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                                                                                                                         POSITIVE ATTITUDE HUMBLENESS             PATIENCE SINCERE PRAYER

                                                                                                                           JANUARY—FEBRUARY 2011                                                          Volume 25, Number 1

                                                                                                                                                              Rev. Joanne Tolosa, Head Minister
                                                                                                                                                            New Year’s Day Service, January 1, 2011
                                                                                                                                 Happy New Year! I’m here to talk about the pre-      and Fumiko Matsui, and many other ministers and
                                                                                                                        sent. We are all here in this sacred worship hall on the      believers, fellow children of our Divine Parent.
                                                                                                                        very first day of the year, this early in the morning to        This is the year we celebrate the 80th Anniversary of
                                                                                                                        start off the new year right; to begin a fresh new year; to   this church’s establishment on Sunday, June 5, 2011. It
                                                                                                                        begin a fresh new life – letting go of anything that has      is a good opportunity to make this faith our own, if we
                                                                                                                        negative feelings associated with it. Savoring the posi-      don’t already feel this way. If we still see this faith as
          FEBUARY 2011                                MARCH 2011                            APRIL 2011                  tive, including all we and our loved ones were allowed        our grandparents’ or our parents’ or even our spouse’s
Feb. 1 Board Meeting (T) 6:30 PM          Mar. 1   Board Meeting (T) 6:30 PM   Apr. 3 Month Tenchi Kane No Kami&        to receive and accomplish last year.                          faith, it is a good opportunity to reevaluate our life, that
Feb. 4 Winter Special Prayer Ends
                                       Mar. 6 Month Tenchi Kane No Kami&
                                                                               10 AM Monthly Memorial Service              Why else are we here this morning?                         which is important in our life, and why we are here at
                                                                               (Sun) Sermon: Rev. Rodney Yano               Because our parents said we had to come?                  this church. Instead of doing it out of obligation, let us
Feb. 6 Snow Trip to Squaw Valley.      10 AM Monthly Memorial Service
                                                                                     Lay Speaker:                           Because we want to toast in the new year?                 truly carve our own direct path and connection to our
(Sun) 4am - 10 pm                      (Sun) Sermon: Rev. Rodney Yano
                                                                                     Toban: Saburo Fukuda Family
                                             Toban: Sugai Family                                                            Or could the real reason be because we want to eat        Divine Parent Kami; a more active connection to Kami.
Feb. 6 Monthly Service for Tenchi Kane
                                       Activity: Hinamatsuri Girl’s Day-       Apr. 3 Konko Church of Portland                   “ozoni,” mochi soup – and                                               A strong connection with our Divine
10 AM no Kami & Monthly Memorial
                                       Yuko Ayabe - Flower Making Crafts       (Sun) 80th Anniversary -
(Sun) Service
                                                                                      Rev. Joanne Tolosa will attend.
                                                                                                                                 don’t know how to make it                                               Parent Kami will keep us balanced and
        Serm: Rev. Joanne Tolosa       Mar. 13 Monthly Service for Ikigami                                                       ourselves?                                                              centered, no matter what happens in
        Lay speaker: Futaba Takashima  10 AM Konko Daijin.& Appreciation       Apr. 9-10 CHERRY BLOSSOM FEST.              Seriously, whether we are aware of                                            our lives. We will be able to stay
        Toban: Kitamata, Yamamoto      (Sun) Service for Blessing of Life      Apr. 16-17 CHERRY BLOSSOM FEST.
                                              Sermon: Rev. Joanne Tolosa       Sign up ASAP to help out at the food
                                                                                                                        it or not, we come to church to show                                             centered no matter what we encounter
Feb. 13 Monthly Service for Ikigami                                                                                     our love and gratitude to our Divine                                             in our lives. In a previous sermon I’ve
10AM Konko Daijin & Monthly            Mar 19 Colma Cemetery Clean-Up          booth!!! Good Fun!!!
