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					                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            February 2006
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Volume 32 No. 8
                                                                                                                                                                       Ferguson & Sumter
                                                                                                                                                                       Internationally Acclaimed
                                                                                                                                                                                           BY JOHN    LASSITER
                                                                                                                                                                            Often the most impressive achievements of extraordinary
                                                                                                                                                                       people require years of hard work and little, if any, notoriety.
                                                                                                                                                                       In a special ceremony at the Levine Museum of the New
                                                                                                                                                                       South on January 9, 2006, two members of our Bar were
                                                                                                                                                                       recognized for two decades of such service by the South
 In This Issue                                                                                                                                                         African Ambassador to the United States, Barbara Maskela.
                                                                                                                                                                            Beginning in the summer of 1986, Mecklenburg County
  Ferguson & Sumter Internationally                                                  Call for VLP Pro Bono Award Nominees...................5                          Bar members James Ferguson II and Geraldine Sumter, along
  Acclaimed.................................................................cover    Lawyer Referral Service Panel Members.....................6                       with Ken Broun, former dean of the law school at the
  From the Leary Bar Association Co-Presidents..........1                            Holiday Giving Tree 2005 a Success! ..........................6                   University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, began a               James Ferguson II                  Geraldine Sumter
  Lawyers in the News.......................................................1        YLS Needs Volunteers for                                                          project to help South Africa’s victims of apartheid. They          volunteer lawyers had limited knowledge and expertise.
  CLE Courses....................................................................2   Moot Court & Ask A Lawyer Day..............................6                      traveled regularly to the cities of Johannesburg and Cape          Many of the lawyers they trained were arrested on the way
  Defending the Future .....................................................3        MCB Board Nominating Committee..........................7                         Town in order to train black lawyers in the courtroom skills       to class, and most witnessed gross exhibits of arbitrary
  State of the Judiciary Meeting Scheduled...................4                       Bar Staff Update..............................................................7   needed to challenge and successfully change the oppressive         judicial actions and unfair treatment in the courts. Broun
  4th Street Parking Deck Opens....................................4                 McMillan Fellowship Applications..............................7                   and discriminatory system. Their Trial Advocacy Project            has captured many of the early experiences in his book,
  Legal Aid of North Carolina.........................................5              Blast from the Past Winner ...........................................7           took place under the auspices of the South Africa’s Black          Black Lawyers, White Courts, The Soul of South African Law.
  Access to Justice Campaign ..........................................5                                                                                               Lawyers Association. Alumni of the project include Chief           Through personal interviews and the narratives of 27 of
                                                                                                                                                                       Justice Ismail Mahomed and current President Mbeki’s top           these brave lawyers, the book chronicles the challenges and
                                                                                                                                                                       legal advisor. Ferguson and Sumter are members of Ferguson,        risks of social and legal reform. Nelson Mandela described
MECKLENBURG COUNTY BAR                                                                                                                               PRSRT STD         Stein, Chambers, Gresham and Sumter, PA, with practices            the Trial Advocacy Project: “They know the role law can
438 Queens Road                                                                                                                                     U.S. POSTAGE
Charlotte, NC 28207
                                                                                                                                                                       focusing on civil litigation and civil rights.                     play to accomplish wrong, as under apartheid, and they
                                                                                                                                                                            Ferguson noted that the lawyers they met in the early         know what good it can accomplish in a free society. These
                                                                                                                                                  CHARLOTTE, NC
                                                                                                                                                                       years of the program had come face to face with the criminal       men and women are the heroes of yesterday and the hope of
                                                                                                                                                  PERMIT NO. 3337
                                                                                                                                                                       justice system and “virtually all of them had been political       tomorrow—I salute them.”
                                                                                                                                                                       prisoners of one kind or another.” Most of the participants             Sumter noted the changes that took place in the
                                                                                                                                                                       had been taught in inferior educational environments to            program over the past 20 years. Originally a three-day
                                                                                                                                                                       their Afrikaner counterparts, but despite the risk to their        program, the course now is a full week with a combination
                                                                                                                                                                       personal safety, they were committed to a program that             of lecture, videotaped critiques, and trial practice. The
                                                                                                                                                                       promised to improve their courtroom skills and the impact          original mock trials were all held before white judges, but
                                                                                                                                                                       of their advocacy.                                                 today most of the judges are black, many of whom
                                                                                                                                                                            Broun, now the Henry Brandeis Professor of Law at the         completed the program years before. The project has
                                                                                                                                                                       University of North Carolina, recalls developing the course        expanded to the neighboring countries of Botswana,
                                                                                                                                                                       materials for use in a legal system based on common law and        Namibia, Lesotho, Zambia, and Zaire. Lawyers who once
                                                                                                                                                                       the civil law of the Dutch-Roman system; one in which the                                                        continued on page 2
                                                             DATED MATERIAL
                                                                                                                                                                       February 2006                                                                                     www.meckbar.org
              ENBURG COUNTY B                                                                                                       February 2006
           CKL               AR

                E S T 1 9 12
                                                                                                     Volume 32 No. 8

