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                                             W E        W I L L               N E V E R               F O R G E T

VOL 7 - NO. 29                                                online edition at                                         Wednesday, September 14, 2011

                                                                                                                                                  Photos by James York
El Dorado Police and Fire Department Chaplain, Dr. Sterling Claypoole (pictured in uniform), waits to help unveil the Arkansas 9-11 Memorial during a cer-
emony at this year's SouthArk Outdoor Expo. The Memorial features a 700-pound piece of twisted steel from Tower I of the fallen World Trade Center. Among
the inscriptions on the monument's granite are the names of the Arkansas citizens that died in the attacks of September 11, 2001. The Memorial is permanently
located on the grounds of the El Dorado Conference Center and is open to the public. (inset) Part of the unveiled Memorial.         more photos on pages 6 & 7

                        LEADER QUESTION OF THE WEEK
                                             Where were you on September 11, 2001?

  Alicia Mendenhall            Neal Campbell                Doyle Hughes                      Erik Simms               Sunshine Porter                 Susan Strother
                           "I was in Miami, where...     "I was in class when my         "I was sitting on my bed,   "I was doing homework           "My boss came into the
   "I was at the Ford         groups...don't like...   teacher rushed in and turned
                               other groups. That      on the radio. I'll never forget   in shock, when I saw the    when my Mom called me          office and turned on the tv
      dealership."            changed overnight."                                            second plane hit."      to come watch 'history.'"       -- shock and disbelief."
                                                          the mix of fear/anger.""
                          Boomtown Classic Info on page 12                                                     Sports Schedules on page 5
                          "Dave Says" on page 4                                          United Way "Dachshund Dash" Info on page 2
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United Way Dachshund Dash                                                     able from the United Way office or at United Way donations stay right here
                                                                                                in Union County and directly benefit
                                                                              Concessions will also be available programs and services,” she added.
                                                                              for sale.                                  United Way of Union County part-
                                                                              The United Way of Union County ner agencies include: American
                                                                              is one of the community’s strongest Red Cross, Boy Scouts of America,
                                                                              organizations, said Alexander. Its Boys & Girls Club, Camp Fire USA,
                                                                              member agencies served more than CASA (Court Appointed Special
                                                                              33,000 residents last year and con- Advocates), Community Living Ar-
                                                                              tinue to work toward enhancing the rangements, Girl Scouts, Salvation
                                                                              quality of life in Union County.           Army, Single Parent Scholarship
                                                                              It is through the support of local Fund, South Arkansas Developmen-
                                                                              citizens and the business community tal Center for Children & Families,
                                                                              that the United Way has built on suc- South Arkansas Fights AIDS, South
                                                                              cessful campaigns over the last few Arkansas Youth Services and Turn-
                                                                              years. She added that the citizens of ing Point.
                                                          Contributed photo Union County have been very gen-
                                                                                                                         For more information on the kick
By Alexis Alexander                    Alexander, executive director of erous in their support of the United off or to register for the Dachshund
EL DORADO - You would certain-         United Way of Union County. “In Way and she hopes to see that support Dash, contact the United Way at 870-
ly expect to see kids running around   today’s economic climate, these ser- continue. “Especially since 100% of 862-4903 or visit
the ball fields at the Boys & Girls    vices provided by our partner agen-
Club, but wiener dogs? The Second
Annual Dachshund Dash is just part
of the United Way of Union Coun-
ty’s Community Campaign Kick Off
from 9 a.m. to noon on Saturday,
                                       cies have become even more impor-
                                       tant to our friends and neighbors.”
                                       For $1 admission, the community
                                       can enjoy face painting, crafts, photo
                                                                                         Your El Dorado, Arkansas Community Guide
                                       booth, dunking booth, bounce house
September 17 at the Boys & Girls       and various carnival games – bean
Club.                                  bag toss, bowling, pick up ducks,
The kick off is an element of the      basketball toss, and bash-a-crash,               Your One Stop For Everything EL DORADO!
United Way’s campaign, which an-       where people can take a swing at a
nually raises thousands of dollars     clunker car.                                                Visit us for any of the following:
through individual gifts and work-     “All activities are sponsored by
place campaigns to support pro-        United Way’s partner agencies,” said                     Calendar, Business Directory, News, Real Estate
grams and services provided by 13      Alexander, “which will also be on                Classifieds, Employment, Movies, Contests, Pets: Lost & Found
local non-profit agencies.             hand to distribute information and                                       & Much More!
This year’s event is centered around   discuss the services they provide.”
the United Way campaign theme:         The kick off will also feature the
Discover Your Inner Hero. A super-     second annual Dachshund Dash, El                         
hero costume contest will be held      Dorado’s premier wiener dog race.
for children and dogs racing in the    The race starts at 11 a.m. and a pre-
Dachshund Dash. In addition, each      race parade will be held at 10:30
agency’s booth will feature a super-   a.m. Participants are encouraged to
hero theme in both games and cos-      dress their pets for the parade. En-
tume.                                  try fee for the race is $10 per dog
“A community wide kick off is a        and proof of current vaccinations
great way to raise awareness, and      must be provided with registration.
much-needed additional funding, for    The deadline to enter is Wednesday,
our local non-profits,” said Alexis    September 14. Entry forms are avail-

