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                                          Foundation : 2005
                          Founder : Tahir ÖZAKKAŞ, M.D., Ph.D.
He was born in Kayseri in 1958. He completed his primary and secondary education in Kayseri. He started his medical education in Hacettepe University
in 1978. He graduated from Erciyes University Faculty of Medicine in 1986. During his years in the Faculty of Medicine, he completed Istanbul University
Faculty of Political Sciences Department of Politics and Administration in 1983. He completed his obligatory service during 1986-88 in Kayseri İncesu
district. In the same years he conducted his post graduate studies in Gazi University Faculty of Political Sciences on Psychology of Politics. During the years
1989-93 he completed his doctorate studies in Erciyes University Institute of Health Sciences on Public Health. During 1994-97 he specialized in Psychiatry
in Azerbaijan University of Medicine. Then he got the master degree equivalence in Istanbul University Faculty of Medicine Department of Psychiatry.
At the same time he maintained a lecturer position in Azerbaycan Medical School, also he got an associate professor degree. After passing from the
associate professor equivalent science candidate exams he completed his thesis titled “Psycho, Pharmaco and Combined Therapy Response Specialties
in Anxiety Disorders”. He currently continues his studies in Turkey and Azerbaijan.
His areas of interest are psychotherapy and hypnotherapy applications in personality disorders and anxiety disorders. Since 2005 he organizes
Integrative Psychotherapy Training Program on theoretical, formulation and supervision levels for mental health professionals in the Psychotherapy
Institute founded by him and representing the Masterson Institute in Turkey..
The aim of the Psychotherapy Institute is to adopt eligible psychotherapy techniques and approaches that suit
   to the cultural, traditional and local structure of the people of our country, to determine the validity and
 reliability of the usage of psychotherapy practices thoroughout the world, to advocate for the establishment
 of the legal infrastructure of psychotherapy practices, and to execute a networking system; and to support
            the development of the knowledge and experience of the mental health professionals.
   The Institute is in collaborate with the Psychotherapy Institute Association and the Hypnosis Association
                               and also supported the civil social organisations.




    Psychotherapy Institute’s crew including psychiatrists, psychologists, and medical doctors, continues psychotherapy practices with the benefit of
                                their different specializations. Institute’s main focus on professional mental health is on:

                   Anxiety Disorders                                                    Sexual Function Disorders
                   Reactive Mood Disorders                                              Somatoform Disorders
                   Dissociative Disorders                                               Eating Disorders
                   Adjustment Disorders                                                 Behavioral Disorders
                   Drug Abuse and Alcohol Abuse Disorders                              Impulse Control Disorders
                   Personality Disorders

   The Institute focuses its therapeutical studies not only to the patient, patient’s problems and surface problems structured with the patient but also
to the main problems underpinning these problems and for this reason it adopts not only a single therapy method but different methods and techniques
  together with a integrative approach. Psychotherapy studies continue basically within the scope of "integrative psychotherapy" as attack, individual,
                                           group, couple, nuclear family and traditional family (stirps) therapy.
                                               Integrative Psychotherapy Trainings
     This program is a 3 years program with its theoretical, formulational and supervisional framework; and the first priority on attendance is given to the
          mental health professionals, and second priority is given to the other health professionals that needs counseling on patient relationships.
                     The program is implemented each month on a 3 days 30 hours basis. The 19 modules of the program are as follows:

      o      Introduction to Integrative Psychotherapy
      o      Human Biological and Psychological Structure
      o      Human Psychosexual and Psychosocial Development Stages
      o      Integrative Psychotherapy and Basic Theories
      o      Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)
      o      Behavioral and Cognitive Theories
      o      Impulse Conflict Theory
      o      EGO Psychology Theory
             -      Ego Psychology
             -      Ego-State Therapy
             -      Transactional Analysis
             -      Erik Erikson
      o      Object Relations Theory
      o      Self Theory
      o      Masterson’s Abandonment Depression Theory
      o      Existentialism Theory
      o      Hypnosis and Psychohypnotherapy

          o       Borderline (Histrionic) Personality Disorders’ Cases and Formulations
          o       Borderline (Compulsive) Personality Disorders’ Cases and Formulations
          o       Borderline (Dependent) Personality Disorders’ Cases and Formulations
          o       Borderline (Passive-agressive) Personality Disorders’ Cases and Formulations
          o       Narcissistic (Grandiose) Personality Disorders’ Cases and Formulations (Upper-mediocre-lower level)
          o       Narcissistic (Closet) Personality Disorders’ Cases and Formulations (Upper-mediocre-lower level)
          o       Narcissistic (Devaluating) Personality Disorders’ Cases and Formulations (Upper-mediocre-lower level)
          o       Schizoid (Paranoid) Personality Disorders’ Cases and Formulations
          o       Schizoid (Avoidant) Personality Disorders’ Cases and Formulations
          o       Schizoid (Closet) Personality Disorders’ Cases and Formulations
          o       Schizoid (Schizotypal) Personality Disorders’ Cases and Formulations
          o       Antisocial Personality Disorders’ Cases and Formulations


Within this scope 9 training programs are held since 2005. The 80 members of the first training group are working as practioners of integrative approach
both in and out of the institute. The following groups are continuing their theoretical,formulational and supervisional trainings at present.
                                                              Hypnosis Trainings
   The Psychotherapy Institute organizes Hypnosis Trainings for dentists, gynaecologists, all practitioners and specialized physicians and professionals
working on mental health both to develop the skills of usage in their fields and to support those skills with a theoretical basis. The said training consists of
                       13 modules and is based on 560 hours. The program’s content has been structured within the following titles:

     o      Introduction to Hypnosis
     o      Intermediate Level Hypnosis Training
     o      Advanced Level Hypnosis Training
     o      Hypno-drama
     o      Hypnotherapy on Social Phobia
     o      Hypnotherapy of Obsessive Compulsive
     o      Hypnotherapy of Panic Disorders
     o      Hypnotherapy of Sexual Function Disorders
     o      Hypnotherapy of Drug Abuse
     o      Hypnotherapy and Pain
     o      Hypnotherapy and Obesity
     o      Hypnotherapy and Motivation
     o      Hypnotherapy and Ego Strengthening
                                                  Masterson Approach Trainings
              The Masterson Institute, New York certificate program trainings consist of 4 months’ short and 1 year long term modules where
                                Masterson Approach and Therapy Techniques are taught in Psychoanalitic Psychotherapies.