                 From the                                                                                                by Robert P. Johnston
            John S. Leary Bar
               Association                            Christy Mann Newest Judge
              Co-Presidents                                                      Christy Mann is            Mississippi in 1985 and practiced law in
                                                                            Mecklenburg County’s            Batesville, MS, for 18 months. Mann’s duties in a
                                                                            newest district court judge.    small, general practice firm included serving as
                                                                                 She was sworn in           the city prosecutor on Tuesday mornings.
                                                                            December 23, 2005, and               The lights of a bigger city beckoned, and
                                                                            will serve the unexpired        Mann picked Charlotte sight unseen and moved
                                                                            term of Libby Kelligrew,        here, obtaining employment with Tucker, Hicks,
                                                                            who left the bench to work      Moon, Hodge & Cranford. She worked closely
                                                      District Court        with the Community of           with Fred Hicks and did primarily domestic
                                                      Judge Christy         Advocates, a child advocacy     work. In 1995 she and Terri Young left their old
                                                      Mann                  program affiliated with the     firm and started a new one, where Mann
                                                      Council for Children.                                 remained until becoming a judge.
        Leary Bar Co-Presidents
 Aretha V. Blake, Baker & Blake LLP and                   A native of Mississippi, Mann received her             Mann, who had an active domestic practice,
  Trevor M. Fuller, Fuller & Barnes, LLP              Bachelors of Science in Physical Science from the     anticipates holding mainly domestic court, at
                                                      University of Southern Mississippi. She obtained      least initially.
                                                      her Juris Doctor from the University of
      With great humility and honor, we take
 on the co-presidency of the John S. Leary Bar
 Association for 2006. We are grateful to those       Bennett Appointed to Wildlife Resources Commission
 who have placed the stewardship of this                   Charles (Chuck) Bennett was recently             chair of the Cold Water Fisheries Committee. He
 august organization in our hands. Particularly,      appointed to his fourth, two-year term on the         has also been appointed as the Wildlife
 we hail the sage and steady leadership of our        Wildlife Resources Commission (WRC). The              Commission’s representative to the North
 predecessors, Corie Pauling and Eric                 WRC consists of wildlife and fisheries biologist,     Carolina Clean Water Management Trust Fund
 Montgomery, who so ably and tirelessly               wildlife enforcement officers, educators,             and as the Commission’s representative to the
 worked to maintain and advance the cause of          engineers, and administrative staff in nine           National Heritage Trust Fund.
 African American lawyers in Mecklenburg              districts across North Carolina.                          A graduate of University of North Carolina
 County. With the support of our members, we               An avid hunter and fisherman, Bennett            (UNC) Asheville and UNC School of Law,
 intend to carry on that tradition.                   estimates he spends about six days a month on         Bennett practices with Weaver, Bennett &
      As we begin this year, we realize how           Commission work. He is chair of the Habitat,          Bland, PA, in Matthews.
 quickly 2005 seems to have hurtled by. Last          Non-Game Endangered Species Committee and
 year, the Leary Bar engaged in an intensive
 self-examination relating to its mission and         Joan Waldron First CSL Law Student
 purpose and the needs of our membership.                 Joan Waldron, a paralegal in public finance       the application for CSL was
 This self-examination proved to be                   at Parker Poe, is the first student admitted by the   made public, I applied. I was
 immensely meaningful and revealing. As a             Charlotte School of Law (CSL). Having recently        soon admitted and received a
 result, we spent a great deal of time in 2005        completed UNC Charlotte’s seven-year-degree           scholarship,” Waldron said.
 putting in place the changes that came out of        program, the mother of two grown children had         Florida Coastal and CSL are
 our retreat, including revisions to our bylaws       long intended to go to law school. She had been       part of the InfiLaw
 and amendments to our constitution.                  admitted to Florida Coastal School of Law when        Consortium of Law Schools.
      In 2006, one of our goals is to nurture the     she heard that Charlotte School of Law would be           Waldron will be a full-
 relationship between the Leary Bar and the           opening. “The dean of Florida Coastal was the         time student when law school Joan Waldron
 Mecklenburg County Bar. By engaging our              acting dean of CSL. We talked, and the first day      begins in August.
 local Bar on issues of concern to our
 members, we believe that all lawyers will            Judy Thompson Elected Network Chair of IWIRC Chapter
 benefit. In addition, we look forward to the
                                                                               Judy Thompson has                 As Network Chair, Thompson will lead a
 support of the Bar as we make preparations
                                                                          been elected Network Chair        group of more that 60 professional women in
 for an event this year to award scholarships to
                                                                          of the Carolinas Chapter of       law, accounting, lending, turnaround manage-
 deserving high school and college students
                                                                          International Women’s             ment, and other disciplines that work with
 who see for themselves the possibility of a life
                                                                          Insolvency & Restructuring        troubled companies and their creditors
 in the law.
                                                                          Confederation (IWIRC),            throughout the Carolinas.
      The second mission of the Leary Bar in
                                                                          effective January 1. IWIRC             Thompson, a partner of Poyner & Spruill
 2006 is to continue to serve the Charlotte-
                                                                          is an international               LLP and a former president of the Mecklenburg
 Mecklenburg community by providing pro
                                                      IRWC Network        professional association that     County Bar, co-founded the Carolina’s chapter in
 bono advocacy and representation and                 Chair Judy          works to enhance the              2004. Her practice areas include mediation and
 creating forums for the exchange of ideas            Thompson            professional status and           arbitration, bankruptcy law, creditors’ rights,
 affecting Charlotte’s minority communities.
                                                      reputation of women in insolvency practice.           workouts, and commercial litigation.
 For example, the Leary Bar proudly supports
 the Council for Children’s Student Defense           Belmont Abbey Turns to Local Lawyers to Teach
 Project, which provides pro bono
 representation for students who are subject to           Belmont Abbey College approached                       William L. Esser IV,
 suspension and/or exclusion from the                 members of Charlotte’s St. Thomas More Society        president of the local Society,
 Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System. The             about doing a course for the pre-law program, and     is coordinating the classes,
 primary purpose of the Project is to ensure          the Society has created “A Practical Introduction     which will include guest
 that students are afforded all necessary due         to Lawyers and the Law.”                              speakers discussing one
 process rights during their hearings.                    The first class was in January. Students          subject (e.g., Contracts)
      The final focus of the Leary Bar in 2006        completing the course will receive one hour of        each class.
                                continued on page 2   credit toward a pre-law minor.
                                                                                                                                              Will Esser

February 2006                                                  www.meckbar.org                                                                             1
                                                                                                       Ferguson and Sumter
                                                                                                                                      continued from cover