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                                                                                  SAU Sees Slight Increase
                                                                                  In Fall Enrollment
                                                                                  MAGNOLIA – Fall 2011 enroll-
                                                                                  ment at Southern Arkansas University
                                                                                  reflected only a slight increase over
                                                                                  enrollment figures from the fall 2010
Dear Friends,                            most powerful weapons can’t al-          semester.
This month is the 10th anniversary       ways stop those willing to come to       According to University officials,
of the September 11th attacks on         our shores and cause us harm. We         3,382 students are enrolled in classes
the United States of America.            need a multifaceted approach that        this semester. Of those students, 2,923
As we do each year, we remem-            includes more effective intelligence     are undergraduates and 459 are gradu-
ber those we lost, we pray for the       gathering, better immigration poli-      ate students. Full-time students ac-
friends and families of the victims,     cies, stronger border enforcements       count for 2,628 of those enrolled. In
we honor the heroism and sacri-          and ongoing cooperation with our         fall 2010, the University had a total
fices of our military and their fami-    global allies. As your Congress-         enrollment of 3,379 with 2,941 under-
lies and we recognize the bravery        man, I remain committed to keep-         graduates, 439 graduate students, and     264 are students living in the Univer-
of our first-responders and law en-      ing our homeland secure.                 2,587 full-time students.                 sity Village apartment complex. Men’s
forcement officers. But, we also         In addition to those we lost on          Despite the limited growth in overall     residence halls are at 102 percent ca-
renew our commitment to freedom          September 11th, we must almost           enrollment, University housing is at a    pacity, women’s residence halls are at
and to liberty.                          also remember the brave men and          record high with 1,444 students living    96 percent capacity, and the Univer-
Thomas Jefferson once wrote,             women in uniform who gave the ul-        on campus. Of these students, 614 are     sity Village is at 100 percent capacity,
“The last hope of human liberty in       timate sacrifice in pursuit of justice   men living in residence halls, 566 are    according to J Courson, associate dean
this world rests on us.” When ter-       and liberty in the decade follow-        women living in residence halls, and      for housing and special projects.
rorists cowardly attacked our great      ing the attacks. Thousands gave
country a decade ago, they sought        their lives and thousands more are
to destroy the idea of America; to       currently serving across the world
destroy liberty and all those who        doing everything they can to keep
pursue it. As the world now knows,       us safe. Let us honor their service
these attacks did not deter our cause    and their sacrifice by renewing our
or our fight for liberty – they only     commitment to support the more
strengthened it.                         than 2 million troops and reservists,
Most of us remember the fierce           their families and over 23 million
patriotism shared by almost every        veterans, including the more than
American in the days after the at-       250,000 right here in Arkansas.
tacks. Flags were flying in every        On this, the 10th anniversary of
city and public officials at every       the September 11th attacks, we
level were working together to re-       must never forget how we felt that
spond. American families across          day nor the unity, patriotism and
the nation were praying for our          compassion for each other we all
country and for those we lost. The       shared. I hope you will join me
September 11th attacks did not tear      in continuing to pray for those we
us apart as the terrorists had hoped.    lost, for our troops and their fami-
In fact, the attacks united this coun-   lies and for all those who were af-
try more than any other event since      fected by the 9/11 attacks. But,
World War II.                            most importantly, I hope you will
Since that day, we have brought          join me in praying for our country
justice to those who planned the         and its leaders as we all work to-
attacks by destroying al-Qaida and       gether to keep America safe and to
capturing and killing most of their      continue our mission of defending
leaders, including Osama Bin Lad-        liberty and freedom at all costs.
en. We have worked hard to make          President John F. Kennedy once
our intelligence agencies smarter,       said, “Let every nation know,
more effective and better able to        whether it wishes us well or ill, that
communicate with one another.            we shall pay any price, bear any
And, we’ve better trained our first-     burden, meet any hardship, sup-
responders and law enforcement to        port any friend, oppose any foe, in
prepare for future attacks.              order to assure the survival and the
While we have made great progress        success of liberty.” His words con-
in the war on terror, however, we        tinue to guide us today in the 21st
must remain vigilant as we con-          century, just as much as they did in
tinue to keep America safe and se-       the 20th century.
cure. We have the strongest, most        May God bless liberty, our troops
advanced fighting force in the his-      and may God continue to bless the
tory of the world, but the world’s       United States of America.
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                                                                                                  down payment. You’ll be glad you did!                  they usually don’t want your opinion on
                                                                                                  - Dave                                                 money or anything else.
                                                                                                                                                         Still, as parents get older, especially if
                                                                                             Dear Dave,                                                  you have a particular skill or expertise,
                                                                                             My mom and dad are terrible with mon-                       they might ask your opinion from time to
                                                                                             ey. They’re getting older, so I’d like to see               time. It may be hard for them to take you
                                                                                             them start saving something for retire-                     seriously, though, even if you’re a world-
                                                                                             ment. How can I teach them your prin-                       renown expert. To them, you’re always go-
Dear Dave,                                         people to Washington who understand ciples?                                                           ing to be their little girl.
Several months ago, my five-year-old son           what your son already understands, this - Suzanne                                                     It’s great if they will listen to you, but
told me he wanted a Nintendo DS. He                country would be in great shape!                                                                      you’ll probably have better luck getting
does little things around the house for            - Dave                                    Dear Suzanne,                                               them in front of someone knowledgeable
me, and at his grandparents’ place, so I                                                     I hate to say it, but you probably can’t.                   in the field. I’m talking about someone
told him he’d need to save his money and           Dear Dave,                                My grandmother used to say, “Those con-                     who isn’t you, even if they’re not quite as
buy it. Well, he did! He’s got enough for          Is it always a good idea to put the maxi- vinced against their will are of the same                   smart as you!
the console, but not to pay the sales tax.         mum amount of money you can afford opinion still.” When you start trying to talk                      - Dave
Should I help him out?                             into a down payment when buying your to your parents about money, you run into
- Nina                                             first home?                               what’s called powdered butt syndrome. * For more financial help, please visit dav-
                                                   - David                                   Once someone has powdered your behind,
Dear Nina,
Are you serious? Yes, you should pitch in          Dear David,                                    MCSA CEO Farrell Takes New Position
and pay the sales tax! It’s not like he’s 15 or    Absolutely! Even though most people can’t                                                             tion. She was recently selected for
20. This kid is just five years old, and he’s a    pay cash up front for a home, you always                                                              the role of Project CEO/Acquisition
financial rock star. I think we can cut him a      want to make as big a down payment as                                                                 Transition Coordinator at Tomball
little slack on this one.                          possible on any home you buy. Making a                                                                Regional Medical Center in Tomball,
The older they get, the more hardcore you          down payment of at least 20 percent helps                                                             Texas. She has accepted the position
need to get as a parent when it comes to           you avoid private mortgage insurance, plus                                                            effective Monday, October 3rd.
financial responsibility. But this child is        the whole idea is to pay that sucker off and                                                          Much of America’s success has come
already learning a great principle that will       become debt-free as fast as possible. Also,                                                           from your dedication and hard work.
last him the rest of his life. If you’re willing   avoid 30-year mortgage plans. Stick with a                                                            As we know with any transition of
to sacrifice a little bit, you can accomplish      15-year, fixed rate loan.                                                                             leadership, change can be challenging
anything.                                          Now, when it comes to putting money to-                                                               but also can bring fresh perspective
Don’t let this be a one-shot deal. He needs        ward your down payment, make sure you                                                                 and new ideas. My goal is to make this
a new goal right now, so go out and find           don’t touch your emergency fund of three                                                              transition as smooth as possible as we
something he’s as excited about as that            to six months of expenses or your retire-                                                             continue to work together on the ini-
Nintendo DS. Then, let him start working           ment savings. Those things are off limits.                                                            tiatives we have set out for MCSA.
on that one.                                       But scrape together any other extra cash                                                              Our search for a new leader is under-
I’m telling you, if we could send some             you can, pile it up, and apply it to your                                                             way and we will involve many of you
                                                                                                                                                         in the final selection. I will keep you
                                                                                                  Farrell                                                apprised as we move forward.
                                                                                                  EL DORADO - For the past two and                       Please join me in congratulating
                                                                                                  a half years, America Farrell has led                  America on her new appointment.
                                                                                                  the Medical Center of South Arkansas                   - Michael Portacci, President – Divi-
                                                                                                  team and strengthened the organiza-                    sion II Operations