                                                             Catatimy Trainings
  The Catatymy Training consists of 3 stages and is aimed at teaching the theoretical roots and practional applications of catatymy as a psychotherapeutic
diagnose and treatment approach. Regarding the fact that cognitional awareness does not cause the recovery alone, and emotional part should be integrated
       within the system; this process is valueable as it indicates the emotions. For uncovering unconscious processes and indicating the effect of the
                             treatment at therapy, catatymic metaphors (such as mountain, river, house, sea, tree, etc) are used.
                                                          Masterson’s Days

It is the series of international conferences consisting of conference and workshop activities on Masterson Approach provided by Masterson Institute
                 trainer team who come into our country. Masterson’s Days is regularly organized each year in June and December.
                                                      Vamık Volkan’s Days
The conference and workshop activities that we have planned to provide each year in our institute by the worldwide famous name of psychoanalysis
                                          Prof.Dr. Vamık Volkan has been held for the first time in 2009.
                                            Integrative Psychotherapy Symposium

The Integrative Psychotherapy Symposium planned for 2010 by the Pyschotherapy Institute is aimed at emphasizing basically the multiple theory formulation in
  psychotherapy and the place and importance of cultural codes within this formulation with a integrative approach and in this context creating a platform to
                                             share the similar knowledge, experiences and practices in the world.
               For this reason the symposium that with bring academicians and field practioners together from Turkey and abroad will be held.

                                                           Clinical Hypnosis Days

         The Psychotherapy Institute organized the first, second and third National Hypnosis Congresses in 2004, 2005 and 2006 in cooperation with
  Yeditepe University and Medical Hypnosis Association. The aim of the National Hypnosis Congresses is to create a scientific platform which will gather the
                    health professionals and scientific people interested in hypnosis in Turkey and follow on national level the knowledge,
                                                     experience exchange and worldwide developments.
 Psychotherapy Institute arranges meetings open to public attendance, rather than mental and medical health professionals, to increase their knowledge.
 These meetings are held with mental health related topics such as psychotherapy, identity and identity develeopment, personality types, and adolesence.
These meetings have dual purpose; first is to overcome their doubts about taking psychological support and to make them familiar with field professionals;
                      and second is to teach the right, healthy, and functional coping strategies they can use in their everyday lives.
 Since 1986, by the cooperation of the public and private institutions, these events are being held in the form of conferences and conversation meetings.

    Psychotherapy Institute presents its publications in the form of original and translated publications, and visual and auditory materials that includes
theoretical information and practical/implementation-oriented experiences to the mental health professionals particularly, and others who are interested in
                mental health.Some of our publications published by Litera and Psychotherapy Institute Publishing Houses are as follows:

     o      Cognitive Therapy and Affective Disorders                            Litera Publisings:
                                                                                             o Integrative Psychotherapy
     o      Hypnosis Basic and Practical Information
                                                                                            o Cognitive Therapy and Applications
     o      Learning Clinical Hypnosis
                                                                                            o Ego States
     o      Door to the Resurrection of Reality: Hypnosis 1-2-3
                                                                                            o Anxiety Disorders and Treatment
     o      Hypnosis on Sexual Problems
                                                                                            o Anxiety Disorders and Phobias
     o      Hypnosis on Allergy and Dermatological Diseases
                                                                                            o Handbook of Psychotherapy Case Formulation
     o      Hypnotic Age Regression
                                                                                            o The Real Self
     o      Factors Healing the Patient
                                                                                            o The Personality Disorders
       o       Anxiety Disorders                                                   Litera Publisings:
       o       Narcissistic Personality Disorders                                              o Adapting Cognitive Therapy for Depression

       o       Psychiatry I-II                                                                o Overcoming Resistance in Cognitive Therapy

       o       Psychoanalytic Theory of Neurosis                                              o Comparing Psychoanalytic Psychotherapies

       o       Obsessional Neurosis
       o       Therapy Stories: 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-13
       o       Integrative Psychotherapy Lecture Notes
       o       Conference, Workshop, Studies and Training Books
       o       Conference, Workshop, Studies and Training DVD’s

                                                              Publications for Institute Members:
   Session records, printed therapy stories prepared by transcribed from session records and psychotherapy, hypnosis, hypnotherapy and catatimy training
films and transcribed that the mental health professionals who are trained and make practice within the institute can obtain for their professional development
are published. The said printed and visual session records are published for education purposes under patients’ consent by changing their identity information.
                           Head Office:
                  Bagdat Caddesi Imrencer Apt.
                540/8 Bostanci/ISTANBUL TURKEY
                    Phone: +90 216 4643119
                      Fax: +90 216 4643102

                         Training Centre:
                    Bayramoglu Sahil Mahallesi
                   Fatih Sultan Mehmet Caddesi
                    Mehtap Koyu Sitesi No.285
                   Darica-Gebze/IZMIT TURKEY
                     Phone: +90 262 6536699
                       Fax: +90 262 6536698


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