(Sun) Appreciation Service for the     10 AM-12 PM Volunteer Community
                                                                                                                        Parent of the Universe, Tenchi Kane                                              used the image of a buoy in the ocean,
                                                                               Apr. 24 Monthly Service for Ikigami
       Blessings of Life               (Sat)          Service Project          10 AM Konko Daijin.& Appreciation
                                                                                                                        no Kami, for all the blessings we are                                            in a severe storm, that persists to stay
       Sermon: Rev. Rodney Yano        2 PM - Cemetery Service                 (Sun) Service for Blessings of Life      aware of (and not aware of) that keeps                                           afloat as an analogy of how our faith
Feb 18-20 New York Faith Gathering – JT                                              Sermon: Rev. Rodney Yano           us alive and helps us be fulfilled.                                              should work for us.
                                          Mar. 20 SPRING MEMORIAL
                                          (Sun)   SERVICE
                                                                               San Jose Church Grand Ceremony—JT           As we look around the room, we see                                            A Konko teaching I’d like to share at
Feb. 20 Prayer Service & Konko
(Sun) 10 AM Teachings                     10 AM Sermon: Guest Minister         Apr. 26 Yatsunami Housing 1:30 PM        our loved ones, family members who are blood related,         this time is:
                                                                               (Tue) Program Committee 2:30 PM          friends and family members who are faith related. We            People must receive divine blessings even when they
Feb. 20 Day of Remembrance.               Mar. 27 Outing to Konko Church of
                                          (Sun) San Jose & Japanese American                                            are all here related to each other through our faith. We      have no problems. In a time of crisis, they need to
2PM-4PM Kabuki Theatre
                                                Museum of San Jose                                                      see each other several times a year, praying side-by-side,    receive more divine blessings. Receiving diving bless-
Feb 21 President’s Day -                  Leave KCSF at 10 AM                                                           volunteering our time, working together side-by-side.         ings is not guaranteed unless they hold fast to their
(Mon) Church Closed
                                          Mar. 29 Yatsunami Housing 1:30 PM                                             We are the Konko Family!                                      faith and do not have to look for it during crucial times.
Feb. 22 Yatsunami Housing 1:30 PM         (Tue) Program Committee 2:30 PM                                                  We are connected to each other through our love of         If an emergency arises, even if you are naked or in the
(Tue) Program Committee 2:30 PM
                                                                                                                        our Divine Parent, our respect for our Founder, Konko         middle of a field, just pray, “Konko Daijin, please help
Feb. 27 Spiritual Development Seminar                                                                                   Daijin, our founding head minister of this church, Rev.       me,” and you will soon receive divine blessings. (GIII,
(Sun) Presenter: Alan Matsui                                                                                            Yoshiaki Fukuda, Rev. Shinko Fukuda, Revs. Fumio              Jiinkyugyogoroku 17, p. 73)
10AM-1PM       Lunch served
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       Page 7
 Page 2                                                                                           UNIVERSAL MIND

   A perfect opportunity to strengthen our connection
to our Divine Parent and Divine Mediator, in the pre-
                                                            stimulating discussions with both newcomers to the
                                                            Faith and longtime believers.                                                      Spiritual Development Seminar
sent, is to join the one-month Winter Special Training        Beginning next month or in March, a long overdue
at 6:30 am daily, from Jan. 6 to Feb. 4th. Reverends        Sunday School curriculum will be revived at the
                                                                                                                                              Sunday – February 27th, 2011 - 10 am to noon
Masato Kawahatsu, Rodney Yano and I take turns              Monthly Memorial Service (MMS). We have a lot of                             Facilitators: Rev. Masato Kawahatsu & Mr. Alan Matsui
leading the prayer service and give a mini-sermon.          young children now who come to church with their par-
The entire service takes about 20-30 minutes.               ents, mainly once a month at the MMS, so it makes              “What is Konko Church?” - You come to church for services.
   Another opportunity to keep our Divine Parent in         sense to move the Sunday School activities back to
                                                                                                                              • Come to review the basic beliefs of Konko.
our thoughts and actions is at the end of this month, on    those services, since children’s attendance at the “Child-
January 30th. We have the General Meeting, which we         friendly Monthly Appreciation Service for the Blessing           • There’s really some good stuff here!
talk about the activities of the year, vote to approve      of Life (MAS) is so low. During the MMS, Rev. Rodney             • Short presentation, followed by discussion (small groups).
our slate of Board of Directors, and something new          Yano, our Youth Minister will be taking the students to          • A great opportunity to ask your questions about Konko Faith.