                                                                                                         When I say "good,"
                                                                                                         you say "neighbor."
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                                                                                                                   Charlotte Hardy LUTCF, Agent                       L D McMullan, Agent
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                                                                                                                         Bus: 870-863-8278                              Bus: 870-862-4661

                                                                                                    P097315                           State Farm Home Office, Bloomington, IL
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                    LISTEN TO THE                                       LISTEN TO THE                                           LISTEN TO THE                                       LISTEN TO THE
                    WILDCATS ON                                          TROJANS ON                                             DRAGONS ON                                         BUCKAROOS ON

 Date          Opponent           On Air Time                                                              Date             Opponent           On Air Time          Date           Opponent        On Air Time

 9/2         @ Camden Fairview W 42-28                  9/2        Des Arc                   W 33-12       9/1            Rison                      L 27-14        9/2          Norphlet                 W 47-0
 9/9         Springdale Har-Ber W 27-20                 9/9        McGehee                   L 27-20       9/9            @ Norphlet                 W 26-3         9/9          Dierks                   W 32-12
 9/16        Magnolia                   7:00 PM         9/16       @ Hampton                 7:30 PM       9/16           Woodlawn                   7:30 PM        9/16         @ Strong                 7:30 PM
 9/23        LR J.A. Fair               7:00 PM         9/23       @ Magnet Cove             7:30 PM       9/23           OPEN                       -              9/23         Fouke                    7:30 PM
 9/30        Texarkana                  7:00 PM         9/30       Norphlet                  7:30 PM       9/30           Strong                     7:30 PM        9/30         @ Lafayette County       7:30 PM
 10/7        @ Sheridan                 7:00 PM         10/7       @ Woodlawn                7:30 PM       10/7           @ Bearden                  7:30 PM        10/7         @ Drew Central           7:30 PM
 10/14       LR McClellan               7:00 PM         10/14      OPEN                      -             10/14          Mountain Pine              7:30 PM        10/14        Fordyce                  7:30 PM
 10/21       Lake Hamilton              7:00 PM         10/21      @ Strong                  7:30 PM       10/21          OPEN                       -              10/21        @ Harmony Grove          7:30 PM
 10/28       @ Benton                   7:00 PM         10/28      Bearden                   7:30 PM       10/28          @ Hampton                  7:30 PM        10/28        Rison                    7:30 PM
 11/3        @ Pine Bluff               7:00 PM         11/4       @ Junction City           7:30 PM       11/4           Parkers Chapel             7:30 PM        11/3         @ Genoa Central          7:30 PM

                                Listen On:                                           Listen On:                                              Listen On:

