Tentative Monthly Budget Form by J81qx7


									                         Tentative Monthly Budget Form

Instructions: If you are seeking ISI Staff status, full-time or part-time, consult with your
prospective ISI supervisor to work out your tentative monthly budget using this form.
This is not contractual but only for use as an approximate target for the partnership
development tasks of Module III.


Applicant’s name:


Part-Time:             Estimated ISI ministry hours per week:

Name of potential ISI supervisor/RFD consulted on this budget:

                                                                              Per Month

Personal Ministry Salary (consult potential ISI supervisor)                   _____

Approximate Administrative Services Fee, Conference Escrow,
Retirement, & Ministry Expenses (simply multiply salary figure by .25)        _____

Medical insurance (consult coach or People Services Coordinator)              _____

        (add the three above figures to get) Almost Total Budget              _____

If ISI Ministry is to be full-time and outside income is anticipated,
such as rentals, investments, or pensions, then:

Amount of outside income (as determined by consultation with ISI
People Services Coordinator) to be subtracted from Almost Total Budget _____

Total Tentative Budget to be raised by Partnership Development                _____

HRK Rev 11Fb25

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