                                         Live Programs                                                paid by risking their lives to learn now pay a
                                                                                                      tuition that covers a portion of the costs that had
Ethics, Professionalism, and Mental                  Divorce 101                                      previously been borne by international
Health—Issues for Attorneys and                      CLE Credit: 1.0 hour General                     contributions and foundation support.
Paralegals                                           Date:       Friday, February 24, 2006
CLE Credit: 3.0 total hours (2.0 Ethics and          Time:       Reg. 12:00 p.m.
                                                                                                           Somewhat embarrassed by the awards
               1.0 Substance Abuse)                              Program 12:30–1:30 p.m.              presented by the Ambassador, Sumter noted she
Date:          Wednesday, February 1, 2006           Location:   MCB Center                           received much more from the experience than
Time:          Reg. 8:30 a.m.                        Fees:       $40 attorney rate, $27 public rate   any contributions on her part. Without a doubt
               Program 9:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.                                                           few among us have affected so much positive
Location:      Best Western Charlotte Uptown,        Parent Coordinator Training in conjunction
                                                     with Children’s Law Center                       change and lasting impact. Congratulations and
               201 S. McDowell Street
Fees:          $135 attorney rate, $75               CLE Credit: 12+ hours                            our collective appreciation to Jim Ferguson and
               paralegal rate                        Date:        Thursday, March 2, and Friday,      Geraldine Sumter!
(Video replay of this program is scheduled for                    March 3, 2006
2/28/06. See below for more info.)                   Time:        Two full days
                                                     Location:    MCB Center
Immigration Issues in Family Law—                    Fees:        TBD
                                                                                                       Co-Presidents’ Letter
Sponsored by the MCB Family Law Section                                                                                              continued from page 1
CLE Credit: 1.0 hour                                 Have You Lost Your Appeal?
Date:        Thursday February 16, 2006              CLE Credit: 1.5 hours General                    is diversity within the Bar, including the
Time:        Reg/Lunch 12:15–12:45 p.m.              Date:       Friday, March 17, 2006               recruitment, development, and retention of
                                                     Time:       Reg. 11:45 a.m.
             Program 12:45–1:45 p.m.                                                                  minority attorneys. The Mecklenburg County
Location:    MCB Center, 438 Queens Road                         Program 12:00–1:30 p.m.
                                                     Location:   MCB Center                           Bar’s Special Committee on Diversity is
Fees:        $10 lunch/$35 lunch plus CLE
                                                     Fees:       $35 attorney rate                    developing an agenda that will go far in
             credit Family Law Section
             Member, $15 lunch/$40 lunch                                                              increasing diversity and diversity awareness
                                                     Annual Review
             plus CLE credit non–Family Law          CLE Credit: 12.0 total hours (2.0 Ethics,        within the Bar. The Leary Bar fully supports the
             Section Member                                      1.0 Substance Abuse, and 9.0         Committee’s efforts. Further, the Leary Bar will
Business Litigation Forum • The 2006                             General), fulfilling one year of     continue to provide opportunities for minority
Annual Civil Litigation Forum—Sponsored by                       NCSB-mandated CLE hours              summer interns and first year associates to
the MCB Civil Litigation Section                     Date:       Friday, February 10, and             become connected with Charlotte, including its
                                                                 Saturday, February 11, 2006
This program will includes information on the                                                         minority community, through our summer
new Business Court in Charlotte                      Time:       Friday Reg. 8:30 a.m.
                                                                 Program 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m.          intern reception, Annual New Bar Members
CLE Credit: 6.0 hours
                                                                 Saturday Reg. 8:00 a.m.              Social, informational sessions, and social events.
Date:           Friday, February 17, 2006
Time:           Reg. 8:30 a.m.                                   Program 8:30 a.m.–1:00 p.m.          Finally, understanding that diversity within the
                Program 9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.          Location:   Best Western Uptown,                 Bar begins far in advance of law school, Leary
Location:       Charlotte Chamber, Belk Action                   201 S. McDowell Street               will continue to provide financial support, via
                                                                 (formerly Sheraton Four Points)
                Center, Corner of 2nd and Tryon                                                       scholarships, to high school and college students
Fees:           $210 attorney rate, $180 MCB         Fee:        $435
                                                                                                      interested in the legal profession.
                Civil Litigation Section member
                                                                                                           The year 2006 will be an exciting year for
                rate, $90 paralegal rate
                                                                                                      the Leary Bar and we welcome you to be a part
                                         Video Replays                                                of it! All members of the Mecklenburg County
                                                                                                      Bar are invited to become involved in our
Harnessing the Potential of the ADD Mind:            Healthy Balance, Good Mental Health              activities. We also welcome the opportunity to
Challenges, Ethics, & the Practice of Law            Practices for Lawyers                            support the activities of the Mecklenburg
CLE Credit: 3.0 hours Mental                         CLE Credit: 1.0 hour Mental
             Health/Substance Abuse                                Health/Substance Abuse
                                                                                                      County Bar and other local bar associations.
Dates:       Thursday, February 9, 2006              Dates:        Wednesday, February 22, 2006       Through joint effort and mutual support, we can
Times:       9:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.—Please             Times:        9:00–10:00 a.m. and                attain greater achievements than ever before!
             arrive 15 minutes prior to start of                   1:00–2:00 p.m.—Please arrive
             program                                               15 minutes prior to start of
Location:    MCB Center, 438 Queens Road                           program
Fees:        $135 attorney rate, $75                 Location:     MCB Center
             paralegal rate                          Fee:          $55 attorney rate                             EDITORIAL POLICY
A Study in Ethics—Alan Gell, Aftermath               Ethics, Professionalism, and Mental Health
and Current Affairs—Sponsored by the MCB             —Issues for Attorneys and Paralegals
Civil Litigation Section                             CLE Credit: 3.0 total hours (2.0 Ethics and        The Mecklenburg Bar News accepts editorial
CLE Credit: 3.0 hours Ethics                                      1.0 Substance Abuse)                  and advertising material of general legal
Dates:           Thursday, February 9, 2006          Date:        Tuesday, February 28, 2006            interest to the practicing Bar of the 26th
Time:            1:00–4:00 p.m.—Please arrive        Time:        Reg. 8:45 a.m.                        Judicial District. The implicit purposes of the
                 15 minutes before start of                       Program 9:00 a.m.–12:00 p.m.          newsletter, website, and related methods of
                 program                             Location:    MCB Center                            communication are to educate members of the
Location:        MCB Center                          Fees:        $135 attorney rate
Fee:             $135 attorney rate                                                                     Mecklenburg County Bar and to create and
                                                                  $75 paralegal rate
                                                                                                        maintain shared communication with its
Ethics and Professionalism—A View From               Joint Ventures                                     members. The Communications Committee
Mecklenburg County                                   CLE Credit: 3.0 hours General
CLE Credit: 1.0 hour Ethics                                                                             reserves the right to accept, reject, or edit all
                                                     Date:        Tuesday, February 28, 2006
Dates:       Wednesday, February 15, 2006            Time:        Reg. 12:45 p.m.                       material.
Times:       9:00–10:00 a.m. and 12:00–1:00                       Program 1:00–4:00 p.m.                DISCLAIMER Efforts will be made to
             p.m. —Please arrive 15 minutes          Fee:         $115 attorney rate
                                                                                                        provide information of interest that is timely,
             prior to start of program
Location:    MCB Center                                                                                 accurate, and relevant to the legal community.
Fee:         $50 attorney rate                                                                          The Mecklenburg County Bar is not
                                                                                                        responsible for misprints, typographical errors,
          Online CLE Programing Available at www.meckbar.org                                            or misinformation in The Mecklenburg Bar
                          New courses for 2005–06 now posted                                            News. The views and opinions are not
                          Open 24 hours—pay and take courses online                                     necessarily those of the 26th Judicial District
                     NC State Bar allows up to 4 hours of online CLE annually                           Bar.
                       Customer service for online courses 800/373-0366
                                                                                                        Communications Committee: John
               MCB endorses only Education Over the Net as our online hosting service
                                                                                                        Lassiter, Chair, Judge Bob Johnston, Corby
                    Continuing Legal Education Recruitment                                              Anderson, Mike Daisley, Porter Durham,
                                                                                                        Alan Edmonds, Will Esser, Larry Grayson,
The MCB Continuing Legal Education Committee is recruiting committee members and                        Allison Karp, Charles Keller, Brandon
program planners. If interested, please contact John Buric (jburic@jmdlaw.com) or Lisa
                                                                                                        Lofton, Valerie Munei, Nancy Roberson
Armanini (larmanini@meckbar.org). The Committee meets the third Tuesday of each month at
8:00 a.m. at the Bar Center, 438 Queens Road.

