THURSDAY, 5 October 2006

                     Arrival at the Hotel Filmar, 45 Grudziądzka Str. and registration of the conference participants in
   400 pm – 600 pm
                     the National Centre for Further Training of Geography Teachers ( NCFTGT), 9 PCK Str.

                     Welcome and conference opening in the NCFTGT by
   610 pm – 630 pm   Antoni Stark, the President of the Association of Polish Adult Educators, Toruń Branch
                     Karl Donert, the President of the EUROGEO and the HERODOT network Coordinator

   630 pm – 645 pm   Welcome speech by Michał Zaleski, the President of Toruń

                                      Karl Donert (Liverpool Hope University)
   645 pm – 715 pm   Presentation
                                      Geoinformation and education: a revolution waiting to happen in Europe

   730 pm – 930 pm   Welcome dinner at the Restaurant, 17 Grudziądzka Str.

FRIDAY, 6 October 2006

   900 am – 915 am   Arrival at 10th Higher Secondary School in Toruń in Toruń, św. Katarzyny Square (by bus)

                     Welcome speech by Andrzej Drozdowski, the Headmaster of the 10th Higher Secondary School in
   920 am – 945 am

                     Geography lessons taught in English by:
  950 am – 1130 am   Aleksandra Zaparucha (10th Higher Secondary School in Toruń), Map reading
                     Małgorzata Kubik (Gdynia Bilingual High School No 3, IB School No 0704)

                     Speech by Maria Mazur, the representative of the Department of International Cooperation in the
 1130 am – 1215 pm
                     Ministry of National Education

  1230 pm – 130 pm   Lunch at the Restaurant, 12 Piastowska Str.

   130 pm – 145 pm   Arrival at the NCFTGT (by bus)

                                      Daniela Schmeinck (Pädagogische Hochschule Karlsruhe)
                                      Too late or too early - Teaching Geography in Primary School

                                      Andrew Powell & Jonathan Edwards (Kingston University)
   200 pm – 330 pm   Presentations
                                      Teaching about Europe on a Primary BA Teaching Degree Course

                                      Olivier Mentz (Pädagogische Hochschule Freiburg) Europe matters! 10 reasons
                                      why School Geography should teach a European dimension

   330 am – 345 am   Coffee break

                                      John Halocha (Bishop Grosseteste College, Lincoln) Images, perceptions and
                                      questions: Europe through the eyes of children in England

                                      Danuta Piróg (Pedagogical Academy in Krakow)
   345 pm – 500 pm   Presentations    The role of intercultural and foreign language education in preparing Polish
                                      children for living in UE countries – results of research in North Ireland
                                      Desmond John Bowden, Mark Chidler & Pam Copeland
                                      (Newman College of Higher Education Birmingham)
                                      Brussels: Enquiry Based Learning: more than just a way of thinking

   500 pm – 600 pm   A coach trip to the Castle in Golub–Dobrzyń ( appr. 40 km from Toruń)

   600 pm – 700 pm   Sightseeing tour of the Castle in Golub–Dobrzyń

   715 pm – 930 pm   Dinner at the Castle and the Medieval life attractions

  930 pm – 1030 pm   Arrival back in Toruń
SATURDAY, 7 October 2006

                                         Aleksandra Zaparucha (10th Higher Secondary School in Toruń)
                                         How much English teaching in Geography teaching
                                         Mustafa Öztürk (Erciyes University, Eğitim Fakültesi Kayseri)
                                         European Dimension in Geography Teacher Education Programmes in
                                         Turkey: Student Teachers’ Experiences
  900 am – 1045 am      Presentations
                                         Dorota Grudzińska (Gdynia Bilingual High School No 3)
                                         Bilingual Geography Course

                                         Iwona Piotrowska (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań)
                                         Cognitive and application aspects in the bilingual teaching of Geography

 1045 am – 1115 am      Coffee break

                                         Mustafa Öztürk, Servet Karabag & Salih Sahin
                                         (Erciyes University & Gazi University)
                                         Geography Curriculum of 2005 and its Reflections to Teacher Education
                                         Programmes of Geography in Turkey: Expectations and Recommendations

                                         María Luisa De Lazaro Y Torres (Real Sociedad Geográfica)
    15        15                         Spain in the web: a GIS way of teaching
  11     am – 1    pm   Presentations
                                         Cichoń Małgorzata (Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań)
                                         Pattern  and     environmental   determinants       of   perception   during
                                         experimental field classes

                                         Aleksandra Zaparucha (10th Higher Secondary School in Toruń) Teaching
                                         geography through a project: a European and a linguistic dimension

   115 pm – 130 pm      Arrival (by bus) at the Restaurant, 12 Piastowska Str.

   130 pm – 230 pm      Lunch at the Restaurant, 12 Piastowska Str.

   300 pm – 315 pm      A walk to the city centre of Toruń

   315 pm – 500 pm      Sightseeing tour of Toruń

   500 pm – 630 pm      Free time

   630 pm – 915 pm      Dinner and Conference evaluation– the Spichrz Restaurant, 1 Mostowa Str.

   915 pm – 930 pm      Arrival at the Hotel Filmar

SUNDAY, 8 October 2006


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