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					                                                                                                                 ORACLE FACT SHEET

                                      Hardware and Software, Engineered to Work Together.
                                      In the Cloud and in Your Data Center.
                                      With more than 380,000 customers—including 100 of the Fortune 100—
                                      and with deployments across a wide variety of industries in more than 145
                                      countries around the globe, Oracle offers an optimized and fully integrated
                                      stack of business hardware and software systems.

ORACLE CORPORATION                    Oracle engineers hardware and software          •	   #1 data warehousing
•	   US$35.6 billion total GAAP       to work together in the cloud and in your       •	   #1 embedded database
     revenue in FY11                  data center—from servers and storage,
•	   380,000 customers worldwide      to database and middleware, through             MySQL is the world’s most popular open
                                      applications. Oracle systems                    source database because of its high
•	   305,000 Oracle Database
     customers                                                                        performance, high reliability, and ease
                                      •	   Provide better performance, reliability,
                                                                                      of use. Many of the world’s largest and
•	   110,000 Oracle Fusion                 security, and flexibility
     Middleware customers                                                             fastest-growing enterprises rely on MySQL
                                      •	   Lower the cost and complexity of IT        to save time and money powering their
•	   70,000 Oracle Applications
                                           implementation and management              high-volume Websites, business-critical
                                      •	   Deliver greater productivity, agility,     systems, and packaged software.
•	   48,000 Oracle hardware
     customers                             and better business intelligence
                                                                                      Oracle Fusion Middleware
•	   More than 280,000                For customers needing modular solutions,        Oracle Fusion Middleware consolidates
     midsize customers
                                      Oracle’s open architecture and multiple         Oracle’s leading standards-based infra-
•	   More than 20,000                 operating-system options also give custom-      structure software to deliver hot-pluggable
     partners worldwide
                                      ers unmatched benefits from best-of-breed       middleware with a comprehensive,
•	   More than 108,000                products in every layer of the stack, allow-    seamlessly integrated, service-oriented
     employees, including
                                      ing them to build the best infrastructure       architecture software infrastructure.
     •	   32,000 developers and       for their enterprise.
                                                                                      Oracle Applications
     •	   18,000 support personnel    Oracle Database                                 More than 70,000 customers worldwide
     •	   17,000 consulting experts   Oracle Database—the world’s first               rely on Oracle’s integrated, open, and
                                      commercial relational database, as well         complete set of enterprise applications for
•	   14 million developers—
     the largest developer            as a critical tool in the implementation of     optimal results. Oracle Applications provide
     community worldwide              cloud computing environments—helps              maximum flexibility in upgrades, providing a
                                      ensure that enterprise information is           secure path that allows customers to take
                                      always available and secure. Oracle is          advantage of the latest advances. They also
                                      the most reliable choice for enterprises        offer several deployment options, including
                                      and departments of any size.                    on-premises, on the Oracle cloud, or a
                                                                                      hybrid of the two.
                                      Oracle provides the
                                      •	   #1 database                                Oracle Engineered Systems
                                      •	   #1 database on Linux                       Oracle engineered systems are for
                                                                                      customers who want the highest level
                                      •	   #1 database on Oracle Solaris
ORACLE LEADERSHIP                                                      of system performance, reliability, and                                •	   Oracle Financing provides payment
•	   #1 UNIX server                                                    security with the lowest total cost of                                      solutions for technology purchases from
•	   #1 database                                                       ownership. These systems are predefined,                                    Oracle and Oracle partners, offering the
•	   #1 database on Oracle                                             pre-engineered, preassembled, focused                                       lowest cost of entry for Oracle customers
        Solaris and Linux                                              configurations that simplify deployment,
                                                                       maintenance, and support. They are opti-                               Oracle Industry Solutions
•	   #1 database on SAP
                                                                       mized and ready to work right off the shelf.                           Oracle’s industry solutions leverage our
•	   #1 embedded database                                                                                                                     best-in-class portfolio of products to
•	   #1 identity and access                                            Oracle Servers                                                         address complex business processes
         management                                                    Oracle servers provide the performance,                                unique to specific industries. These
•	   #1 development language—Java                                      scalability, and cost-effectiveness that                               solutions address industry challenges
•	   #1 data warehousing                                               meet customer requirements in technical                                and processes, and enable customers
•	   #1 middleware                                                     computing, virtualization, and eco- and                                to speed time to market, reduce costs,
                                                                       energy-efficient design. With the complete                             and gain a competitive edge.
•	   #1 application server
                                                                       family of servers from Oracle, a flexible