 DATE        OPPONENT                    KICKOFF
                                                        DATE       OPPONENT                  KICKOFF       DATE           OPPONENT                   KICKOFF
 Sept 3      Missouri State              W 51-7
                                                        Sept 3     OPEN                      -             Sept 3         Harding                    L 63-14
 Sept 10     New Mexico                  W 52-3
                                                        Sept 10    East Central Oklahoma W 31-18           Sept 10        @ SW OK State              W 31-22
 Sept 17     Troy                        6:30 PM
                                                        Sept 17    Monticello - Boomtown 5:00 PM           Sept 17        SE OK State                5:15 PM
 Sept 24     @ Alabama                   TBA
                                                        Sept 22    @ Texas A&M               6:00 PM       Sept 24        @ Valdosta State           5:15 PM
 Oct 1       @ Texas A&M                 TBA
                                                        Oct 1      @ Delta State             5:00 PM       Oct 1          North Alabama              5:15 PM
 Oct 8       Auburn                      TBA
                                                        Oct 8      Valdosta State            12:00 PM      Oct 8          @ West Alabama             4:15 PM
 Oct 22      @ Ole Miss                  TBA
                                                        Oct 15     @ SW OK State             5:00 PM       Oct 15         Arkansas Tech              1:45 PM
 Oct 29      @ Vanderbilt                TBA
                                                        Oct 22     Southern AR Univ.         12:00 PM      Oct 22         @ Ouachita Baptist         12:15 PM
 Nov 5       South Carolina              TBA
                                                        Oct 29     @ Harding                 1:00 PM       Oct 29         OPEN                       -
 Nov 12      Tennessee                   TBA
                                                        Nov 5      @ SE OK State             1:30 PM       Nov 5          Monticello                 1:15 PM
 Nov 19      Mississippi State           TBA
                                                        Nov 12     Henderson State           12:00 PM      Nov 12         @ East Central OK          1:15 PM
 Nov 25      @ LSU                       1:30 PM

                                                     PIG SKIN PICKS!
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 Overall                              18-2              17-3             14-6                14-6            15-5                14-6             16-4                13-7             14-6               13-7
 Magnolia @ El Dorado              El Dorado        El Dorado         El Dorado           El Dorado       El Dorado           El Dorado        El Dorado           El Dorado        El Dorado          El Dorado
 Woodlawn @ Junction City         Junction City    Junction City     Junction City      Junction City    Junction City       Junction City    Junction City      Junction City     Junction City      Junction City
 Parkers Chapel @ Hampton              PC                PC               PC                 PC               PC                  PC               PC                  PC            Hampton               PC
 Smackover @ Strong                  Strong         Smackover         Smackover             Strong          Strong              Strong         Smackover             Strong         Smackover            Strong
 Camden @ Watson Chapel             Camden           Camden            Camden              Camden          Camden              Camden           Camden              Camden         Watson Chapel        Camden
 SE OK State @ SAU                    SAU            SEOKS               SAU                 SAU             SAU                 SAU              SAU               SEOKS             SEOKS               SAU
 Troy @ Arkansas                    Arkansas        Arkansas           Arkansas           Arkansas         Arkansas            Arkansas         Arkansas           Arkansas          Arkansas           Arkansas
 LSU @ Mississippi State              LSU               LSU              LSU                 LSU             LSU                 LSU              LSU                 LSU              LSU                LSU
 NFL: Ravens @ Titans                Ravens            Titans           Ravens              Titans          Ravens              Ravens           Ravens             Ravens            Ravens             Ravens
 Boomtown Classic: UAM vs OBU         OBU              UAM               OBU                 OBU             OBU                 OBU              UAM                 OBU              UAM                OBU

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                                                                                                         Medical Center of South Ark.                          Aydani Gardens
                                                                      Eppinette Kennel & Ranch
 Emrich & Scroggins                 Medical Center of South Ark.                                         Murphy Motor Company     Computer Troubleshooters     Computer Troubleshooters
                                                                      Supply                                                      Herring Furniture            Herring Furniture
 Perry’s Funeral Chapels            First Financial Bank                                                 The Copper Pot Restaurant
                                                                      Smackover Motors                                            Sears Hometown Stores        Sears Hometown Stores
 SouthArk Oil                       Murphy Oil Corporation
                                                                      Smackover Pharmacy                 El Dorado Chemical       Storey’s Floor & Carpet      Storey’s Floor & Carpet
 El Dorado Florist                  Murphpy-Pitard Jewelers
                                                                      Smackover State Bank               Cross Oil                The UPS Store                The UPS Store
 Larry’s Rexall Pharmacy            El Dorado Chemical
                                                                                                                                  First Financial Bank
                                                                                                         Oak Ridge Nursing & Rehab.                            First Financial Bank
                                    Scrubbies                         Sumac Mart
 Oddities Novelties & More                                                                                                        Medical Center of South Ark. Medical Center of South Ark.
 Aydani Gardens                     Century 21                        Aydani Gardens                                              Murphy Motor Company         Murphy Motor Company
 Computer Troubleshooters                                             Computer Troubleshooters                                    El Dorado Chemical           El Dorado Chemical
 Herring Furniture                                                    Herring Furniture                                           Junction City Pharmacy
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 Storey’s Floor & Carpet                                              Storey’s Floor & Carpet      *** Game times are subject to change, tune-in to our stations for any announcements
                                                                                                    concerning game coverage or times for high school and college football games***
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Unveililng Of 9-11 Memorial
During Annual SouthArk Expo

Salutes were made and hands were placed over hearts as area residents paid
tribute to the victims and families affected by 9-11. The Arkansas 9-11 Memo-
rial, featuring a 700-pound piece of World Trade Center steel, was unveiled at
the El Dorado Conference Center during the SouthArk Outdoor Expo.

                                                                                                                                 Photos by James York

                                                                                               Happy Birthday
                                                                                             Hazel Freeman!

