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                             Indianapolis Mapping & Geographic Infrastructure System

                                        MINUTES OF THE


                                             November 9, 2006

Location:     The Polis Center, 1200 Waterway Blvd.
              Conference Room
              8:15 a.m.

              Brian Schneider, DMD                             David Nail, USGS
              Frank Kelly, IPL                                 Jerry King, IPL
              Andy Harris, Assessors                           Charline Avey, VWI
              Andrew Swenson, DMD                              Jim Stout, IMAGIS
              Matt McCormack, IMAGIS                           Pam Martin, IMAGIS
              Shane Hubbard, Polis                             Joan Keene, HHC
              Jack Schmitz, Polis                              Theresa Thompson, IU
              Kevin Kastner, IMAGIS                            Chuck Carufel, CCGIS
              Derek Elliot, CGCU                               Will Johnson, DPW

I.     Approval of the August, 2006 Minutes

       There was no meeting on October 12 because of the ArcGIS Seminar.

       Minutes of the September 14, 2006 meeting were approved as written with exceptioms..
       Corrections: Name should be Dustin Hall (not Hale) and the meeting date was September 14.

II.    New Business

       A.     IMAGIS Participant Contract

              The contract is in review with City Legal. Jim will be contacting today.

III.   Review of Special Projects and Other Projects – Status Update

       A      2007 Marion County Ortho Project RFQ / Funding
     The 2007 photo mission will be performed and funded by Woolpert (money set aside in
     the CCGIS contract). Also funding may come from some MPO monies and some federal
     funds. Hamilton County is flying in 2007 as well as Hendricks. The MPO is interested in
     flying the rest of the planning area. IMAGIS is getting a quote for the Fed 133 footprint
     area. Hamilton and Hendricks will be securing their own vendor.

B.   MPO Projects (pavement, airports, trucks, traffic signals)

     IMAGIS is updating out to the MPO boundary. Updating major thoroughfares and airports
     (paved) included in the 9 county area. Trucks on interstate exits out to the 9 county area
     and traffic signals are being done in state plane east working to west.

     The MPO asked for a quote for sidewalk updates in Marion County and the additional
     MPO counties. The MPO has requested serious funds for GIS and photos for 2007. All
     was approved.

C.   Pictometry Mosaics

     Matt has been working on the Pictometry mosaics. He has a special license that allows him
     to export without the logo.

D.   Data Sharing – Morgan, Hendricks

     Charline has received Boone County data. They are not using the same address system,
     which is making it harder to work with parcel data. Charline cannot tell how up to date the
     information is. Some are site addresses and some are mailing addresses for the actual

     We may have an updated data disk from Hendricks next week. There was a very positive
     meeting with the Morgan County Surveyor, Engineer and Planner. They have asked for a
     copy of the Memorandum of Understanding.

E.   NAVTEQ Associate Participant / TeleAtlas Contract Renewal

     The IMAGIS Board approved membership for NAVTEQ and release of centerline data.
     Charline suggested requesting their data to merge with ours. Then, they would not have
     much to do. They would get their dataset updated quicker, and then all they would have to
     do is QC.

     TeleAtlas is still reviewing the contract within their organization.

F.   GeoExpress

     Matt said the new version is much nicer than the previous. It is a little more difficult to
     learn however.

G.   IGIC / Legislative Update

     IGIC sent their revised legislation for the State GIS and for updating centerlines and the
     ortho project to Senator Ford. He will definitely support the effort. We may also have
     some additional backers.

H.   New Data / Participant’s Project Updates
             Shane Hubbard from The Polis Center provided a demonstration of GIS and the weather.
             He said there is quite a bit of weather data out in GIS but it is cumbersome to work with.
             He has been working on a means to actually track a tornado in real-time. You could then
             overlay this data on power lines and assist the response time for emergency crews. By
             providing the path of the tornado in real-time, you can also provide an estimated dollar
             value in property damage for FEMA. Radar data comes in every 5 minutes, however, the
             National Weather Service is trying to get that down to 20 seconds. Better prediction, more

             David Neal, USGS, is the In-State Liaison looking for cooperative opportunities for the
             National Map. He looks for where to find these layers of data and partners. In the past, he
             was use to the production side of projects, but now is working with the financial side.

             Chuck Carufel said that they are about 2/3 complete with the move of their offices and
             also the move to new servers. The My Public Neighborhood website portal is the big
             application they are working on.

             Jerry King reported they had a marathon demonstration from the 4 bidders on the RFP.
             They are finishing the scoring and getting answers to questions. It will then be narrowed to
             2 bidders. In addition, IURC completed Area 3 that includes IPL.

             Charline said she is still working on the Dig Smart project and will be attending a training
             session next week on Route Smart.

             Will Johnson, from DPW, is working on a routing program.

             Derek Elliot reported he is also working on a Route Smart program. They are thinking of
             expanding to other things besides meter reading. They are also updating data in Greene
             County where they have a pipeline.

             Brian Schneider reported that there is nothing new in the parcel world.

             Joan Keene returned from the ESRI Health User Conference in Denver. They combined
             the health aspect with Homeland Security. They keynote speaker was from Walgreens and
             explained what they did during and after Hurricane Katrina. Joan will also be at the
             Children’s Museum for the Traveling Map Program. H&H will be doing half-day
             demonstrations for GIS Day next week.

             Shane Hubbard reported that he has been teaching HAZUS MH. They have been modeling
             earthquakes, floods, plumes and tornados. They are getting data back from the counties to
             update. Also integrating parcel data and Assessor data.

             Andy Harris stated that this would be his last Tech meeting. Although he is sad to leave,
             he has new adventures on his horizon. He said it has been a pleasure working with each
             and every one and will always support IMAGIS in any way he can.

IV.   Other Business and Announcements
             A.     IMAGIS Board – Nov 20, 8:30 a.m., CCB 224.
             B.     Program Manager’s Comments
                    1.     IndianaMap Update – Nov 9, State Lib, free.
                    2.     Int’l Symp of Advances in GIS – ACM, Nov 10-11, Arlington VA.
                    3.     SAVI Level 2 – Nov 15, Polis, free.
                    4.     GIS Day – Nov 15, IUB (Keynote: Sen. David Ford).
                    5.     IGIC 2007 Conference Abstracts due – Nov 16.
                     6.     IndyGIS Retreat – Nov 16.
                     7.     IGIC Board – Nov 16, State Library.
                     8.     Intro ArcGIS 2 – Nov 27-29, Polis, $795.
                     9.     AutoDesk U. – Nov 28-Dec 1, Las Vegas.
                     10.    Basic HAZUS MH – Nov 30-Dec 1, Polis/State EOC, free.
                     11.    Historical GIS Data Integration – Nov 30, IUPUI (12/1 IUB), $30.
                     12.    SAVI Level 3 – Dec 4, Polis.
                     13.    HagTag – Dec 6.
              C.     Other Comments / Miscellaneous

There being no further business, the meeting was adjourned at approximately 9:30 AM. The next meeting
will be held on Thursday, December 14, 2006 at 8:15 AM at the Polis Center, 1200 Waterway
Boulevard, First Floor Conference Room.


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