX is here to help monetize that excess           Management
capacity through trade and use it to offset      • Avidian Technologies
budgeted cash expenses. We are honored           • Bayview Limousine Service
that this commitment to our customers            • Evo
has helped us to succeed and once again be       • Extreme Pizza
featured on the Inc. 5000 list.”                 • Guidant Financial Group
   We would like to thank you, our mem-          • Sound Telecom
bers, for making this achievement pos-           • Wimmer Solutions

       6 • TheXchange • September 2008
                                                                                     F E AT U R E D M E M B E R

Elite Limousine

   After working in the limou-                                                                                                    his business, Solayman has
sine business for many years,                                                                                                     also found ways of using
Eric Solayman and his associate                                                                                                   it to improve his quality
Alex Dratva decided to take their                                                                                                 of life. Having his garage
knowledge of the industry and                                                                                                     remodeled by fellow
start their own company. Serving                                                                                                  member Custom Garages
the Greater Bay Area, Elite                                                                                                       has increased the value of
Limousine has grown to include a                                                                                                  his property and made the
huge fleet of vehicles and a variety                                                                                               space more livable.
of services that are perfect for any                                                                                                  Solayman is pleased
of event, occasion or tour.                                                                                                       with the ways that barter-
   While Elite is most known for                                                                                                  ing through BizXchange
their traditional limousine trans-                                                                                                has positively impacted

                                                                                                       ELIOT KHUNER PHOTOGRAPHY
portation services, one of the areas                                                                                              his business. “Trade is the
of their business that they pride                                                                                                 best way to expand your
themselves is their great selection                                                                                               business and get things
of regional wine tours. Whether                                                                                                   that you normally may not
you are a Bay Area native or just                                                                                                 get,” Solayman concluded.
visiting, you can spend an enjoy-
                                        Eric Solayman and Alex Dratva
able day touring one of California’s
many wine producing valleys with an
                                                 ELITE LIMOUSINE & BIZXCHANGE
experienced and knowledgeable driver.
                                                    Eric Solayman was invited to join
“We make any accommodations that our
                                                 BizXchange due to Elite Limousine’s
clients need,” says Solayman about plan-
                                                 superior reputation and the demand for
ning custom tours for his clients.
                                                 luxury transportation services within the
                                                 exchange. Solayman was involved with
     “Trade is the best                          other barter organizations, but shortly        FEATURED MEMBER
                                                 after joining BizXchange, decided to           SNAPSHOT
       way to expand                             trade within BizX exclusively. “With
                                                                                                Name: Elite Limousine
      your business.”                            BizXchange, you get your dollars worth,”
                                                 says Solayman. “With other exchanges,          Industry: Transportation Services
                                                 that’s not the case.”
   Elite Limousine’s success over the years                                                     Location: Concord, CA
                                                    Because of the popularity of Elite
comes from the understanding that a
limousine trip is more than simple trans-
                                                 Limousine’s services within BizXchange,        Contact: Eric Solayman
                                                 Solayman has been afforded the opportu-
portation, it’s an experience. By providing                                                     Member Since: June, 2006
                                                 nity to invest substantially in his business
customers with the kind of service that
                                                 on trade. By paying for the replacement        Main Spending Areas:
makes them feel like a celebrity, and cou-
                                                 of windshields and upholstery with BizX,       Fleet Maintenance
pling it with the best vehicles and drivers
                                                 he is able to keep his fleet looking profes-
possible, they are very busy with repeat                                                        More information:
                                                 sional without draining his bank account.
and referral business. “Some limo busi-                                               
                                                 And covering the cost of getting keys
nesses are hurting from the economy right
                                                 made and locks rekeyed with BizX allows
now, but we are doing well and continue
                                                 him to save cash for other purposes.
to grow,” Solayman says.
                                                    Aside from investing BizX back into

                                                                                           September 2008 • TheXchange • 7
            For more information on new members, log onto,
                        or contact your BizX Account Manager.
       Autotrends - Oakland, CA                       Seattle Spa & Pool Service - Des Moines, WA
       Blue Sky Cleaners - Seattle, WA                Thrifty Janitorial - Seattle, WA
       Crave - Seattle, WA                            Tu Decides Media - Kennewick, WA
       DDIY Home Renewal - Lynnwood, WA               WarrLight Engraving - Woodinville, WA
       Moon Mountain - Packwood, WA

Our referring members have received $100 BizX for each
referral that became a member. They also helped to increase the
purchasing power and expand the potential customer base for
all members by referring their friends and business associates!
Send referrals to,
or call your BizX Account Manager!

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                                                                                           Seattle, WA
                                                                                         Permit No. 1125

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