this year that is prior to the new year’s party and after   a      different room after the purification rite. Then he       • Parents, bring your children!
the General Meeting – Bazaar Chairperson Pauline            will provide an introductory lesson plan that parents
Akashi will meet with and give an orientation to inter-     are welcomed to sit in on, as well, and help out as
                                                                                                                                 Children’s activities led by Jeddie Kawahatsu & Tanner Matsui.
ested people who want to learn important Summer Ba-         needed. The students will return for the offering of the         • Lunch (12-1pm) – Menu: Al’s famous chili & “Make your own” Sandwiches.
zaar positions, such as bingo supervision, kitchen su-      Sacred Evergreen Branch (tamagushi) to the ancestors,            Call church to sign-up or add your name to the lobby sign-up sheet.
pervision, and food preparation.                            and then resume Sunday School downstairs until it is
   Many of our seniors in charge are long overdue to        time to sing.
relinquish their reins. So please help them have peace        Starting in February, the “Child-Friendly MAS” will        Ministers’ Schedule    Mon          Tue            Wed            Thurs          Fri             Sat                    Sun
of mind, and take on a task that they will train you on,    revert back to a standard service, no longer simplified to   Rev. Joanne Tolosa 8 AM-6 PM 8 AM-1 PM 8 AM-6 PM Off                             8 PM-2 PM 8 AM-6 PM        8 AM-3 PM
so that you can also hand down and pass it on to oth-       a young child’s level of comprehension.                                                                                                                 W/Evan: 2 - 6 PM
ers. I am not afraid to say this, “We need you! We            I haven’t been successful at receiving the family infor-
need your help!” Please see this as an opportunity to       mation forms I gave out to parents last year or even         Rev. Rodney Yano       School       8 AM-6 PM School              8 AM-6 PM 1:30-6 PM            8 AM-6 PM              8 AM-3 PM
thank our Divine Parent Kami for all that you are           earlier. We actually changed the format of the form to
grateful for. Just as I have found when I do things in      be student-centered. The students will be filling out the                                 Portland 80th Anniversary - JT      April 3    SSF, Sacramento-RY, LA, Vancouver. Chicago       May 22
appreciation to Kami, I believe you will also find that     new Sunday School sign-up form, although parents are
                                                                                                                           KCNA 2011
                                                                                                                                                      Lancaster                           April 10 Seattle - JT                                       May 29
it feels good to make time for Kami and express your        free to help them. We will allow time during the begin-        GRAND
                                                                                                                                                      San Jose - JT, Toronto, Whittier RH April 24   San Francisco 80th Anniversary 11AM June 5
love.                                                       ning of Sunday School for the children to fill them out.       CEREMONY
   As a side note, I would like to add that we are not      Our hope is that I, Rodney Sensei and the SS curriculum
having a separate Shintokai New Year’s Dinner at a          committee can better plan the monthly Sunday School
                                                                                                                           SCHEDULE                   Fresno - RY                         May 1      San Diego                                        June 12
                                                                                                                                                      Gardena                             May 8
restaurant this year. We considered the expense and         activities. There will be months without Sunday School
we also decided as a Board that we want to celebrate        during a MMS when I am away and Rodney Sensei
the New Year altogether, with all ages, so please mark      needs to conduct the service, unless we have volunteers                                          Shin Shin Gaku Do
the date on your calendars. Please come by 10 am for        to help. Please let me know if you can help out. We are
the general meeting. We will have food sponsored by         hoping past Faith Training Institute attendees can also                                   Way of the Mind, Spirit, and Body
the Shintokai (Believers’ Group), and various games         help out.                                                                                 Is an outreach activity conducted by Rev. Masato Kawahatsu.
for all ages, including a balloon relay. So please come       It is going to be an exciting year. We will eventually          Konko Church of San Francisco                              Physique Magnifique Gym in S.S.F.