2                                                            www.meckbar.org                                                          February 2006
Defending the Future:                                                                                            Position Available
Charlotte’s                                                                                                         Foundation for the
Student Defense Project                                                                                        Charlotte Jewish Community
                                                       Charlotte, North Carolina, as one of the target              Executive Director
            BY   BRANDON LOFTON
                                                       cities. The Civil Rights Project made this                         Job Description
     Several area groups are working together          selection based on the educational upheaval and          Foundation for the Charlotte Jewish
with the Civil Rights Project at Harvard               community activism the city was experiencing in
University to provide quality representation to
                                                                                                                   Community (FCJC) is seeking
                                                       regards to civil rights concerns in primary
students facing long-term suspension and                                                                        qualified candidates for the position
                                                       education. The Civil Rights Project hosted
exclusion from Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools           several community meetings and learned that a              of Executive Director. FCJC is a
(CMS). The effort has been named the Student           primary area of concern was the disproportionate           nonprofit charitable organization
Defense Project and is being coordinated               long-term suspension and expulsion rates of low-           dedicated to creating permanent
primarily by the Council for Children.                 income children and children of color.                    charitable endowments to support
     Adrienne Woods, Case and Class Advocate                In response to this concern, noted Woods,           the growing and changing needs of
for the Council for Children, stated that the          the Civil Rights Project formed a local steering            Charlotte’s Jewish community.
Project’s primary objective includes ensuring          committee and held several meetings to gain the
“that every student, regardless of race or             involvement of local organizations. In September         A Supporting Organization affiliated
socioeconomic background, is afforded due              of 2005, the Council for Children agreed to              with Foundation For The Carolinas,
process and has access to a sound basic education      become the umbrella or host organization for the        the Executive Director of Foundation
by producing a group of lawyers organized and          project. As of December 1, 2005, additional             for the Charlotte Jewish Community
trained to provide… pro bono representation at         organizational partners include: the Children’s              provides planned giving and
long-term suspension and expulsion disciplinary        Law Center; Ferguson, Stein, Chambers,                       endowment services to the
hearings at CMS… ” The Project will also work          Gresham & Sumter; the John S. Leary Bar
to alleviate and increase community awareness of                                                               constituent organizations and donors
                                                       Association; the Civil Rights Project at Harvard
the racially disparate impact of current suspension    University; the Charlotte Chapter of the                of the Jewish community to promote
and expulsion procedures.                              National Association for the Advancement of                long-term financial stability. This
     Under both the state and federal                  Colored People; the A.M.E. Zion Church;                  position is currently budgeted to be
constitutions, a student facing long-term              Greenville Memorial A.M.E. Zion Church; and                         1/2 to 3/4 time.
suspension (i.e., greater than 10 days) or exclusion   Legal Aid of North Carolina.
from school are entitled to due process hearing.                                                                            Preferred
                                                            Aretha Blake, co-president of the John S.
Jake Sussman, an attorney with Ferguson, Stein,                                                                  Qualifications and Experience
                                                       Leary Bar Association, commented that the
Chambers, Gresham & Sumter, PA, has                    Project’s objective of ensuring that minority and            Minimum Bachelor’s Degree,
represented several students in school due process     low-income students are not denied their due             with post graduate degree preferred
hearings. As Sussman explains, these hearings are      process rights provided a great opportunity for the               in law or business
conducted before a hearing officer (often a former     Leary Bar to further its goal of “strengthen[ing] its
teacher or administrator) who records witness          role in the community as an advocate for the                 Working knowledge of the
testimony and examines any documentary                 underprivileged and underrepresented in [the]           Charlotte Jewish community or other
evidence presented. The hearings officer can and       Charlotte-Mecklenburg [area].” To that end, the                 Jewish communities
will ask questions of the student and witnesses        Leary Bar has sponsored the training of several of
and, based on the evidence presented at the            its members for pro bono service to the Project, a            Excellent written, oral and
hearing, ultimately recommends whether or not to       number of Leary Bar members are providing                interpersonal communication skills
impose the long-term suspension or exclusion of        significant pro bono representation of students
the student. That recommendation, along with a         facing long-term suspension or exclusion from               Knowledge of estate planning,
transcript of the hearing and the evidence             CMS, and several Leary Bar members currently                    planned giving vehicles,
presented, is then considered and ruled upon by        serve on the Project’s steering committee.               endowment building, and an ability
the Alternative Education and Safe Schools                  More involvement is needed in order for the         to articulate legacy giving concepts
Department. Adverse consequences against a             Project to succeed. Woods reported that the                        in layman’s terms
student can include exclusion from CMS, long-          Project currently has 13 attorneys who have
term suspension (i.e., more than 10 days),             agreed to provide either pro bono or sliding scale           Professional experience in
re-assignment to an alternative school, and/or         fee representation. “In January 2005, The                      Annual, Capital, and/or
community service.                                     Charlotte Observer reported a total of 52,600 in             Planned Giving fundraising
     Sussman explains that while students have         and out of school suspensions in CMS for the
the right to an attorney at these hearings, the                                                                Non-profit management or significant
                                                       prior year, with three-fourths of those being out of
vast majority of students are unrepresented.           school suspensions. There is no way,” asserted            non-profit volunteer experience
Moreover, Sussman contends, although these             Woods, “13 attorneys could handle 13,150                 Demonstrates strong organizational,
hearings are supposed to comport with due              (three-fourths of 52,600) due process hearings or           creative, motivational and
process and its guarantees, it rarely works out that   school board appeals within one year. We need
way. Among the complaints voiced by attorneys                                                                           leadership skills
                                                       more attorneys to handle these types of cases. We
representing students at these hearings is that the    also need attorneys to help us with community             For more information or to apply,
school does not present its evidence through live      awareness, funding, etc…”                                         please contact
witness testimony, but rather through the                   To find out more information, or to find out              Holly Welch Stubbing
presentation of unsworn statements by alleged          how to get involved, contact Adrienne Woods at
witnesses. In other words, there is no actual                                                                      by email at hwelch@fftc.org.
accuser in the room during the hearing.
Moreover, if the alleged witness is a student, the
statement is not only unsworn but also
anonymous. CMS takes the position that the
Rules of Evidence do not apply at these hearings,
and that if the student wants the opportunity to
cross-examine the witness, the student can
compel the witness’s attendance.
     It was concern for unrepresented students
during these proceedings that led to the Project’s
founding. Woods stated that the Project got its
start in 2003 when the Civil Rights Project
obtained a grant from the Knight Foundation.
The grant provided funds to address civil rights
concerns in K–12 education. After conducting an
analysis of several cities across the United States
and conducting discussions with community
members, the Civil Rights Project selected
February 2006                                                   www.meckbar.org                                                                         3
                Court Communiqués

