ALFT ITI Team Charter by J81qx7


									Team Charter

TO:         (Distribution)

ITI Sponsor’s Name                 ITI Sponsor’s Title                   ITI Sponsor’s Location/Address

Project Team Lead’s Vision for the IPT

Project Team Lead’s Desired Outcomes

Team Name                          Project Name/Ref. No.                 Scheduled Completion Date

Team Mission Statement

Team Roster
Name                               Title                                 Location/Address

                                                         ALFT IPT PLAN                                    1
                                                                                                       Team Charter
(IPT Team Lead Name) is authorized as Integrated Project Team Lead for the (Customer Name/Project Name)
effort. (IPT Team Lead Name) is designated to ensure customer satisfaction and to shepherd the project to a
successful conclusion, as described in this charter. (IPT Team Lead Name) will be responsible for internal
communication and cooperation with responsible functional managers included in the distribution list.
IPTL Responsibility
    The IPT Team Lead will—
         Be the primary point of contact for (internal organization) and (customer name)
         Ensure that team members know their responsibilities
         Track team member performance
         Track overall project performance
         Prepare a detailed project plan, and get agreement to that plan from the related functional managers
         Maintain a project binder containing all pertinent project data
       Report project status to management
Team Member Responsibility
    The IPT Team Member will—
         Take ownership of the IPT’s charter, goals, and objectives
         Supporting product cost, performance, schedule, and quality objectives
        Maintain communication with their IPTL.
    The IPT Team Lead’s authority includes—
         Authority to direct the Integrated Project Team (IPT)
         Access to (Sponsor name) on all matters related to this effort
         Access to the functional managers on all matters related to this effort
       Access, through the Project Lead, to contractor support
         Renegotiation with functional managers to delegate responsibility and authority to functional organization
         team members

Team Resources
    The project team's budget and resources include—
         Contractor Support
         A&E Team member support
         Designated Personnel

                                                   ALFT IPT PLAN                                                      2
                                                                                      CHARTER SIGNATURE PAGE:


Team members of the (insert Team Name) participated in the preparation of this plan/charter, understand its
contents, approve the plan/charter as their team’s charter and operating plan, and agree to be held mutually
accountable for adherence to the plan/charter. Evidence of agreement is reflected by each team member’s
signature affixed below.

TEAM NAME: (insert team name)

(Project Team Lead)                                                                                 Date

(Integrated Project Team Lead)                                                                      Date

(Integrated Project Team Member)                                                                    Dat e

(Integrated Project Team Member)                                                                    Date

(Integrated Project Team Member)                                                                    Date

(Integrated Project Team Member)                                                                    Date


Prepared By (print)                 Date Prepared and submitted to the IPTL   Preparer’s Initials

                                                ALFT IPT PLAN                                               3

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