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In the next few minutes, I’ll share an option you should consider to
create radical full-time monthly income or extraordinary part-time
monthly income.

Let me start with my story…This year I am 60. When I was young, I
convinced myself I had plenty of time to build a nest egg for our later
years. I planned to invest, but it was always out there in the future.
Suddenly the future is here.

For the past 35 years I was a real estate broker and believed real
estate to be the most stable long term investment available. I bought
sold millions of dollars worth of personal real estate over the years,
but the sub-prime debacle that hit in October of 2008 and the ensuing
deep recession had us so far in the hole that it was almost impossible
to see daylight.

As you get older you start receiving your Social Security Statements
that project your estimated benefits. I just got one.

Truthfully, I have never been confident that Social Security was going
to be around when I qualified, but the benefits outlined were
extremely motivating to me…

If I retire at age 62 my payment would be about $1,371 a month. If I
retire at 66 my payment would be about $1,937 a month and if I wait
until 70 my payment would be about $2,628 a month. Whoa!

Back in high school and college days I survived on that kind of
income, but that was back when a hamburger was $.35 and a gallon
of gas was about the same. How can mature adults have any kind of
lifestyle on $1371 a month?

Fast forward to today. Answer these questions for yourself…

   1. What are your present and future financial options? Do you
      honesty have any options?
   2. How do you plan to pay off your current debts?

  3. How will you to generate enough income to retire comfortably?
  4. How long could you survive financially without a monthly

If those questions make you squirm a little, take heart, because you
are not alone. Consider this… There are 70+ million “baby boomers”
(born 1946-1964) like me. Every day 10,000 “boomers” turn 65 and
the sad part is that less than 15% are financially prepared for
retirement. The last group of “baby boomers turns 65 in 2029 and
85% of us need to create retirement income quickly since most of our
other financial options are gone, they’ve disappeared.

‘Baby Boomers’ are desperately seeking ways to retire with dignity
and financial security!

The vision of enjoying the golden years with enough time to finally do
the things we have always dreamed of doing and the income to do
them, has suddenly vanished and retirement plans have been
extended by 10-15 years.

So what are the options…?

Perhaps you have considered network marketing in the past, but
dismissed it, as not for you! Maybe you have even signed up in a
company, but didn’t do anything with.

Network marketing offers a legitimate wealth creation opportunity that
may be the fastest way to accumulate enough wealth to retire
comfortably in a relatively short amount of time.

Consider this…

  1. Network Marketing is demographically blind. It offers a non-
     discriminatory wealth creating opportunity to anyone who has
     the desire to create financial security and independence.
  2. It requires very little capital
  3. No experience required
  4. No college degree required
  5. There is no age or gender bias

Here are some FACTS according the Direct Selling Association

In 2010 there were over 16 MILLION people in the US involved in
network marketing. They marketed over $28 BILLION dollars of
products in the US and world-wide sales exceeded $117 Billion.

74% of Adults in North America have purchased one or more of these
products and 85% report a good, very good or excellent experience
with those products.

80% of those involved say that network marketing meets or exceeds
their expectations.

82% are women and only 18% are men. 71% are between the ages
of 30-64 with 34% between 47-64 almost half of the largest segment
is ‘boomers.’ Women excel and thrive in network marketing because
they are 15-20 times more driven by financial security and financial
freedom than job status!

More good news…after reviewing countless pay plans, I have
discovered that not a single one has an earnings ceiling. There are
people earning a few hundred a month, a few thousand a month and
there are others earning tens of thousands per month. No one can
stop you—except you!

From 1995-2005 we were involved with two network marketing
companies. Our gross income for that 10 year period was almost $1.6
million dollars, so I absolutely know that financial success is possible.
My wife and I achieved the top rank in our last company, but most
leaders left when management made negative changes to the comp
plan. For the past several years I have been searching for the
“perfect company” that I would become my last career or rodeo, if you
are from Idaho.

After reviewing almost 20 different companies, I found an
undiscovered jewel. After doing my homework and due diligence on
the company, the management and the products, I jumped in with
both feet and I have to admit that it feels really good to be around
people who are ‘on fire’ again.

Most companies have a flagship product that may tout one patent
with scientific validation, but this company has two technologies that
are patented and the technologies apply to about 15 different
products that are the only products in the world to offer these
technologies. It is proprietary and that is critical. The last thing you
want to do is find a competing product on your local Costco shelf
selling for pennies on the dollar.

The company is 7 years old and has amassed over $100,000,000 in
product sales in the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand.

Companies go through 4 phases of growth. The first is the start up
phase. Unfortunately 80% fail in the first 1-5 years, primarily due to
undercapitalization or mismanagement. This company is debt free
and well past the start up risk. The second phase is the development,
third is momentum and fourth is stability.