if you’re interested in seeing how this balloon relay is    learn new songs in the new prayer book and my wish is             Martial Arts (Budo):
done and compete in it. I’ve done this relay myself at a    to have the children sing one of the new songs for our
                                                                                                                                                                                         387 Grand Ave. S.S.F., CA 94080
                                                                                                                                   Tuesday 4:00 - 5:30 P.M.                              Ph. (650)-583-8648
New Year’s party at a Konko Church in Onomichi,             80th anniversary celebration in June. We plan to have a
Japan, and it is so fun! The more people participating,     CD recording of the English lyrics for families to prac-
                                                                                                                                   Saturday 9:00 - 10:30 A.M.                            Spiritual Development Counseling:
the more fun it is. There will be prizes, as well.          tice at home and also during Sunday School. More infor-           Japanese Calligraphy Class (Shodo):                              Thursday 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
   Another opportunity to learn about, or refresh our       mation will be given later.                                            Saturday 10:45 - 12:00 P.M.                                  Friday 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
knowledge and live this Faith is to attend our in-house       We welcome your input. This is your church. This is                                                                               Saturday 1:30 PM - 6:30 PM
Spiritual Development Seminar on February 27th from         our church. We are here to meet your spiritual needs.
                                                                                                                                              Mission Statement                                 Sunday 9:30 AM - 3:00 PM
10 am to 1 pm. Rev. Kawahatsu and Minister’s Assis-         Nothing would please Kami more than to know you are
tant Alan Matsui will conduct this seminar using “The       here sincerely for your own faith and relationship with               To develop patience, discipline and confi-             Meditation and Prayer Service
Konko Faith: Our Creed” on page 73 of the new               Kami, or if you have come to pray for others’ well                    dence in both children and adults through                  Every Sunday 10:00 AM
Prayer Book as a springboard to discuss various             being.                                                                various activities that nurture the balance
Konko concepts. They have conducted this type of              I look forward to spending more time this year in con-              between mind, body, and spirit so we can                               Contact person: Rev. M. Kawahatsu 415-931-0453 or
workshop several times at the South San Francisco           versations with each of you. Thank you.                               work with and benefit from each other.                                 Cell: 415-517-5563
Spiritual Training Center and it has initiated very
                                                                                               Volume 25 Number 1                                                                                            Page 3
Volume 25, Number 1                                                                 Page 6
                                                                                                                                                Theme: The Future

                                                                                                   Eternal Peace of Mind -                                   >                  Eien no Anshin)
                                                                                                                             (Similar version printed in the Nichibei Weekly Newspaper)
                                                                                                                                    Rev. Masato Kawahatsu, Senior Minister
Okage-Japanese word for help, aid or favor. i.e. divine favor
                                                                                                        ei, nagai) means “eternal or long”. This              problems in life. And I especially can’t accept death
                                                                                                                                                              yet." He's about 84 years old and goes to church
                                                                                             character consists of two parts. The top forms a single
                                                                                                                                                              every Sunday. He never misses it. Yet he still is not
                                                                                             drop of rain; the bottom represents water in a river. A
                                                                                                                                                              ready to handle problems in his life.
                                                                                             single drop of rain flows into the waters of a river and
                                                                                             continues on its path forever. > en or tooii) means
                                                                                                                                                                      Many people can obtain temporary peace of
                                                                                                                                                              mind. Yet they struggle to gain eternal happiness or
                                                                                             “far”. This character consists of two parts. The right           peace of mind. We should now and always maintain
                                                                                             side is a person who is holding the long paper of a let-         eternal happiness or peace of mind.
                                                                                             ter. The left side takes the shape of a road. So there's a               How can we obtain peace of mind?
                                                                                             person who is holding a long paper to carry to faraway                   First, we should have a strong wish or desire
                                                                                             distances.     an) means “peace." This character con-            to have eternal happiness. If our hope is weak, it will
                                                                                                                                                              be impossible to obtain. Next, we should think how
                                  Mochitsuki pics!!! 12/26/10                                sists of two parts. The top is a house roof and below
                                  Thank you for everyone’s hard work!!!                                                                                       we can obtain peace of mind.
                                                                                             represents a woman. So the woman is safely staying in
                                  Check out Steve on the lower left photo; using                                                                                      Finally, we should take the necessary action
                                  his iphone and pounding mochi at the same time!            the house.       shin or kokoro) means “heart’.                  to achieve peace of mind. When I was 20, I realized I
                                  That takes skill!                                                  Recently, I asked a question of an elder person.         could not obtain peace of mind to last an eternity. I
                                                                                             “Are you happy?” I asked. He replied “Yes, I am                  was greatly shocked by this knowledge. Then I
                                                                                             happy because I have a healthy body. I have enough               started to have a strong wish to obtain peace of mind
                                                                                             money to live on, and I have my own house to stay in.”           and thought about it all the time. I soon took action
                                                                                             I said “I see. But are you a happy person? Since our life        and began my spiritual training continuously from
                                                                                             is not guaranteed for the next day or even the next mo-          that day onward.