                                                                                    Timberlane Health and Rehabilitation is proud to announce
                                                                                 a celebration in honor of the 100th birthday of Ms. Hazel Freeman.
                                                                                 All friends and family are invited to attend a very special birthday
                                                                                          party at 2:00 p.m., on Tuesday, September 20, 2011,
                                                                                                 in the Timberlane main dining room.

                                                                                                                             2002 Timberwood Rd.
                                                                                                                              El Dorado, AR 71730
                                                                                                                                  (870) 863-8090

                                                                                                                                   Caring For
...for hundreds of FREE classifieds!                                        South Arkansas LEADER - Wednesday, September 14, 2011 - 7

2011 SouthArk Outdoor Expo

                                                                    (above) Top-six American Idol Season 6 contestant, Phil Stacey, enter-
                                                                    tained the SouthArk Expo crowd with tunes from his first two albums.
                                                                    You can find his music on iTunes, Amazon, or at
                                               Photos by James York (below) Moro Bay State Park Interpreter Keith Covington lets fourth-
(above) Curtis Goodwin, of team "Bobcats BBQ," competed with many grader Jacoby Hankton hold "Taz," a small American-alligator. The
other hopefuls in the annual SouthArk Expo Rib Cook-Off.            Moro Bay booth was one of many set up inside the El Dorado Confer-
                                                                    ence Center during the Expo.

(above, center) Ken Kelley, of ProMed Ambulance Services, emceed the
9-11 Memorial unveiling and dedication ceremony.

                     Timberlane Health & Rehabilitation
                         Presents our August 2011
                                  •Employee of the Month•
                Jimmy Whitlock, Environmental Services
                                                                            Jimmy is from El Dorado and has been married
                                                                           to his lovely wife, Sharon, for 28 years. They have
                                                                                   two grown children, ages 18 and 22.
                                                                             Jimmy has worked in Environmental Services
                                                                                 for 17 years and has been employed
                                                                                     at Timberlane for ve years.
                                                                                   Jimmy says that he loves working at
                                                                                     Timberlane Rehab because of the
                                                                                    atmosphere lled with “loving and
                                                                                  kind people,” but, most of all, because
                                                                                of “all the elders that we serve every day.”
                                                                                    He adds, “You can build such great
                                                                                             relationships with
                                                                                     the elders that you come to know
                                                                                            each and every day.”

                                                                                2002 Timberwood Rd.
                                                                                 El Dorado, AR 71730
                                                                                     (870) 863-8090

                                                                          Caring For Generations
8 - South Arkansas LEADER - Wednesday, September 14, 2011                                                                                                Log on to

