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									                                       RUIS McGill
                                    Table d’Oncologie
                                     January 9th, 2006


Present: Drs. Gerald Batist (Chair), Anna Towers, Carolyn Freedman, Gayle Shinder,
Simon Tanguay, Walter Gotlieb, Jaroslav Prchal, Joseph Ragaz, Mr. Joseph Jospe, Ms.
Lucy Surprenant, Ms. Andreanne Saucier, Ms. Cathy Ammendolea and Joanne Miller

Regrets: Drs. Bernard Lesperance, Francois Patenaud, Mark Goldberg, Zeev Rosberger,
Paul Jacquemin

1.      Approval of minutes of December 5, 2005

        The minutes of the previous meeting were reviewed. One error was noted under
        “Other Business”. The RUIS d’Oncologie Sectorielle will meet on January 19th,
        2006 not December 19th, 2005 as indicated. The minutes were thus approved.

     2. Dr. G. Batist presented Joanne Miller to the committee who will take over the
        coordination of the RUIS table d’Oncologie from Naomi Scobie. The committee
        discussed the possibility of obtaining a budget from the RUIS office to fund this

     3. Dr. F. Patenaude was unable to attend and present an update Heme-Onc Visits in
        Rouyn & Avastin. An update will be presented at a future meeting.

     4. The committee discussed the possibility of inviting a graduate student from the
        Urban Planning or Sociology Program as well as the Economics Program to sit on
        the committee. Joanne will follow up on this point.

     5. Verdun Update: Dr. Batist is examining the possibility of recruiting an oncologist
        to the McGill Ruis who would be based primarily at Verdun.

     6. The committee discussed the need for a patient referral system to provide smooth
        access to patients from Verdun/Lachine/LaSalle to the MUHC. Clear guidelines
        as well as hospital/staff strengths must be examined. A subcommittee of Drs. J.
        Prchal, L. Panaschi and J. Sturgeon will meet in the near future to look at this
        issue. Joanne will follow up on this point.

     7. Lachine/LaSalle Update: The committee discussed how to encourage
        Verdun/LaSalle/Lachine to work together in order to provide the best patient care
        and meet the needs of these two regions.

     8. Gatineau Update: Dr. Batist highlighted some of the issues that the Gatineau
        region is currently facing. Funding is required for space and to start clinical
        studies. Dr. Batist will contact the VPP’s pharma donors for funds. Joanne will
        follow up on this point.
9. Nunavut Update: Nothing to report

10. Rouyn Update: Dr. C. Freedman provided the committee with a brief update on
    the report requested by Region 8 and discussed the many logistical issues of
    building a cancer care unit in Val d’Or versus Rouyn.

11. Mr. J. Jospe asked the committee if guidelines regarding standards of care
    presently exist or was it the goal of the committee to create such procedures and
    policies from scratch. The committee discussed the topic at length and concluded
    that, at the moment, the goal of the committee is to ensure that patients get the
    care they require closest to home while anticipating the future needs of cancer
    care throughout the Agence and developing procedures and policies that are
    relevant to the many moving parts of today’s health care. The committee then
    decided to benchmark their work thus far by reviewing the initial document
    outlining the committee’s role. Dr. Batist will circulate the document for updates.
    Each director will outline their unit’s strength’s and resources and update the
    document in regards to their contribution to the RUIS thus far. This will enable
    the committee to examine what human and financial commitments are currently
    being used and what is still required. The document will be used to formulate a
    pilot proposal for funding tailored to each. Dr. Batist will circulate the document
    via email.

12. Telehealth Update: Dr. Shinder will speak with the Telehealth office to request a
    mobile teleconferencing cart for the Jewish General. The committee discussed
    getting St. Mary’s wired and looking at the possibilities/timeline of wiring the
    outlying regions for teleconferencing as the need for them to be able to view and
    participate in Educational Rounds is a prominent concern.

13. Upcoming Meeting: Monday, February 6th at 4:30 pm.
    Agenda topics will include:
          Update from Mark XXX and Christine XXX regarding XXX
          Dr. XXX visit to the Rouyn-Noranda
          Review of the updated Document
          Summary of the The RUIS d’Oncologie Sectorielle
          RUIS Subcommittee on Patient Referrals Update

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