State of the Judiciary Meeting Scheduled
     On Friday, February 17, the Mecklenburg              • 2005 also saw the creation of Justice                    develop or implement a significant or unique
County Trial Court Administrator’s Office will              Initiatives, Inc., a non-profit established for          educational program or court management
hold its annual State of the Judiciary meeting.             our district. Justice Initiatives is dedicated to        system in the mid-Atlantic region.
This gathering is a time when all Trial Court               the funding of justice-related initiatives to       • Other notable accomplishments in 2005
Administrator (TCA) staff come together to                  support innovative and non-traditional                   include the creation of a Mental Health
recognize and discuss accomplishments during the            programs in the court system. Examples of                Court and a Business Court.
previous year, as well as talk about future                 non-traditional programs and services
                                                                                                                     Prior to the meeting this year, one TCA staff
initiatives and goals. Each division of the TCA’s           requiring funding include Drug
                                                                                                                member will receive the Helen Stonestreet
Office will give a brief presentation highlighting          Treatment/DWI Court, Mental Health
                                                                                                                Employee of the Year Award, which is a new
accomplishments throughout the 2005 calendar                Court, SelfServe Center, and special needs
                                                                                                                incentive created to recognize outstanding
year, as well as share statistical information from         services (Americans with Disabilities Act,
                                                                                                                performance among TCA staff. The award was
the 2004–05 fiscal year.                                    interpreting, etc.) The Court Clubhouse
                                                                                                                named after Helen Stonestreet, who retired in
     The theme of this year’s meeting is “A                 Childcare Center, Juror Business Center, and
                                                                                                                December of 2004 after working for the TCA’s
Celebration of Success,” which was chosen due to            Responsible Fatherhood Access and
                                                                                                                Office for over 25 years. Helen will attend the
the fact that there have been some notable                  Visitation Program are other possible
                                                                                                                meeting and speak as part of the award ceremony.
improvements and achievements made in our                   candidates for funding. The first fund raiser
                                                                                                                Senior Resident Superior Court Judge Robert P.
district during the past year:                              was held in September to benefit Drug
                                                                                                                Johnston will present the award.
• In early 2005, the 26th Judicial District was             Treatment Court and, aside from any money
                                                                                                                     The State of the Judiciary meeting will take
     selected as a partner court in the area of pro se      raised, served to create a heightened
                                                                                                                place in the Anthony Stancil Conference Room
     litigation through the Center for Court                awareness around funding shortfalls that this
                                                                                                                at Jail Central from 8:00 to 10:00 a.m. Since all
     Solutions, a joint initiative of the State Justice     valuable program is experiencing.
                                                                                                                TCA staff are required to attend due to the
     Institute, the National Center for State             • The Resource Team project set forth by the          important information shared during this
     Courts, and the Center for Effective Public            TCA’s Office and Community Building                 meeting, all divisions of the TCA’s Office,
     Policy, which provided outside assistance and          Initiatives was announced as the winner of          including Family and Drug Court, the SelfServe
     support to define and implement solutions in           the 2005 John Neufeld Court Achievement             Center, Post-Judgment Services Center, Jury
     the pro se area. While this project continues,         Award established by the Mid-Atlantic               Office, and Judge’s Office, will be closed to the
     several areas in need of attention have been           Association for Court Management. This              public during this time.
     identified, solutions have been introduced,            annual award is intended to recognize an
     and plans are being made to implement them.            individual or a group of individuals who

4th Street Parking Deck Opens                                                                                        Position Available
     The long-awaited court parking deck is
now open to the public. The new deck,
which is being called the 4th Street
Parking Deck, opened for court employees,                                                                                For The Carolinas
jurors, and the general public on December                                                                                 Vice President -
19, 2005. While the operator’s booths,                                                                              Development & Planned Giving
gates, and landscaping were not in place
when the deck first opened, they should be                                                                           FFTC seeks a Vice President of
by the time this article goes to print.                                                                             Development & Planned Giving to
     The first phase of the new parking
                                                                                                                     make up a team of professional
facility includes 982 parking spaces on
seven levels. Adding an eighth level may                                                                          fundraisers and support staff member
take place some time in the future. The                                                                            which will support the donors, staff,
public entrance to the parking deck is on                                                                            volunteers and clients of FFTC.
4th Street, directly across from the 3rd and
4th Street/I-277/John Belk Freeway exit         The 4th Street Parking Deck as of January 2006                               Leading candidates
ramp. As visitors enter the deck, they must                                                                          will have demonstrated success
                                                        convenience store, etc.). The space is not
punch for a ticket, and then follow the signs for                                                                    in a planned giving development
                                                        intended to be used for offices or other ‘low-
parking. Jurors park free on the 4th level on a first
                                                        activity’ uses,” said Mark Hahn, Director of Real            position, with five to seven years
come, first serve basis. As of right now, the plan is
                                                        Estate Services for Mecklenburg County.                          experience, or comparable
to issue jurors a validation pass in exchange for
                                                        Occupancy of the retail spaces, however, is not                   experience in the banking,
their parking ticket that they can then give to
                                                        expected to occur for several months.
the attendant. When leaving the deck, visitors                                                                          insurance, financial planning,
                                                             Morgan Morris, a booth operator with
must stop to pay the attendant. If there is no                                                                            accounting or legal fields.
                                                        Central Parking, the firm who manages the deck,
attendant on duty, visitors can insert their ticket
                                                        says the cost to park in the 4th Street Parking                   An excellent knowledge of
into a ticket reader, which will indicate how much
                                                        Deck will be the same as the Government Center                 financial matters and the laws
money is owed, then payment can be made using
                                                        Parking Deck: $1 for the first 30 minutes, then $1
cash or credit card. The deck is handicap                                                                                    governing charitable
                                                        for each additional 30 minutes, up to $12 for the
accessible, with designated parking spaces located                                                                        estate planning is desired.
                                                        entire day. Court employees have been issued
near the elevators on each level. Signs in English
                                                        magnetic strips for the windshield of their vehicles.         A Bachelor’s degree is required.
and Spanish have been carefully placed.
                                                        An electric eye scans the strip as a vehicle                    To apply or to request full job
     The deck features two elevators, with shelled
                                                        approaches one of the gates, and the gate opens.                     description, contact:
space for two additional elevators. The first level
                                                        This replaces the old magnetic cards, which
of the new facility also accommodates light retail,
                                                        required a driver to open their window to wave                       Lynne Wooten
the nature of which has not yet been determined.
                                                        the card in front of the reader to enter or exit.              Foundation For The Carolinas
A real estate management firm is in charge of
                                                             The opening of the 4th Street Parking Deck
marketing the retail space in the plaza area of the                                                                      217 South Tryon Street
                                                        precedes the opening of the new Mecklenburg
parking deck and to manage the leases. “We are                                                                            Charlotte, NC 28202
                                                        County Courthouse, which sits diagonally across the
asking our management firm to seek tenants that
                                                        intersection of 4th and McDowell Street. The new                    lwooten@fftc.org
will provide active services that will energize the
                                                        courthouse is scheduled to open January 2007.
area (i.e., coffee shop, food service, book store,