                                                                                             ment, you may become ill, have an accident, have diffi-                  I believe it took me over 30 years to accom-
                                                                                             cult problems and even die. Can you maintain peace of            plish eternal happiness. And I also try to main-
                                                                                             mind under any situation in your life?"                          tain eternal peace of mind now. I hope all of you will
                                                                                                     He said, “Oh, not really. No. I'm not ready for          maintain your eternal peace of mind throughout the

                                                                                                                                                    Theme: The Past

                                                                                                                                     Rev. Rodney Yano, Associate Minister,
                                                                                                                                       New Year’s Day, January 1, 2011
                                                                                                      Happy New Year! I’ve been assigned to reflect           completely lost.
                                                                                             about the past year. Throughout the past year, I have                   He took a hike on New Year’s day, and
                                                                                             been getting a lot of reminders of the power of appre-           imagined falling into a ravine. He suddenly received
                                                                                             ciation. During Thanksgiving last year, Rev. Kawa-               a message in his heart, it said, “Until you learn to
                                                                                             hatsu, lent me an article about how the words “thank             be grateful for the things you have, you will not re-
                                                                                             you” had changed a person’s life. As many of you                 ceive the things you want.” It was this time that
                                                                                             know, Rev. Kawahatsu is a.k.a. Mr. Thank you. The                John had an idea; everyday find one person to write
                                                                                             article is called, Two Simple Words: How the power of            a thank you note to.
                                                                                             "Thank-You" Changed My Life. By John Krowlick. You                      The first letter he wrote went to his son,
                                                                                             can find the audio on the website below. http://                 whom he had been disconnected from for some
                                                                                                time now. In response to John’s letter, the son
                                                                                                    The article was about a former lawyer, who                wanted to meet with him for lunch. During this
                                                                                             had lost nearly everything, going through a divorce,             meeting his son talked about how his life is going
                                                                                             and he had to support three mortgages of his home,               and simply catching up, but near the end of their
                                                                                             his son’s and his ex wife’s. He lived in a tiny apart-           lunch, his son handed him an envelope with money
                                                                                             ment, was being sued by his client’s ex, had no time             to repay him.
                                                                                             nor money to enjoy life, near the end of the road and
Volume 23, Number 1                                                                                                 Page 4                                                                                                             Page 5
                                                                                                                                 Universal Mind
          He wrote another letter to his other son, and         ized that I was not doing the same, and that I have-
 again they reconnected and his son also unexpect-              n’t been following up with people that I should be                CHURCH NEWS! Photos by Rev. Rodney Yano
 edly repaid his loans to him.                                  thanking. It was a huge realization for me. I started
          He started writing letters to plant the seeds         to think about the things that I should be thankful                Weddings – Congratulations to the Newlyweds!             Mrs. Kintarou & Nao Seto, was held at the Japa-
 of appreciation everywhere he could think of. By               for that I had been taking for granted, simple things              10/10 –Andrea Luk and Kenneth Kinoshita                  nese-American Cemetery in Colma. Rev. Joanne
 doing so he realized how many people he had ne-                such as my health, family, friends, school, church,              said their “I do’s” at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel’s       Tolosa presided over the services with over 25
 glected. John then thought of his landlord, a mis-             my relationships, and so many more.                              40th floor sky deck, presided by Rev. Joanne               family members in attendance.
 judged man, who went out of his way to help fix a                      The part in the center of the “Tenchi Kaki-              Tolosa. Normally, around 5 pm the wind picks up.             11/20/10 - Our Cub Scout Pack 58 collected
 leaky toilet with a crew of plumbers. So he wrote a            tsuke prayer, Konko faith’s core teaching, “Kami’s               Amazingly, Divine Parent Kami allowed it to be a           500 food items from the congregation for the an-
 thank you letter telling him that that was the best            blessings begin within, hearts grateful and caring, in           calm, gorgeous day.                                        nual Scout Food Drive to benefit the local Food
 sleep he had ever had. The next week he saw a                  harmony and joy.” was interesting because al-                      10/16 – Revs. Tolosa, Kawahatsu & Yano offi-             Bank. A sincere “Thank you!” to all who donated –
 letter in his door saying that he had died soon after,         though John was not a Konko member, he realized                  ciated the church wedding ceremony for Lorrie              from Pack 58. A heartfelt “Thank you” to Mrs.
