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©What is a CAM Walker?
A Controlled Ankle Movement Walker is a boot that immobilises the ankle/foot, whilst
unloading it. It is often used as an alternative to casting because it is more durable and
functional, and it allows the user to walk on it.

0 How do I put it on?
Ensure the heel sits in the back of the liner. Avoid disrupting the alignment by separating
the liner and boot. When fastening the straps, start from the bottom and work your way up.
The straps must be firm but not too tight.

0 Potential Risks
Immobilising the ankle joint reduces bloodflow, increasing the risk of blood clots. This is
rare, however should you feel a sharp stabbing pain in your calf, remove the walker
immediately and visit your nearest hospital with an Emergency Department. It is also
advisable to take care walking on slippery or uneven surfaces.

0 Other Advice
Wear a supportive shoe with a similar heel height to the walker on the other side to
avoid hip or lower back pain. If you are having pain on weightbearing, using a set of crutches
or a walking stick (used in the opposite hand) will help to reduce some of the load.

0 Can I drive?
If the CAM Walker is on your left foot and you drive automatic, you may drive with it on.
Otherwise, if the foot with the CAM Walker is required for operating the accelerator or clutch
you should not be driving. If you must however, the boot will need to be removed.

0Your Treatment Plan
Your walker must be worn for at least            weeks.
It cannot be worn in the shower.

•    Wear during daytime only
•    Wear day and night
•    X-rays/bone scans to be taken in           weeks
•    Bandage ankle at night
•    Use walking stick in                  hand
•    Use crutches for full / partial weightbearing for first

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