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									ESRI User Conference 2004

Raster Loading
   Loading options
       Mosaic images into a raster dataset
           cannot have overlap – it is eliminated
           All must be of same properties and interpolation
       Multiple raster datasets
           One for each tile
       Raster catalogs
           overlap is kept
           this is a collection of raster datasets
   The SDE raster command line creates an
    8.3 raster not a 9, therefore it has no
    geometry column. It must be registered
Raster Loading (cont’d)
   Steps to loading a large amount of raster
       Configure your system
       Create the DBMS storage space
       Prepare the source data
       Create a raster object
       Load image data into the raster
       Build statistics (DBMS)
       Build statistics (Raster)
       View (repeat above steps until it is right)
       Transferring the data (if needed)
           Do this thru detached files or SDEexport.
   Use Direct Connect if client is faster than server
   Use Fillfactor of 95 to 100 if read only
   Increase size of rasterbuffsize during load process (to 10 MB)
       sdeconfig –o alter –v rasterbufsize = 1024000 …
   Calculate stats
   Pyramid reference point
       important, because pyramids will be recreated if you are
        outside this
       Load the upper left image first – it uses the min x, max y
       Applying pyramids will increase storage space by about
       Pyramids are not used for analysis, but are used for
Some New Stuff

   Personal Geodatabases
       Can have raster datasets now (sort of)
           Only outlines are stored in the PGDB
           Images are copied to an .img format file
       Can have raster catalogs now
           Managed
               Image is stored locally as .img
               If you delete the outline the image is deleted
           Unmanaged
               Image is not stored locally
               Image is not deleted if you delete the outline
More New Stuff

   Raster Column
       Feature classes can have one raster column
        defined now
       The column definition will say Raster
       The image must be loaded in an ArcMap
       Looks like it is only a link to the image
   Attribute Column
       Raster catalogs can now have attribute columns

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