4                                                                  www.meckbar.org                                                            February 2006
 VLP Partner Highlights: Legal Aid of North Carolina
 What Is LANC?                                         2002 as the result of a consolidation of the four,    a “lemon,” or a family crisis—can have a
      Volunteer Lawyer Program (VLP) partner           federally funded, legal services programs in          devastating impact. If not addressed
 Legal Aid of North Carolina (LANC) is a               North Carolina, including part of the staff of the    immediately, more difficult problems can result:
 statewide, nonprofit, 501(c)3 law firm that           Legal Services of Southern Piedmont (LSSP),           unemployment, homelessness, domestic
 began operations on July 1, 2002, as a result of a    another Volunteer Lawyers Program partner. Ted        violence, and family instability. In turn, these
 consolidation of multiple legal services law          Fillette serves as the senior managing attorney       crises place a far greater burden on society in the
 firms, each with a 25+-year history of serving        for the Charlotte office, and he supervises a full-   form of increased costs for health care, law
 low-income people in North Carolina. In the           time staff of five attorneys and two paralegals. In   enforcement, and public welfare. Legal Aid is a
 early 1960s, as our nation was responding to a        addition to participating in the statewide            cost-effective means of stopping the downward
 call to service and justice articulated by such       Domestic Violence Prevention Initiative, the          spiral and the resulting consequences.
 leaders as newly elected President John F.            Charlotte LANC office was an instrumental                  LANC also eases the pressure on the
 Kennedy and the Reverend Dr. Martin Luther            partner in organizing support for Project             overburdened court system in North Carolina by
 King, Jr., members of the North Carolina State        Pillowtex—designed to assist many displaced           resolving greater than 70% of its cases outside of
 Bar and other citizens in Forsyth, Mecklenburg,       workers of the shuttered Pillowtex plant in the       the courtroom. Having access to LANC means
 and Durham counties demonstrated their                Charlotte area.                                       that clients are not appearing in court on their
 commitment to equal justice under the law by               Legal Aid of NC’s clients statewide typically    own behalf. Instead, these clients have an
 establishing legal aid organizations to assist        include:                                              experienced attorney to represent them, thereby
 people living in poverty to protect their rights in   • victims of domestic violence who seek               providing for a more efficient, effective use of
 civil cases. The Legal Aid Society of Northwest            safety for themselves and their children;        the judicial system.
 North Carolina (Winston-Salem), Legal                 • disadvantaged children who have been                     LANC is able to provide one attorney for
 Services of Southern Piedmont (Charlotte), and             denied the mental and physical health care       every 15,000 eligible clients in North Carolina,
 North Central Legal Assistance Program                     and education that they need to grow into        whose general population has one attorney for
 (Durham) were created as the result of that                productive adults;                               every 500 persons. In order to fulfill its mission,
 work. Through various reorganizations and                                                                   the staff of LANC welcomes the support of
                                                       • the elderly who are sometimes preyed upon
 restructurings, LANC was created to assist the                                                              more than 3,700 private attorney volunteers,
                                                            and who need assistance with benefits and
 poorest of the poor.                                                                                        who donate their expertise across North
      LANC provides free legal services in civil                                                             Carolina each year through local volunteer
                                                       • the disabled and homeless who need special          lawyers programs.
 matters to low-income clients in order to ensure
 equal access to justice and to remove legal                                                                 You Can Help
 barriers to economic opportunity. In most             • working, single- and two-parent families
                                                                                                                  The Charlotte office of LANC, along with
 situations, a LANC client’s income must fall               who struggle to pay for child care, housing,
                                                                                                             LSSP and Legal Services for the Elderly, relies
 below 125% of the federal poverty guidelines.              food, and health care for their children on
                                                                                                             on funding, in part, from the ongoing Access to
 However, the income level eligibility criteria             low-wage jobs; and
                                                                                                             Justice Campaign. The Campaign goal for
 typically does not apply to domestic violence         • natural disasters victims who suffer as a           2005–06 is to raise $300,000. The Access to
 victims, senior citizens, and for other case               result of weather events, such as Hurricanes     Justice Campaign provides an opportunity for
 specific reasons. LANC’s involvement and legal             Floyd, Fran, Hugo, and Katrina.                  the legal community in Mecklenburg County to
 help are necessary to complement the efforts of                                                             partner with these organizations financially to
 family shelters, social services, children’s
                                                       Strengthening the Social Fabric
                                                            Legal Aid is a remarkably efficient means of     make sure access to justice is a reality
 organizations, community development                                                                             To volunteer your services for Legal Aid of
                                                       giving low-income families a “hand-up” that in
 corporations, and other nonprofit and                                                                       North Carolina, you can call the Charlotte
                                                       turn saves taxpayer money. When someone
 governmental organizations in North Carolina.                                                               office at 704/971-2621 or Jennifer Howle, the
                                                       living near the poverty line faces a single
      LANC operates in all 100 North Carolina                                                                Mecklenburg County Bar’s Volunteer Lawyers
                                                       problem, that problem often creates a domino
 counties through 24 regionally based offices.                                                               Program Coordinator, at 704/375-8624,
                                                       effect. One-time events—plant closings, lapse of
 The Charlotte office of LANC opened in July                                                                 extension 121.
                                                       health insurance, a used car that turns out to be

 ’05–’06 Access to                                      2006 VLP Pro Bono                                         Position Available
 Justice Campaign                                       Awards Call For Nominees
 Update                                                 MCB Awards for                                             Mid-size Matthews, NC, law firm
                                                                                                                     seeking associate attorney in
      Under the leadership of Campaign Chair,
 Jon Buchan of Helms Mulliss & Wicker, the
                                                        Extraordinary                                                   commercial real estate

