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					Spring / Summer
                                                      Freedom News
                                                                                                                       This issue
                                                                                               Online Travel Insurance         P. 1

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                                                                                               Travel Insurance Tips           P. 2

                                                                                               Accessible Holiday Solutions    P. 3

                                                                                               Medical Life Insurance          P. 4

 Travel Insurers Slammed For
                                                                                                               Up to
 Having a Medical ‘Get Out’
 Clause                                                                                                       15%
                                                                                                         Cheaper Online
 People who develop new medical              We’ve Got a New Look!
 conditions after buying travel
 insurance are being let down by
                                        We felt the time had come for a bit of re-styling and if you’ve visited our website
 insurers’ get-out clauses, says
                                        lately, you have probably noticed that we are now orange! Apart from the new eye
 Which Travel?. We’re pleased to
                                        catching colour scheme, we have implemented some major structural changes
 say, Freedom Insurance wasn’t
                                        to make our website more user-friendly. We now quote and sell travel insurance
 one of the companies blasted
                                        online and our in-built medical screening facility allows customers to self-screen
 earlier in the year by the consumer
                                        and arrange cover for existing medical conditions in a convenient and confidential
 watchdog but instead mentioned
                                        manner. The website gives helpful information regarding travel insurance for many
 as an insurance firm that operates
                                        medical conditions including Cancer, Heart Conditions, Asthma, Diabetes, Epilepsy,
 on a fair basis, by not imposing an
                                        High Blood Pressure and Stroke. We may have a new website with all the bells
 ongoing medical warranty.
                                        and whistles but we appreciate, for some people, it’s more reassuring to speak to a
                                        professional, so we continue to operate our Medical Screening Centre as we always
 Ongoing medical warranties
                                        have, simply call 01223 454 290 and talk to a member of our friendly team.
 or change in risk clauses give
 insurers a ‘get out’ should they no
 longer want to insure an existing                    
 policy holder due to a change
 in health status or medication.
 This leaves the consumer in a
 vulnerable position with a choice
 of paying extra for the same policy,              Tweet!
 travelling with no insurance or
 facing a last minute attempt to find
                                                                            Let’s Get Social
 replacement cover.
                                                    We’ve built up quiet a following on the social media platform of Twitter
 Buying a policy that does not have                 and if you tweet, we would love to connect with you there. Our in-house
 an ongoing medical warranty,                       twitterer, Jamie, tweets helpful tips on getting travel insurance when you
 such as Freedom’s, is one way to                   have existing medical conditions and keeps followers up to date with
 ensure you’re not let down and left                travel news. Jamie loves to re-tweet about our partner charities’ activities
 without the protection you need.                   and helps spread the word about up and coming fund raising events.
 Freedom stands by customers
 in the event of cancellation or                    Don’t be shy, come and say hi! @Freedom_2Travel
 emergency medical treatment
 abroad should new or existing
 medical conditions cause any
                           Helping You Start Your Holiday in Style
                      We may be experts in arranging medical travel insurance but we don’t see any harm in
                      helping our customers to get a good deal when it comes to those all important travel extras.
                      Booking airport parking and airport hotels is a great way to get holidays off to a hassle free
                      start and visitors to can take full advantage of the fantastic rates
                      we have negotiated with leading provider, Essential Travel.

                      Our website features an online booking system where visitors can search over 300 hotels at
                      25 major UK airports and pre book with ease. Cheaper airport parking solutions can also be
                      arranged from just £2.50 a day and if you would like to escape the crowds whilst you wait for
                      your flight, then pre-book an airport lounge from as little as £13.50!

                      Pre-booking your travel extras is the best way to save money; especially on airport parking
                      as on the day turn up prices can be up to 60% more expensive. It also takes the stress out of
                      having to hunt for a space on the day of your flight and knowing there will be a space waiting
                      for you, means you can relax on your drive to the airport.

                      Happy saving!!

    Five Things To Consider When Buying Travel Insurance
How much is your holiday costing?
Check the level of Cancellation and Curtailment cover offered is enough to cover the cost of your holiday. Cover
limits are normally on a per person basis. For example, if the total cost of a holiday is £3,200 and there are two of
you travelling, then a policy that offers at least £1,600 per person in cancellation cover is what to look for.

Do you have any pre-existing medical conditions?
Problems arising from existing medical conditions on holiday are unlikely to be covered under the Medical
Expenses and Repatriation section of a travel insurance policy unless you have declared and agreed cover for
them prior to travelling. This also applies to cancellation of a holiday. Medical expenses and repatriation can be
costly, so do check the policy you intend to buy offers a high level of cover and includes your existing conditions.

Does the policy have an excess?
Make yourself aware of the policy excess before you buy. Cheap travel insurance policies may be tempting but
can catch you out with a high excess if you need to make a claim.

Are you an independent traveller?
Cutting out the travel agent and arranging your flights and holiday accommodation independently may save you
money but it may leave you vulnerable should you face any travel complications like airline failure, problems with
accommodation or adverse whether conditions like volcanic ash, earthquake and tsunami. A policy that offers an
Independent Traveller Extension is the ideal solution to help protect you if things go wrong.