                                       Log On To WWW.ELDOARK.COM To Place A Classified Ad
                                                   Not Every Classified Is Guaranteed To Make It Into The Leader
                                ing $2500.00 870-862-5676        2009 GMC Ext.Cab Z71:            cd. No dvd player. $12,500       $8,000.00       870-377-2270      2006 Scion tc: 2006 Scion
                                2002 Z-71: 2002 Chevy Z-71       13,000 Miles, All Terrain        firm.     (870)     510-5251     Nissan Altima: 2006 Nissan        tc. Has been well taken
                                extended cab; pwr windows        Z71 Package, 5.3 V8 Engine,      87 Suzuki Samurai: I have an     Altima. 69,000 miles. CD          care of. Serviced regularly.
Automobiles                     & locks; winch mount grill       Tow Package, 18" Wheels,         ‘87 Suzuki Samurai that has      player, power seat, gray cloth    Only 81,300 miles on it.
Truck for Sale: 2005            guard; tool box; good con-       CarFax       Report     Avail-   been partially rebuilt. I have   interior, installed spoiler       K&N cold air intake. Asking
GMC Sierra SLT Quad             dition; 162K miles; asking       able. $28,900. Located in        trany, motor, everything. I      with brake light. Very nice!      $11,500 Call or text for more
Cab 4-wheel drive. 1500         $6000; call 870-918-2866         Fordyce, AR 870-352-3115         am wanting $2500 obo. Cell       $12500 OBO 318-578-0143           information. 8708337038
HD. 6.0L V8. Red in             2003 Mercury Grand Mar-          1996 Nissan Sentra: I have       # (318) 557-2775. Pictures       car: $300. Looking for            1984 cutlass broughham:
color. With a lot of ex-        quis $5000: Excellent con-       a 1996 nissan sentra it can      upon request.Marion, La          a car or van tht will run         text or call 870 329 5324 has
tras. 93,000 miles. Asking      dition, lots of bells and        be a very good car. Its also     1998 Honda Accord: 1998          and drive. Not much else          a 84 cutlass just put a 350
$14,599.00 870-703-4753         whistles. Belonged to an el-     a gas saver. Thinking it         Honda Accord, 4 door, 4          needed, doesn't have to           one belt and 350 transmis-
96 z28 project car: 1996        derly couple. 167000 miles,      may need a alternator. Also      cylinder, 267,000 miles,         look good as long it crank        sion in it new manifold tim-
z28 camaro with a six speed     White with tan leather inte-     needs body work. Call for        cold AC, power windows           $300 or less 18073107151          ing off so wont crank project
                                rior Call for pictures 870-      best offer 5016134543            & locks, moon roof, alloy        2004      Chevrolet     Cava-     car will send picks of motor
                                703-5168 or 870-887-3238         1987 Chevorlet Caprice           wheels, automatic, clean         lier:    auto,4    door,tinted    and car and interior 1000$
                                2001 Jeep Wrangler: 2001         1300obo:        Dark     Blue    cloth seats, keyless entry and   windows,166,000         miles,    no lower          8703295324
                                Jeep Wrangler Sport 5            brougham on 76,xxx original      alarm system, CD player,         oil     changed      reg,good     4 dual pattern rims & tires:
                                Speed 4WD 4.0L.56946             miles on it 305 chevy motor      runs good, Asking $3,700.00      tires,battery less than year      4 dual pattern rims and tires
                                miles.Great         condition,   interior is like new. the bad:   or best offer. 870-312-8094      old,white with grey inte-         that are on a 98 eclipse.
                                new tires and lots of ex-        has dent in passenger side       Ford F250: 2004 Ford F250        rior, excellent gas mile-         tires have 75% tread. im
                                tras     backup       battery,   door and fender and will         XLT powerstroke V8 96,000        age.     No owner finance         asking $650 for all. call
                                snorkell,rack on back, etc.      need rear window because         miles 4 door 6'8" bed load-      or trades.      870-833-2884      or     tex     318-245-8046.
                                For more information please      it is cracked. 870-299-3907      ed for sale $16,500 this         J10 Jeep Pickup For Sale:         1986 oldsmobile cutlass:
                                call andie 870-918-4661.         2001       honda       accord:   amount below book value          1980 Jeep J10 pickup truck        307 v8 engine strong only
                                2005 Tahoe LT: 2005 white        152,000 miles, leather, sun-     will work with price call        for sale. 258 straight 6, total   56,000 miles on the car orig-
                                Tahoe LT Fully loaded,           roof, 4-door, very clean,        318-778-0400 after 4 pm          of 13 inch lift, 39.5 super       inal bucket seats and b&m
                                sunroof, 6 disc changer,         good gas mileage, silver         2008 Chrysler 300: Excellent     swampers, 4 speed manual,         shifter in the floor clean car
                                leather heated seats, DVD,       with grey interior. $7,000       condition. 81000 miles. Rea-     $2,800 or OBO! Will trade         drive anywhere no problem
                                third roll seats. Good con-      call/text for more infor-        son for selling is because of    for pickup for everyday           i drive it out of town every
manual transmission. Engine     dition.     133,000    miles.    mation.        (870)904-3257     spouse passing away and do       drive, would like 4x4 but         weekend.        870-299-3907
has high performance cam        Asking $13800.          More     76' Jeep: 1976 model CJ5         not need it. 12000 or best of-   negotiable. 870-941-8016          WTB Camaro, Nova,Monte
and other performance parts.    info call 870-904-5893           with 76,000 orignal miles,       fer. contact # 870-550-0460      SMALL TRUCK: need a               Carlo SS, Lemans : Look-
Also has a rod knocking.        2003 Chevrolet Surburban:        2nd owner, completely re-        Vehicle sale: F150 2002          small truck for with 4 cyl-       ing to buy 1970-1981 Ca-
Needs fender and new set of     2003 Cheverolet Surburban,       stored, 35" Mickey Thomp-        Ford truck four wheel drive.     inder for gas mileage. no         maro, Any year Nova, Pon-
tires. Willing to trade for a   maroon, running boards,          son tires, 304 with 3-speed      new tires, just had front end    matter what year or what          tiac Lemans, or Trans Am,
ski boat or 3000 3184780567     new tires within past year,      trans. Have hardtop and          reworked and new brakes.         kind as long as it runs and       Monte Carlo SS. Looking
Desperately need car: Im        new spark plugs within           doors too. $4,500.00 1-870-      Has not been run in woods        drives good. I can afford         to spend around 4,000 have
22yr old girl needing a         past 3 months, runs great,       382-0399 & Cellphone:            only highway miles. has          $1000 max. call email or          cash in hand and ready
cheap dependable car so i       good condition, $5500. For       1-870-831-0276 call/ text        125,000 miles. Asking            text. 328-243-7332. thanks.       to buy. Thanks Steve My
can get a job and get back      more info call 870-853-6693      07 z71 $22500: 07 silverado
and forth. I can only af-       For sale obo: 1997 Pon-          z71 2lt package beautiful in-
ford about $400-500 if you      tiac grand am, 3.1l exactly      side and out nonsmoker car
have one siting around you      100,500 miles. Needs pas-        has 74000 miles on it (most-
dont use please call me I am    senger fender and door           ly highway)tread on tires is
willing to do minor work        skin ($200) asking $1200         well over 50% all ranges of
to the car 870-390-1408         obo as is. Please call           four wheel drive work with
2003 GMC Z71 PK: Ex-            870-718-2703 for more            out flaw. tan leather inte-
tended cab Z71 85k miles        info,     thanks     Eldoark!    rior with fold 3186807325
cd/radio player tinted win-     2002 Mercury Sable: 2002         Toyota Corolla: 1991 4
dows locked tool box new        Mercury       Sable    VERY      door Red Toyota Corolla
battery automatic good          clean and good condi-            LE. Cold air, good inte-
condition clear title runs      tion. Everything works,          rior, 35 miles to the gal-
great 2 remotes dual exhaust    cold air, and good heater.       lon on the highway.Call
with flow master chrome         115,000      miles.    asking    870-723-3701. $2000 firm.
running       boards...asking   3800.00         870-314-3889     2005 Nissan Armada SE:
15,500.        870-234-9151     1999 Chevrolet Astro Van:        71,500 miles. New tires.
1999 Dodge Stratus: 1999        87,208 Miles.Power Win-          Excellent      road     condi-
Dodge Stratus. Automat-         dows & Mirrors,AM/FM             tion. Only flaw is worn
ic with power doors and         Cassette, Cruise Control,        spot on driver's seat and
locks.    Sunroof and CD        Chrome Wheels, Cloth Inte-       slight dent in front bum-
player. New battery in-         rior, Located in Fordyce, AR,    per. Never been smoked in.
stalled January 2011. Ask-      Only $4,995 870-352-3115         All power extras. 6 changer


                            Let the good times roll.