 2005–06 Access to Justice Campaign has                 Pro Bono Service                                                and business practice.
                                                                                                                    Applicants must have at least
 been very successful to date as many
                                                             The Mecklenburg County Bar Volunteer                      three years experience in
 Mecklenburg County attorneys demonstrated
 their generosity and support with a donation.          Lawyer Program welcomes nominations for                   commercial real property matters,
 The goal this year is $300,000. Funds from             the 2006 Pro Bono Awards. This year’s                            commercial banking,
 the Campaign support the work of Legal                 categories are:                                             land development matters, or
 Services of Southern Piedmont, Legal Aid of            I. Outstanding Individual Attorney                                    business law.
 North Carolina, and Legal Services for the             II. Outstanding Large Firm with 25                          The position would extend to
 Elderly by providing these agencies with vital              Attorneys or More*                                 business negotiations for purchases
 resources to assure that those in need in our          III. Small Firm with 24 Attorneys or Less                   and sales of business entities,
 own community have access to the justice               * Firm total not limited to Mecklenburg County            real estate closings, and land use
 system, regardless of their ability to pay.                 Winners will receive their awards at the               practice, including acquisition,
      Thank you to those who have already               MCB Annual Meeting on May 25.                             development, zoning, restrictions,
 donated to the 2005–06 Campaign! If you                     For more information on selection
 have not yet given, please consider a                                                                                  and environmental law.
                                                        criteria, please go to http://www.meckbar.org/          Applicants should send a resume to
 donation today to support this important legal
                                                        newsevents/news_detail.cfm?cont_id=6432.                             P.O. Box 2570,
 work. You may send your donation to: Access
                                                             Please submit nominations in writing
 to Justice Campaign, 1431 Elizabeth Avenue,                                                                             Matthews, NC 28106.
                                                        before March 1, 2006. Any attorney, law firm,
 Charlotte, NC 28204. Secure online                                                                                Full benefits available, including
                                                        or partner organization may submit nomina-
 donations are accepted at www.lssp.org. For                                                                     health, life, and disability insurance,
                                                        tions. Send nominations to: Mecklenburg
 more information, please contact                                                                               401-K, paid vacation, and sick leave.
                                                        County Bar, Volunteer Lawyers Program, 438
 704/971-2588 or jennifers@lssp.org.                                                                             Salary based upon experience with
                                                        Queens Road, Charlotte, NC 28207 or
                                                        vlp@meckbar.org.                                                 bonus opportunities.

February 2006                                                   www.meckbar.org                                                                                    5
Meet Our Panel Members:
Cloud, Navarro & Williams, PLLC
     Recently the new law firm of Cloud, Navarro           laude from North Carolina Agriculture &             president during his third. He briefly worked in
& Williams, PLLC, joined the Lawyer Referral               Technical State University in May 1999 with a       the Durham County Public Defender’s Office
Service (LRS) panel. The firm opened for                   Bachelor of Science in Accounting. He moved to      before becoming an associate with Harris and
business on November 15, 2005, with primary                Charlotte shortly thereafter and worked for Bank    Associates, PLLC, working primarily in the area
areas of practice in Criminal Law, Wills, Personal         of America as a financial analyst. He then          of criminal law. Michael moved to Charlotte
Injury, Entertainment, Civil Rights, and Family            attended North Carolina Central University’s        because he felt there was a great opportunity for
Law. The partners feel they and LRS share the              School of Law, graduated in May 2005, and           growth and also to be closer to his family.
common goal of serving the community by pro-               received the 2005 Deans Award for leadership.       Cory A. Williams
viding affordable legal services to those in need.         Vernon became licensed to practice law in the           Cory A. Williams graduated cum laude from
     To quote them on their experience with the            state of North Carolina on August 25, 2005. He      Winston Salem State University in May 2002 with
panel so far, “We have been very pleased with LRS.         moved back to Charlotte because he felt there       a Bachelor of Science in Sports Management. He
Before we signed up, we were told that we would            was a great need for young African American         received his law degree from North Carolina
receive referrals within 24 hours of joining LRS.          attorneys in Charlotte.                             Central University School of Law in May 2005.
We assumed this was an optimistic estimate.                Michael E. Navarro                                  Cory also received the 2005 North Carolina
However, to our surprise, we started receiving                  Michael E. Navarro graduated magna cum         Chapter of Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers
referrals just 15 hours after joining. For our firm, the   laude from St. John’s University in May 2000        Award for Outstanding Achievement. He
LRS has served as a great tool in getting our name         with a Bachelor of Arts in English. He graduated    attended high school 45 minutes away from
out there as well as in serving the community.”            from North Carolina Central School of Law in        Charlotte in Catawba County so was familiar
Vernon E. Cloud Jr.                                        May 2003. Michael served as vice president of his   with Charlotte and thought it would be a good
    Vernon E. Cloud Jr. graduated magna cum                class during his second year of law school and      place to start a practice and raise a family.

YLS column
Holiday Giving Tree 2005 a Success!
                                                               We would like to thank YLS members              participating law firms, YLS members, and other
                                                           Michele Woodside and Qyunn Redmond who              helpful volunteers (including our administrative
                                                           took time out of their busy schedules to            coordinator of the Giving Tree Program for three
     The Young Lawyers Section (YLS) of the                coordinate the participation by the YLS. We         years running, Glenda Ransom) for their efforts
Mecklenburg County Bar is pleased to announce              would also like to thank the numerous               at making our 2005 Giving Tree a success.
yet another successful year for our contributions
to the Division of Social Service (DSS) Giving
                                                            February Volunteer Opportunities with YLS
Tree Program. Our participation in the Giving
Tree 2005 included over 330 gifts that were                 Attorneys Needed to               will be hosting a statewide Ask A Lawyer Day.
distributed to needy children and the elderly in            Help Judge High School            This is an opportunity for members of the bar
group homes who typically would not receive a               Moot Court Competition            to assist their local communities in providing
gift during the holidays.                                       On Saturday, February 18, 2006, the            legal services and information, often to people
     The YLS Community Services Committee                   Young Lawyers Section, in conjunction with         who may not otherwise have access to the legal
collected specific gift requests for each child or          the Charlotte-Mecklenburg School System, is        system. Attorneys in Mecklenburg County will
elderly person from the DSS. These specific gift            hosting the Mecklenburg County High                be joining their colleagues throughout the state
requests were then redistributed as sub-lists to            School Moot Court Competition. In order to         in this volunteer project. If you have an interest
various firms and individual lawyers participating          make this a successful event, we need your         in participating in this event or wish to learn
in the Giving Tree Program. These sub-lists were            help in serving as judges for the competition.     more, please contact Heather Kushner at Bank
then distributed within the firms and the gift              Please volunteer your morning to help these        of America, N.A., the contact person in
requests fulfilled by volunteers braving holiday            students explore their interest in the law.        Mecklenburg County. Her number is 704/386-
crowds to purchase the specific gifts requested.            Email Amy Butterworth at AButterworth@             2389, and her e-mail address is
Gifts ranged from handheld computer games, to               HorackTalley.com if you are interested.            heather.kushner@bankofamerica.com.
baby dolls, to gift certificates that allowed some          Attorneys Needed for                               Attorneys specializing in all areas of law are
recipients to have a chance to do some shopping             Ask A Lawyer Day                                   needed, including litigation, employment, real
of their own. Gifts were then collected by YLS                  On February 25, 2006, the Young Lawyers        estate, landlord-tenant, bankruptcy and family
members and taken to DSS for distribution to the            Division of the North Carolina Bar Association     law.
final recipients.

                                                                                                                    MCB Basketball
                                                                                                                       The Mecklenburg County Bar
                                                                                                                  Basketball League will begin its 2006
                                                                                                                               season in late
                                                                                                                        February/early March 2006.
                                                                                                                        Games will be played at the
                                                                                                                               Harris YMCA.
                                                                                                                   If you’re interested in participating,
                                                                                                                               please contact
                                                                                                                    Arthur Morehead (704/377-8358
                                                                                                                         or amorehead@rbh.com)
                                                                                                                      or Pat Sarsfield (704/338-5305
                                                                                                                     or PSarsfield@nexsenpruet.com)
                                                                                                                           as soon as possible!