Are you travelling with someone?
Being insured on the same policy has many advantages. Policy terms and conditions do vary but generally,
provided you are insured on the same policy, should you have to cancel because your companion is unwell, you
can both claim for cancellation. The same applies if you become unwell on holiday. Should you need to travel
home at a later date, your companion will be insured to stay with you. These are things that cannot be guaranteed
when insured separately.
                                                      Accessible Holiday Ideas & Solutions
                                            Freedom is pleased to be working with Disability Holidays to offer
                                            a travel insurance solution tailored to the needs of disabled people, their
                                            friends, family and carers. Our disability cover is designed for UK residents up
                                            to the age of 85 and incorporates all the benefits you would expect of a well
                                            constructed travel insurance policy but with a few extra cover options thrown
                                            in for added protection:
         Mobility Holidays
                                                  Cover for Pre-Existing Medical Conditions

                                            Freedom’s policies aim to include cover for pre-existing medical conditions
                                            and take into consideration a person’s current health status. Cover for lost,
                                            damaged or stolen medication is also covered up to a limit of £200.

                                                  Cover for Wheelchairs and Mobility Equipment

                                            Mobility equipment cover may not always be necessary if you have sufficient
                                            cover under your household and contents insurance but if not and you require
                                            protection against loss or damage of the equipment you rely on when you
                                            travel, then we can offer optional cover up to £4,000.
    Accessible Accommodation
                                                  Cover for Carers

                                            If you’re travelling with a disabled person who relies on you for personal
                                            support, then this cover option ensures your disabled companion will be
                                            looked after in the event you become unwell or injured on holiday.

                                            For further information about travel insurance call us on 01223 454 290

    Mobility Equipment Hire                                             Disability Holidays

                                            Disability Holidays explores a range of holiday ideas and solutions and
        and much, much more.......          features specialist travel agents, holiday care providers and equipment hire companies.
                                            The Guide is for all ages and disabilities!

Kidney Dialysis Holidays
If you’re a kidney patient and nervous about travelling abroad
because you’re on dialysis, then don’t be. We’ve teamed up with
Freedom The Dialysis Holiday Specialist Ltd (FSA No. 497600),
who have been organising dialysis holidays for over 20 years. They
offer a variety of group holidays and cruises to suit all tastes and
add new and exciting destinations to their programme every year.
Their trained consultants have first hand knowledge of many of the
units and resorts and can help answer any queries.

As well as having a similar business name, we also share the same
interest in wanting to help people on renal dialysis to take holidays
with confidence. We hope the expertise of Freedom The Dialysis
Holiday Specialist Ltd combined with our specialist medical travel       
insurance will encourage more kidney patients to travel and enjoy
holidays with peace of mind.                                                         Call: 01509 815 999
                           Turned Down For Life Insurance?
Life Insurance is considered to be an essential aspect of financial protection, yet many
people are denied cover due to having existing medical conditions and an adverse
medical history. The difficulty in getting adequate life insurance is something raised by our
customers when contacting us for travel insurance and rather than leave people with no
where to turn, we felt we could offer a life insurance service that would make the process a
bit easier. We’re pleased to say, we have now launched Freedom Life Insurance especially
for those with existing medical conditions. We’ve teamed up with Orbis Life Assurance who
will access four major insurers to search out the best deal for you and this is how it works:

            1                To obtain a quotation, simply call Freedom Life Insurance on 01223 446 915. We will help you
                             complete the basic information form required to get the process moving.

                              Our partners at Orbis will then assess your case and approach the markets likely to be most
            2                 suitable for your particular needs. You will then be contacted with an indicative quote and terms
                              subject to the completion of a full application and the results of any subsequent GP report.

            3                 If you wish to proceed, your case will be put on cover and the policy documents issued.

There is an age limit of 85 and we can’t of course guarantee a quote for every applicant. There are certain situations where
the life insurance underwriters we use would decline cover. More information is provided on our website and you’re welcome
to contact us to discuss your needs.

T:        01223 446 915

                             The Voice of Freedom
                              Health Warning!
                              Which Magazine recently ran a campaign against the presence of “on-going medical warranties” in
                              travel insurance policies. This warranty can be costly particularly if you live with a pre-existing medical
                     on and you’ll find out why!

                              A Which reader had complained about a very well-known travel insurance brand when they activated the
                              warranty on learning that his medical status had changed after he had taken out his policy.
                              The customer in question had originally contacted the travel insurer, declared a cardiac condition and
       Terry Green            agreed a premium for his forthcoming trip to the USA. Unfortunately, he did not notice an on-going
     Managing Director        warranty lurking within the policy wording.

                             As his departure date drew closer he began to feel unwell and visited his GP. He was sent to the local
hospital and eventually it was discovered that he had bowel cancer. After various tests the medics declared he could still go on his

He advised his insurer of these new circumstances and was dismayed when they demanded £2,000 additional premium to continue
cover. The warranty allows them the right to do this. The great majority of travel insurance policies carry such a warranty. FREEDOM
does not!

Freedom believes the deal it makes with its customer at the time of taking out the policy should prevail throughout the whole period the
insurance is in force.

Don’t let the warranty catch you out.    Buy WISELY - Buy a FREEDOM travel insurance policy

     Freedom insurance Services Limited (Registered in England No. 4399749) part of NW Brown Group Limited is authorised and regulated by the
                            Financial Services Authority reference number 306536. VAT registration number 897396347.

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