 from liver cancer. John was glad to have given him             that through sincere appreciation, a lot of blessings            Wesa and Takuya Tsutsui. Takuya is the son of              Pauline Akashi for coordinating this community
 a letter of appreciation before he died.                       can be realized. He was practicing the message of                Mrs. Irene Sugai & Mr. Masafumi Tsutsui. The               service project.
          John had a great relationship with his young          the “Tenchi Kakitsuke prayer” in his life.                       joyful reception followed, in the social hall.               11/21/10 – We held a festive Ikigami Konko Daijin
 daughter, and so he left a “thank you” note one day            The message of the Tenchi Kakitsuke is universal.                  It is with sadness that we share the passing of          Grand Ceremony, with Rev. Roderick Hashimoto
 next to her bed. She kept this special letter on her                   The power of “Appreciation” and “Thank                   Mrs. Kimiko Izumi, 89, on 10/2. We extend our              (KC Vancouver Head Minister & Chief Administrative
 nightstand with her special rocks and coins.                   you” has helped tremendously in my relationships                 deepest condolences to Mr. Keijiro Izumi, who was          Minister of the Konko Churches of North America)
          After having written so many thank you let-           with people, conflicts are usually resolved, and                 married to Kimiko for 62 wonderful years.                  as our bilingual guest speaker, guest ministers
 ters, he realized the importance of life and never             there’s this peace of mind.                                        10/9 – Congratulations to Rev. Rodney Yano               Revs. Haruko & Byron Ishiwata (San Jose),
 questioned if life was worth living again. He paid                     So, I hope that we can all take some of this             who took the People’s Choice 2nd place prize at the        Revs. Masaru & Hiroko Okazaki (Fresno), and
 attention to life and didn’t want to miss a beat.              appreciative thinking, walk with it, and see what                8th Annual Japanese American Religious Federation’s        Rev. Hideko Oya (Sacramento), local church min-
          When I think about the “thank you” letters            doors it can open for you. It works for me.                      (JARF) Curry Cook-off. Many church members came            isters and believers totaling over 100 in attendance.
 he sent to everyone he could possibly thank, I real-                                                                            to support Rodney Sensei and sample all the curry          We were also pleased to have Kira Daley-Ayabe
                                                                                                                                 dishes. Several walked out with multiple raffle prizes     and Kira Fukuda offer the Sacred Dance (kibimai).
                                                                                                                                 in hand!                                                   Thank you everyone, for making it a joyful and
                                    New York Faith Gatherings:                                                                     10/17 – Congratulations to San Francisco Fukuoka         meaningful celebration.
                                          A Report by Mr. Nobusuke Fukuda                                                        Kenjin Kai’s President – Mr. Eiji Ayabe and mem-             12/12/10 - About 25 people, including Scouts and
                                                                                                                                 bers, upon their 60th Anniversary Celebration at the       their parents, bowled at the 5th Annual Bowling
     A Konko Faith service was held on 23 October 2010 in       tive Office in Japan, and believers in Japan, with the goal to   Palace Hotel. Sixteen dignitaries from Fukuoka came        Tournament, at Classic Lanes in Daly City. We all
Manhattan, New York City with Rev. Joanne Tolosa officiat-      provide funds for propagation and outreach services in
                                                                                                                                 for this special event, including Fukuoka Prefecture’s     had a great time. Thank you, Rodney Sensei and
ing. There is a history to Konko Faith activities in New York   North America.
City and it began over 20 years ago                                                   A key believer in New York for these
                                                                                                                                 Lieutenant Governor Etsuko Ebii. The new Con-              Pauline Akashi for arranging this event. Congratu-
with the initial thrust being provided by                                             recent services has been Coordinator       sul General from Japan, Mr. Hiroshi Inomata, also          lations to the winners of the bowling tournament!