6                                                                   www.meckbar.org                                                           February 2006
MCB Board Nominating Committee
2005–06 Members                                        Procedures for Nomination                                   Each member whose name is submitted for
    In accordance with Section 3, Article V of              All members of the Mecklenburg County Bar          consideration of a nomination must indicate his
the bylaws of the Mecklenburg County Bar, the          are encouraged to submit their names or the names       or her willingness to serve if elected. The
Board of Directors has elected the following           of other active members of the Bar to the               Committee shall nominate persons to serve in
persons to serve as members of the 2005–06             Nominating Committee for consideration as nom-          the following offices for the 2006–07 term:
Nominating Committee:                                  inees for various offices, board of directors’ seats,   • President-Elect (one-year term)
Tyywadi Baker          Mark Weston Johnson             and ABA Delegate. Names should be submitted to          • Vice President (one-year term)
Peter C. Buck          Judge Robert P. Johnston        a member of the Committee (listed above) prior to       • Secretary (one-year term)
Robert C. Dortch       K. Mitchell Kelling             the executive session of the Nominating
                                                                                                               • Treasurer (one-year term)
Ana Flynn              Judge Nancy Black Norelli       Committee tentatively scheduled for late March,
Ronald L. Gibson       Catherine E. Thompson           or mailed to Nominating Committee, c/o MCB,             • Board of Directors (six members—three-year
George V. Hanna III John Mark Wilson                   438 Queens Rd., Charlotte, NC 28207 by that                 terms)
                                                       date. Additional nominations may be made from           • American Bar Association Delegate (two-
                                                       the floor during the open session of the Nominating         year term)
                                                       Committee Meeting. Notice of the meeting date
                                                       and time will be posted in the March newsletter.

Bar Staff Update                                                                                                     Tell Us about
                                                                                     (left to right)                 Attorney Iraq/
                                                                                     Database                         Afghanistan
                                                                                     Coordinator Jill
                                                                                     Wiggins,                           Service
                                                                                     Development &
                                                                                     Marketing Associate             The Mecklenburg Bar News would
                                                                                                      ,            like to do one or more articles on
                                                                                     Meetings & Events             local attorneys who have recently
                                                                                     Assistant Karen                  served in Iraq or Afghanistan.
                                                                                     Rieck, and Assistant
                                                                                     Coordinator for                    If you have served or know
                                                                                     Lawyer Referral                         someone who has,
                                                                                     Service and                     please contact Valerie Munei at
                                                                                     Continuing Legal                     vmunei@meckbar.org or
                                                                                     Education Jen Taylor
                                                                                                                     704/375-8624, extension 108.

                                                           Karen Rieck, who commenced working
              BY   ROBERT P. JOHNSTON
     The Bar welcomes two new employees and
                                                       December 19, is Meetings and Events Assistant,          James B.
                                                       supporting the Communications and Events area.
congratulates two staff who have moved to new
responsibilities. Three of these positions are
                                                       About five months ago she and her husband
                                                       moved to North Carolina to be close to family.
newly created. “We are delighted to have these
much needed positions filled,” said Executive
                                                       She had previously worked for over 14 years as a
                                                       program assistant in the Annual Giving Office of
Director Nancy Roberson. “These changes within
staff also help with continuity and assist in cross-
                                                       Union College in Schenectady, NY. Among her
                                                       many administrative tasks, Karen will assist
                     , who began December 15, is
                                                       Valerie Munei in preparation and registration for
                                                       events and meeting coordination.
Development and Marketing Associate. A native              Nancy’s former assistant Jen Taylor, is now              Applications for the Fellowship are now
of Kentucky,           received her Bachelors of       both Assistant Coordinator of Lawyers’ Referral         available from the Bar Office or online at the
Arts in Communications from the University of          and Assistant Coordinator of Continuing Legal           Mecklenburg County Bar website: www.meckbar.
Kentucky and her Masters of Arts in English from       Education.                                              org/newsevents/news_detail.cfm?cont_id=6431.
Winthrop University in Rock Hill. Her                      Jill Wiggins, who has been with the Bar                  The James B. McMillan Fellowship Fund
professional experience in Charlotte includes          nearly seven years, was formerly                        was established in 1995 to honor the memory
writing, communications, and marketing. She            Membership/Assistant Coordinator of                     and example of U. S. District Judge James B.
will coordinate production of the Bar directory        Continuing Legal Education. Since September             McMillan. The Fellowship has a goal of
and assist in fundraising by cultivating               she has been Membership/Database Coordinator.           promoting justice and innovation within the
relationships with advertisers for the directory,      She handles dues for new members, membership            legal system in Mecklenburg County by
newsletter, and website. She will also assist in       renewals, address changes, and, in general, most        awarding summer fellowships to law students
obtaining sponsors for Bar events and with the         matters related to membership and the                   desiring work experience with not-for-profit or
Patron’s Fund Campaign.                                membership database.                                    governmental agencies. The amount of the
                                                                                                               fellowship is up to $3000 for the summer.
                                                                                                                    The Fellowship Committee will give greater
 McPhail Wins Blast from the Past Contest                                                                      consideration to applications submitted jointly
     The first Bar member to correctly identify all the names was Fred McPhail. Fred wins a free               by the requesting agency and a law student. The
 ticket to the MCB Annual Barbeque on May 25, 2006. Congratulations, Fred! And thanks to                       application should describe what the applicant
 everyone who sent in their best guesses or who told us they enjoyed this “blast from the past”!               will be doing for the agency and how that
     Who were the Bar members pictured in the January 2006 issue of the newsletter?                            student’s interests dovetail with the work to
                                                                                                               be performed. Please contact Valerie Munei
                                                                                                               at 704/375-8624 x108 or Maria Long at
                                                                                                               704/358-6274 if there are questions
                                                                                                               concerning the application process.
      1                    2                3                 4                   5                 6               The application deadline is March 15, 2006,
   Susan J.            Raymond E.         Calvin          The Hon.           The Hon.           C. Murphy      at 5:00 p.m. Applications should be submitted
   Weigand              Owens, Jr.        Murphy        Shirley Fulton    Robert P. Johnston    Archibald
                                                                                                               to the Mecklenburg County Bar, McMillan
                                                                                                               Fellowship, 438 Queens Road, Charlotte, NC
                                                                                                               28207. Faxed applications will be accepted, if
                                                                                                               received before 5:00 p.m. on March 15, at
       7                    8                9                10                 11                            704/333-6209, ATTN: McMillan Fellowship.
  Jonathan E.          John B. Yorke   Harold Spears   Alice Carmichael      The Hon.
    Buchan                                                  Richey        James B. McMillan

February 2006                                                    www.meckbar.org                                                                             7

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