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Balanced Literacy Lesson Plan - DOC - DOC by EG92DV


									                                  Math 6-8 Lesson Plan (Aligned to CCSSM)
         Course: __6 Grade Math_                      CCSS Standard Number(s): ___6.NS.4, 6.EE.3 &6.EE.4 Days: ___17-18__

         Unit # and Title: ____1, Properties and Expressions___ Block(s)/Period(s): 1 2 3 4 5 6

Unit Essential Question(s):                  How are variables used in mathematics?

                                             How can we generate equivalent expressions?
Learning Target(s)
“I can statements”                            I can use the properties of operations to justify that two expressions are
                                              I can apply the properties of operations (especially the distributive
                                                 property) to generate equivalent expressions.
                                              I can determine whether two expressions are equivalent by using the same
                                               value to evaluate both expressions.
Essential Vocabulary                         Expression                                      Associative Property
                                             Identity Property                               Commutative Property
                                             Distributive Property                           Equivalent
Resources and Materials                                        Teacher                                                   Student

                                             On Core Math                                         On Core Math
                                             Teacher-made chart and handout                       Handouts
                                             Whiteboard or projector/screen/Interwrite
                                                              8 Mathematical Practices:
  1. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.                    5. Use appropriate tools strategically.
  2. Reason abstractly and quantitatively.                                  x 6. Attend to precision.
x 3. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others.         7. Look for and make use of structure.
  4. Model with mathematics.                                                x  8. Look for and express regularity in repeated reasoning.
     Activating Strategy                           Discuss what it means to be equivalent and how the properties provide ways to express
     (Opening Activity)                             equivalent expressions
 Cognitive Teaching Strategies               Me: Complete the “Explore” on page 73 of On Core

         Me/We/Few/You                       We: Students will take notes on equivalent expressions and how to test whether or not two or
                                             more expressions are equivalent. Test by substituting a value for the given variable or by using
       (TIP-Teacher input                    properties.
      SAP-Student actively                   Write the following expressions on the board: 6(x+2), 6x+6∙2, 2∙6+6x, 2x+6; have the class
          participates                       pick a value for x and substitute to test for equivalency. Discuss why the first 3 are equivalent
      GP – Guided Practice                   using properties.
    IP-Independent Practice)
                                             Few: Using the same expressions, have students choose their own value for x to show that the
                                             same expressions are still equivalent.
                                             In pairs, students will complete the teacher made equivalent expressions chart for which they
                                             substitute values and pick a property to determine whether two given expressions are

                                             You: On Core pages 74-75 Example 2 and Try This
     Summarizing Strategy                    Review the equivalent expressions chart
       (Closing Activity)
     Assessment/Homework                     Teacher-made handout for which students determine whether 2 expressions are equivalent using
                                             substitution and properties
        Extending/Refining                   Complete and discuss 1a and 1b on page 74 of On Core.

                                                    Office of Curriculum and Instruction
                                                  September 14, 2012Guilford County Schools
                 Math 6-8 Lesson Plan (Aligned to CCSSM)
 Name__________________________ Equivalent Expressions              Date_______________

Value of     Substitute a value for the variable         Equivalent?       Which property proves equivalency?

               4(3y+9)                12y+36

               4(3∙5+9)              =12∙5+36

     y=5      =4(15+9)                =60+36                 Yes                      Distributive

               =4(24)                   =96


               7m+11                  11m+7


                2(6b)                  (2∙6)b


              10x+10∙5                10(x+5)


                4a+12                  12+4a

                               Office of Curriculum and Instruction
                             September 14, 2012Guilford County Schools
       Math 6-8 Lesson Plan (Aligned to CCSSM)

     c+15+2             2+c+15


     12(4n+0)            12(4n)


     9(3k-5)             27k-5


     5p(3p+2)          15p+10p


                  Office of Curriculum and Instruction
                September 14, 2012Guilford County Schools

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