Newsletter 14th September 2012 by catoncps


                                                   14th September 2012

                This week began with a values assembly all about thinking about
                others and not taking them for granted. The children responded
                well to the story and were able to see that sometimes in life we all
                take someone for granted, not because we mean to but because we
                get wrapped up in our own things. I do hope you ask the children
                about a Monday assembly and talk about what the story might
have been telling them.

Class 1 sent me some interesting letters about why they wouldn’t be at school! I’m
not sure that you know this but it seems your children are leading double lives!
Some were going to be away because they had to recover the Queen’s jewels or
investigate a bank robbery, others had aunts who had been kidnapped and needed
to rescue them. Some were even off to space! Poor Miss Harkin’s attendance figures
will be dreadful and she’ll have the attendance officer knocking at the door!

Class 2 continued their work on values using a computer program called Pivot to
create animations. They showcased their work this morning and I was lucky to
watch a number of exciting representations of how we can respect each other, the
environment and ourselves. Very impressed I must say!

We shall be using this program across school all next week as part of a bid to
increase the use of new software. We are part of a Creative ICT school cluster and
as such will be involved in inter-school projects to do with all things technological.
The first will be to create short films and video clips to highlight learning from each
school which will be aired in all the schools as a kind of mass class assembly.
Teachers from other schools in the group will also be visiting us to see how well we
integrate ICT throughout the curriculum...something that other schools struggle to
                         HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND! Ms Cad :)
                                                  Friday 14th September 2012

 This term’s Dates and diary events                Next Week in school

 26th September—Harvest lunch                      17th—21st September
 28th September—Roald Dahl dress-up day
 18th October—KS2 trip to Jorvik                   Monday
 26th October—INSET day                            AM—Swimming (Y1—Y6)
 29th Oct—2nd Nov—Half term break                  3.15—Gardening Club (KS2 only)
 31st October—closing date for secondary school
 applications                                      Tuesday
 5th November—INSET day
 21st November—Parents’ day/evening
 16th November—Children in Need                    Wednesday
 14th December—Christmas Fair                      3.15—4.15 JAM Club
 13th December—Christmas dinner (tbc)
 17th December—Class 1 play for community (am)     Thursday
 18th December—Class 1 play for parents (pm)       3.15—4.15 Football (KS2)
 19th December—Class 2 play
 20th December—Whole school trip to see            Friday
 Treasure Island                                   PM—Guitar lessons
 20th December –break up for Christmas             3.15—4.15 Multi-skills (R—Y2)

           Attendance for 10th—
           14th September
                                                               CLASS AWARDS
           Class 1— 98.3%
           Class 2— 94.8%                                           Class 1
           Whole school— 96.6%
                                                        Resilience—Georgia D
Swimming lessons                                    Resourcefulness—Marc-Anthony
Please bring swimming kit in a suitable                 Risk-taking—Deborah
swimming bag rather than a carrier bag, as                Reflection—Owen
these are not allowed in school

Uniform / hair                                                      Class 2
Everyone looks lovely and smart in
their uniform, thank you for                                  Reciprocity—David
making that special effort. Please
could we ask that children do not
have designs shaved into their                              Resourcefulness—Archie
heads as this is not suitable for                             Risk-taking—James
school. Thank you.                                            Reflection—Lauren

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