Rev. Kiyoshi Hata, former Head Minis-                                                 Saomi Okamoto, who is a minister’s         gave a congratulatory speech at the luncheon. Rev.         They were Cub Scouts:
ter of the Konko Church of Tokyo. Be-                                                 assistant at the Konko Church of Mito,     Tolosa gave the invocation and Mr. Alan Matsui               1st place Brandon Yee - 95 points
lievers at his Church were being sta-                                                 whose parent church in Japan is the        recorded the event. It was truly an enjoyable, festive       2nd place Brandon Wong - 87 points
tioned in New York City through their                                                 Konko Church of Tokyo. Since March         event.                                                       3rd place James Akashi - 85 points.
business companies and he thought                                                     2010, she has been holding monthly           10/21-23 – Rev. Tolosa flew to New York to meet            12/19/10 – Following the Yearend Purification &
that these services would help them                                                   faith study group meetings which also      with New York area Konko believers individually, as        Appreciation Ceremony at the church, the 1st-Year
and their families maintain and develop                                               provides a social and support group,       couples and families, on Thursday and Friday. On           Memorial Service for the late Mrs. Kay Yoshioka
their Konko faith.                                                                    especially for believers who might feel
                                                                                                                                 Saturday she officiated the New York Faith Gathering       was officiated by Rev. Joanne Tolosa at the Eden
     For the first 18 years it was Rev.                                               isolated.
Takao Kishii, Head Minister of the                                                    The others who attended this service
                                                                                                                                 Fall Prayer Service and facilitated the faith discussion   Japanese Community Center in San Leandro, CA.
Konko Church of Toronto who provided                                                  on 23 October were: Michiko Terasaki,      meeting, which took place near Union Square. We            Mr. Kunio Yoshioka, Kay’s husband, and over 40
the ministerial services and leadership                                               formerly of the Konko Church of Kana-      were pleased to welcome first-timers to our gather-        relatives and friends came to pay their respects.
by holding 4-6 services a year. It was not an easy function     gawa, Kentaro Ishiyama, of the Konko Church of Nakano,           ing, Nobusuke & Fumi Fukuda, Mizuho &                                           12/26/10 – Mochitsuki (sweet
having to travel round trip by car or bus. Eventually, as       Aiko (Nishikawa) Kodera, of the Konko Church of Maibara,         Sayaka Watabiki, and our regular attendees, Mi-                                 rice pounding event) again we
time passed, Rev. Masaru Hata, who succeeded his father         Mizuho and Sayaka Watabiki of the Shiba Church in Tokyo          chiko Terasaki, Kentarou Ishiyama and Aiko                                      finished in just 4 hours, same
as Head Minister at the Konko Church of Tokyo, requested        and Nobusuke & Fumi Fukuda of the Konko Church of San            Nishikawa. Thank you, Saomi Okamoto, our New                                    as last year. Thank you, every-
that this function be picked up by Rev Richard Grange,          Francisco (see photo).                                           York area Faith Gathering coordinator, for making all                           one, for all your help in making
which he did for two more years, holding services there              It appears to the writer of this article that when Konko    the arrangements, as well as conducting the                                     the mochi (rice cakes) to offer
three times a year. Then Rev Joanne Tolosa became re-           Church believers move to other locations, including from
                                                                                                                                 monthly/semi-monthly faith study group meetings                                 to our Divine Parent, at church
sponsible for this function since the Fall of 2008.             Japan, that sometimes they do not transfer their affiliation
     The funding for these services was at first provided by    to the Konko Church of that location but maintain their loy-
                                                                                                                                 since March of this year!                                                       and in our homes to express
the Konko Church of Tokyo. However, in recent years it has      alty and affiliation with their home church. This New York         11/13/10 –50th Day Memorial Service for the late                              our appreciation for last year’s
been shared with the Konko Church of San Francisco. This        City venture may be of some assistance in dealing with our       Mrs. Haruko Kumagai and her burial service, to-                                 blessings and continued aware-
portion comes from income from Yatsunami Housing which          very transient society.                                          gether with her eldest daughter Hisako, and trans-         ness of blessings we receive in the new year.
had its start with financial help from the Konko Administra-                                                                     fer of her parents urns from the columbarium, Mr. &

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