•	   #1 business analytics                                                                                                                    Oracle Accelerate
                                                                       IT ecosystem is a reality. And Oracle
•	   #1 customer relationship                                          software runs faster on Oracle’s SPARC/                                Oracle Accelerate helps midsize com-
        management                                                                                                                            panies achieve high growth by providing
                                                                       Oracle Solaris systems than on any
•	   #1 enterprise performance                                         other platform.                                                        comprehensive, integrated solutions that
        management                                                                                                                            are industry-focused for rapid deployment,
                                                                       Oracle Storage                                                         best practices, and a custom fit. They are
                                                                       Oracle’s end-to-end storage solutions                                  packaged, priced, and delivered to be
•	   #1 in banking
                                                                       include advanced software and hardware,                                easy to own, implement, and maintain.
•	   #1 in communications and media                                    integrated Flash technology, and lead-
•	   #1 in construction                                                ing expertise in long-term information                                 Communities
•	   #1 in discrete manufacturing                                      management and retention—as well as                                    Oracle is the steward of several large and
                                                                       a fully unified storage and disk portfolio.                            diverse user and customer communities.
•	   #1 in life sciences and healthcare
                                                                                                                                              Oracle Technology Network is the world’s
•	   #1 in professional services                                                                                                              largest community of application develop-
                                                                       Oracle Services
•	   #1 in public sector                                                                                                                      ers, database and system admins, and
                                                                       Oracle Services help companies get the
•	   #1 in retail                                                      most from their technology investments                                 architects using Oracle products. It is also
•	   #1 in transportation                                              and span the full solution lifecycle.                                  home to the Website for complete and
                                                                                                                                              authoritative technical information and
                                                                       •	   Oracle Support offers comprehensive
ORACLE CUSTOMERS INCLUDE                                                                                                                      learning about Java.
•	   20 of the 20 top airlines
                                                                            maintenance and problem resolution
                                                                            for the complete stack, from applica-                             Get Better Results and More
•	   20 of the 20 top
     automotive companies
                                                                            tions to disk                                                     Innovation with Oracle
•	   20 of the 20 top governments
                                                                       •	   Oracle On Demand delivers the                                     Oracle’s comprehensive and integrated
                                                                            world’s leading software and hard-                                approach brings tremendous benefit to
•	   20 of the 20 top high
     tech companies
                                                                            ware to end users and manages the                                 customers. Oracle is able to provide more
                                                                            IT infrastructure, software, security,                            innovation more quickly than its competi-
•	   20 of the 20 top insurers
                                                                            service levels, and IT governance                                 tors because the company coordinates
•	   20 of the 20 top manufacturers                                                                                                           development among all of its engineering
                                                                       •	   Oracle University delivers flexible,
•	   20 of the 20 top oil and                                               quality instruction with a commitment                             teams at all levels of the Oracle product
     gas companies                                                                                                                            stack. This allows Oracle to move new
                                                                            to customer satisfaction—offering
•	   20 of the 20 top pharmas                                               hundreds of courses covering virtually                            features and capabilities—developed with
•	   20 of the 20 top utilities                                             all Oracle products                                               input from thousands of advisory board
•	   10 of the 10 top banks run                                        •	   Oracle Consulting assembles, opti-                                and user group customers—from develop-
     Oracle’s SPARC servers                                                 mizes, and manages the complete,                                  ment to the marketplace at a rapid pace,
     with Oracle Solaris                                                                                                                      and allows customers to get the most out
                                                                            integrated business systems that put
•	   10 of the 10 top telcos run                                            companies’ business data to work                                  of their technology investments.
     Oracle’s SPARC servers
     with Oracle Solaris

                                                                      CONTACT US
                                                                      To learn more, visit or call +1.800.ORACLE1 to speak to an Oracle representative. Outside North America,
                                                                      visit to find the phone number for your local Oracle office.

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