; HostGator vs. Free Hosting; Do I Really Need A Website; Can't I Just Use A Free One;
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HostGator vs. Free Hosting; Do I Really Need A Website; Can't I Just Use A Free One;


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									Do You Realy Need A Website For Your Business

                                           If you had an offline business would you try to operate it in the
middle of a field with just a table to offer your products? Or would you operate even closer to home out
on your front lawn? If you had a landscaping service that might be a legitimate option, but for any other
business where you are selling a product, or a service, a table on the lawn just isn't going to do.

 However, that is exactly what you do when you choose to host a website with a free hosting company.
Especially when website hosting package are so very inexpensive now. Companies like Dreamhost and
HostGator are very inexpensive ways to have a website and begin to build a strong business. Many
people are still asking that same question, however. "Do I need a website? Can't I just use a free web
host?" You can, but you're not going to be able to build a strong web presence going that route. Here's a
few reasons why.1. It's Too Cheap Not To Have Your Own Webhost When someone is visiting your site
for the first time and they see banner ads, cheap graphics, and a generic styling, they know that you
didn't put any effort into creating your own site. This screams scam, or something to stay away from.
This doesn't have to happen. Many of the webhosting companies today, like that of HostGator, are
offering amazingly inexpensive hosting packages for just a few dollars a month. People will think that if
you can't afford a few dollars for your website, then your product just isn't worth it either.2. Name
RecognitionOne of the first things someone is going to see about your website is the domain address.

 If it is memorable, they will be able to find your again. Having a real website, hosted with a real hosting
company, will allow you to have your own domain name and begin to build that all important name
recognition. The best thing about it is that your own domain is free when you sign up for your hosting
package. 3. Personalized Email AddressI have nothing against Gmail or Hotmail, but I wouldn't use them
for my business email. It is a quick turnoff when someone is emailing for customer service at
service1087 AT Gmail dot com. With a hosting company you can have unlimited number of email
addresses all with your domain name after the @ symbol. Easy to remember, and professional looking
for anyone who wants to get in touch with you for more information.4. Room To ExpandHosting
companies like HostGator are doing a lot of things to help people build powerful web presences. In
today's age of blogs, forums, and landing pages it is necessary to have to build more than one site, on
more than one domain name. A hosting company will allow you to do that. With a free host you have to
manage another account.

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