   Down        MULE 610 XC                       “$0”
    W.A.C.                                        W.A.C.


                                                  MULE 4010                    Steering
                                                                                & EFI

                                                  TRANS 4X4
       Jimmy’s Cycle, Tractor & Marine, Inc.
   2045A California St. / Camden / 870-836-2502 / Tues. - Fri. 8am - 5pm; Sat. 8am - 2:30pm
 Closed Sun. & Mon. / Credit Applications Taken By Phone / We Have A Full Service Department
...for hundreds of FREE classifieds!                                                                     South Arkansas LEADER - Wednesday, September 14, 2011 - 9

Number is 318-558-0142            have 4 formal dresses for      Dorado         870-312-0536     and black, never gave a         Toddler Model Amtryke:             condition i have all the
*Mercedes Benz*: I have           sale asking 50 each. am        Vinyl Window $25: NEW!          moments trouble. Switched       Child safety tryke has hel-        books and box. 8702609125
for sale a 1987 Mercedes          having a baby & need the       Vinyl Insulated Replace-        to Verizionto family plan       met and push bar included.         87 Suzuki Samurai: I have an
Benz, with custom wheels.         money. one is blue, ones       ment window, has half           with my husband. $125.00        LIKE NEW. Used very                ‘87 Suzuki Samurai that has
Won't start. Body is in good      green, ones white, and ones    screen, prices for about $55    No Spamers. 870-814-1332        little. Great for child stabil-    been partially rebuilt. I have
shape, needs 2 windows. I         black. can send pictures.      wholesale. This is a bar-       AT&T GO PHONE: AT&T             ity issues. Asking $250.00.        trany, motor, everything. I
am asking $950. Located           call or txt. (870)315-5629     gain for $25size is 35-1/2"     Go Phone never used in          Also has safety strap              am wanting $2500 obo. Cell
in Magnolia. 870-234-7296         FOR SALE: For Sale a           x35-1/2", exact size. bot-      original package with char-     around waste. 8705002903           # (318) 557-2775. Pictures
01 F-150 4x4: 01 F-150            10k Diamond Engagement         tom tilts out for easy clean-   ger and sim card Please call    Rehab Pedalo: This is an           upon request.Marion, La
4x4 V6 Auto, PS, PB, Cold         Ring set only been wore        ingplease no texting 870-       870-596-2804 for more info.     item to strengthen muscles         Ballet, Jazz,Tap & Clog-
Air, Limited Slip rear end,       a few times. I believe it is   692-9665;      870-247-1660     leave a message if no answer.   and proprioception of lower        ging Shoes:       Ballet size
almost new tires, every-          around a size 6 to a 7. will   lots of stuff: tent sleeps 5    ACT Test Practice Books:        extremity.Child or adult.          4 1/2 $10.00 Fair Cond)
thing works, Adult owned          take $250 870-510-0557         45,dance mat 35,wii games       New ACT TEST Practice           Great to use in therapy fa-        Jazz size 4 1/2 $10.00
and driven, 117,000 miles.        Above ground pool w/ salt      and playstation games 20        Books with Practice test        cility or home. Not used           (Fair Cond) Tap size 4
$6,200        870-826-4250        water pump: Above ground       each,billy banks dvd set        Never written in took test      much. Great shape. Ask-            1/2 $20.00 (Good Cond)
1994 Buick Century: Its a         intex pool 24' X 52" with      20,walk away the pounds         after finishing school 7yrs     ing $275.00 8705002903             Clogging size 3 $30.00
nice car to get you to work       salt water pump. Only used     dvds 25,cabinet 5 shelves       ago and past these are great    Nikon D3100 Camera:                (Like New) 870-831-9171
and from work. Its white          for 1 month. Paid $800 for     two drawers 30,old dryer        study materials. Please call    Nikon       D3100       Camera     Beanies and Barbies: I have
in color,four door,and is a       pool and $240 for salt wa-     needs element or coil 30, 870   870-596-2804 for more info.     for sale with VR 50-200            a half-ton of Ty Beanie Ba-
good reliable car to get you      ter pump. Asking $800 to       866 0154 or 870 862 8399        leave message if no answer      Lens, also will come with          bies, a handful of different
too and from. Like Point          come get it. Need to sell      cleaning out shed: ab loung-    Real Slate Top Table:           two other large lens. I also       collectible Barbies, and a
A to Point B. selling this        ASAP. Please leave mes-        er 30,barbie jeep needs new     Real Slate top table with       have a bag in with the of-
car for 500.00 8709186596         sage or text. 8709184318       battery 40,desk 20,2piece       4 chairs 2yrs old never         fer that will hold camera
                                  tmobile cell phone: tmo-       shower 150,old wood table       used please call 870-596-       and all three lens! $800
                                  bile mytouch slider phone      20,plywood 2sheets 20           2804 for more info. leave       OBO! Bought brand new,
                                  for sale can take pics         each,books old romance          a message if no answer.         only owned 6 month, bar-
Miscellaneous Items               used for 1 month text me       and some brand new men          House to be moved or torn       ley used! 870-703-2726
                                  at 8703771712 for pics         in uniform series 25,la-        down: House to be moved         4 speakers : i have 4 speakers
Wanted: antique office chair      excellen       condition.$65   dies clothes 10a bag 870        or torn down. Located on the    i took out of my truck when i
in need of TLC : I'm look-        will mail with insur-          866 0154,or 870 862 8399        property of Eagle Mills First   got it im just not interested in
ing for a quality solid wood      ance and tracking number       Girls Formal Dress: BEAU-       Baptist Church on 79N. "It      them and getting rid of them
or wood & leather chair to        Full size bed with Cher-       TIFUL size 6 girls, pag-        Can Be Done" movers wants       for a cheap $30.00 come
restore and use at my office      ry Wood Head and Foot          eant or flower girl dress.      $3500.00 minimum to move        get them i was told they are
desk. If you have a nice of-      Board: The bed is a SER-       She'll look like a princess     the house. Serious callers      worth about 100 so text me if
fice chair to sell that needs     TA like new no stains very     in this! Champagne and          only. This needs to be done     your intrested 870-833-1571
and deserves restoration,         clean. The box spring is       ivory, with beautiful de-       before winter. 870-818-0569     Comforter Set: I only used
please call. 870-882-9551         older but works well. Head     tailing. $50 870-918-0295       antique sink: Antique sink      this comforter for a week. I
Peace Sign Diamond Ring:          and foot board are an-         Flower girl dress: Size 4       forsale $150.00     eldorado    no longer have a twin XL.          25th anniversary Care Bear.
Peace Sign Diamond Ring.          tique cherry wood. 125$        Apple and White in color,       ar        .     5018591678      Its in perfect condition.          Beanies are $2 apiece, Bean-
with all of the Diamonds.         for all! doesnt come with      bought from Davids Bridal,      Train Table and Train Set:      The sheets that come with          ie bears are $5, Barbies and
Had it little over a year. Gor-   comforter.    870-304-6368     Never worn- still in bag        Train table with two stor-      it are polka dotted. Call for      Care Bear range from $20
geous. Exboyfriend bought         Roll Top Desk: Solid oak       with tags. paid $100.00 will    age drawers. Great Christ-      more info 870-918-3131             to $50.       870-314-2190
it for me and i dont want         Roll Top desk in Excel-        take $50.00 870-866-6778        mas present! Includes train     Sony Camera: I have a sony         King James VersionRecords
it no more. size 7 ill take       lent condition. Very Heavy/    Blackberry Curve AT&T           track and several trains.       cybershop camera i am sell-        Read by Alexander Scour-
$200 org.$355 8703106782          Sturdy $500.00       or rea-   Phone: Phone is In excel-       Compatible with Thomas          ing i am asking $100.00            by           Collectors Item
Formal dresses for sale: i        sonal offer.Located in El-     lant condition, color is red    Trains. $75 870.918.8811        obo. I can send pics in great      best offer 870-231-4110