This company is clearly in the development phase, which is exactly
what I was looking for. A pre-momentum company is a little higher
risk, but it offers the opportunity to earn much higher returns over the
long term. Giants like Amway, Mary Kay and Nu Skin are generally
associated with the stability phase and while you can still make
money with them, the people who helped build them during the
development phase are the ones are earning fortunes today.

I know it’s detestable and I’ll probably regret it in the morning, but I
am going to talk about money for a few minutes and tell you about
some people that I personally know in this industry.

Dave was a 40 year old man from the Tri Cities area of Washington
State, whom I met in Boise in 1995 at an opportunity meeting. Dave
had no college degree and was a self admitted jack of all trades and
master of none. He had never earned over $40,000 a year doing
anything. He had a little networking experience, but most of his
experiences were neither positive nor profitable. Dave discovered a
company that excited him and he got ‘All In’ this time. When I met
Dave he had been involved with his company for 2 years and his
checks were already a staggering $50,000 a month. When I left that
company five years later his checks were almost $500,000 a month. I

have been a guest in his incredible home on a private lake and it is
amazing to see what can happen in a few short years when you find
the right company, product, pay plan and get ‘All In’.

Same with a lady named Trish. She was a homemaker with some
health issues. She had never done network marketing, but her
husband had just been laid off and she was motivated. When I met
her, she was already earning over $5,000 a month and when I left her
checks were over $100,000 a month.

Same is true with Dennis and Ruth. Dennis was a car salesman. The
last I knew his checks were over $300,000 a month. Same with Reid
and Renee from Portland who got their income over $300,000 a
month. When Reid heard about network marketing, he was a grown
man with a family and children living with his parents, due to a
bankruptcy. He was driving a borrowed car. He was motivated.

Mark and Tracy were my personal sponsors in the last network
marketing company I work in. Their annual income was over $1.4
million and like Dave I mentioned first, Mark has been a jack of all
trades with no degree and no real success until he found the right
company at the right time.

Same story with another Mark who was a preacher in Texas earning
$2500 a month when he discovered network marketing and went on
to earn over $30 million dollar with his first company and became an
industry legend.

We know these individuals personally. I am extremely confident that
network marketing offers a legitimate wealth building opportunity,
both because I have experienced it and I have seen it transpire for so
many others.

Am I saying you can earn as much as they have, NO, but I am saying
that what they did is possible for anyone to achieve.

Forget about $500,000 a month. How would $5000 a month change
your retirement picture?

We want to invite you to join us on a live call that I host every
Thursday night. On the 30 minute call, we will have multiple
presenters talk about the Industry, the company, the management,
the products and technologies and the financial opportunity. You are
going to love what you hear. PAUSE AND WRITE THIS NUMBER

If you want an excuse to not get on the call, I will give you one…Dr.
Albert Bandura, a renowned Stanford psychologist says that …”As
many as 50% of all human beings are simply not hardwired to
become entrepreneurs.” They are risk adverse and are simply not
capable of performing tasks without structure or supervision. If that
describes you, please pass this along to somebody else that might
need the opportunity.

My friend Dave that I mentioned in the first example puts it another
way. All he wants to know about people are 2 things…1. Are they
ambitious? 2. Do they like people? He believes if you have those two
characteristics, everything else can be trained.

I told you I am 60. Our vision is to create a huge team of like minded
people who want to have a bright retirement future. We are looking
for a half dozen people who want to change their financial futures
within the next 2-3 years. What we bring to the table is a decade of
experience in training and coaching in this industry. We look forward
to building a team of good close friends who are on a mission of
personal development and personal growth. Together we will travel
the globe helping others excel and achieve their dreams.

A Legacy is a “gift by will, especially of money or other property.” If
you build your business correctly it can create a financial legacy that
can be passed down for generations.

When I pass on, I hope to leave more behind for my posterity than
debts, retirement home bills and a funeral expense.

I do not want my supplemental retirement income to consist of a
meager check from Wal-Mart as a greeter! That thought really scares

If that sounds like something that you would like to be part of, we
again invite you onto our live Thursday night call. (Display #, time,
and pin.) Every Saturday morning at 8AM Pacific we have a live
Training call to teach you a 5 step roadmap to your success.

It is liberating to know that you can own your own business where
you can’t be laid off, unless you want to be. You no longer have to
worry about whether government entitlements will survive the next
budget cuts and perhaps the best feelings are those of independence
self-reliance and dignity!

Stop believing the BIG LIE about the golden years! Move forward,
lean into the wind and keep your eyes on your vision.

If you are a “boomer” you are wiser and more experienced now than
at any other time in your life. You have more credibility and know
more people than you ever have. Are you willing to park all that hard-
earned knowledge on the sidelines and trade if for a meager
government entitlement?

We invite you to listen to our call and after you have done your due
diligence, consider joining a team that makes history together!


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