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          American • European
                  Asian                                                             WHITE’S WRECKER
             We also repair
           CVT Transmissions!
                                                                                    & TRANSMISSION REPAIR
        We build heavy duty units!                                                        12 Month or 12K Mile Warranty!

       Foreign                                          Domestic                                                    Transfer Cases
 ASE Certi ed
                                                                                                                                 and more!
 Builder with over • 24 Hour Towing, Insured                                                                                                             1209 E. Main
 20 years experience!   • Unlock Service
                                                                                                                                                            El Dorado
 Only member of ATSG in South Arkansas                                                                                                                  870-639-3933
 Nationwide Warranty Available                                                                                                                           Mon-Fri 9-5
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                  Community Calendar
                         Your El Dorado, Arkansas Community Guide

       NFL Punt, Pass & Kick Competition
              Saturday, Sept. 17
      The El Dorado Junior Chamber will host the annual NFL
       Punt, Pass & Kick Competition on Saturday, September
    17th between 2 - 4 p.m. Sign-In for the event begins at 1:30
       p.m., and it will be held at Memorial Stadium, preceding
     the 3rd annual Boomtown Classic between Ouachita Bap-
     tist University and the University of Arkansas-Monticello.
        Tailgating for the game begins at 3 p.m., and spectators
                                                                                                                                    Southern Bancorp, America’s largest rural develop-
     are welcome to come cheer on the young competitors that
                                                                                                                                    ment bank, is focused on providing you high quality
     reside within our community. The PPK program is free to
                                                                                                                                    banking services while investing in Union County. By
       participate, with a copy of a birth certificate required for
                                                                                                                                    allowing us to meet all your financial needs, you are
       age verification. The NFL Punt, Pass, and Kick program
                                                                                                                                    helping transform communities across the rural
     is a national skills competition for boys and girls between
        the ages of 6 and 15 to compete separately against their
                                                                                                                                    south. To learn more about our mission visit our
    peers. Girls and boys in five separate age divisions compete
                                                                                                                                    website at
     against each other in punting, passing and place kicking in
       a fun and engaging forum. Established in 1961, the PPK
       program is the oldest NFL Youth Football program. This
      year, PPK will be celebrating its 50th Anniversary! Win-
    ners of the competition may advance to a Sectional Compe-
      tition, with a chance to advance all the way to compete in
     a National Competition hosted at a divisional NFL playoff
    game! For any questions or additional information, please
       contact Greg Harrison of the El Dorado Jaycees at (870)                                                                                                                                                                                       Member FDIC

                         314-1183 or by email at
                                                                                                                                                                            Answers for: 09/07/11
    Jamareon Hicks Memorial Scholarship Fund:
   A scholarship fund has been set up in memory of 10-year-old
                 Jamareon “Joe” Hicks of Huttig.
               Jamareon lost his life earlier this year
                    in a four-wheeler accident.
       Donations may be made at any Simmons First Bank
                       account # 88092721.
      For more information, call 870-315-0760, or visit any
                     Simmons Bank location.

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