Present: Caroline Schwaller (Chair), Ranjit Arora (Equalities

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					                                               Assembly Steering Group Meeting
                                              Monday 11 August 9.30am at CNet

     Present: Caroline Schwaller (Chair), Ranjit Arora (Equalities Forum), Matthew Band (Young
     Lives), Peter Bloom (Safer Forum), John Hill (Stronger P’shp Rep), Judy Peltier (CNet), Javed
     Khan (CNet), Tony Dylak (RAP Forum), Janet Ford (CNet)
                                                      17th May 2011, 10 to 12 noon @ CNet
     Apologies: Anthony Clipsom (ISOG), David Wilford (RAP Forum), Paul Anderson (HWB
     Forum), Emma Hill (BEF)

Item                                                                     Action                 Who
1.        Introductions                                                                         CS

          Apologies                                                                             JF
2.        Minutes of the Last Meeting                                    Approved               All who
3.        Matters arising not on the agenda

          CS will arrange meet with Matt Nelligen/John Schuter re-       Arrange meeting        CS
          ASG/NHS relationship

          Press Release – move to marketing discussion
                                                                         Review                 CS/all
          RMG- it was agreed to review membership in October             membership of
4.        Relationship Sub-Group (RMG)

          Feedback from 4th July meeting

          CS – at the last RMG they raised the issue of dates of
          meetings being changed with little prior notice. CS reported
          that this hadn’t happened since.
                                                                          CS to meet with       CS
          Cross party engagement – Imran’s response is that as            Simon Cooke
          portfolio holder, it his responsibility to inform others.
          However, he has no objection to ASG meeting with them.          Rep pre-meeting at    RMG reps
          Simon Cooke (opposition port folio holder) has asked to meet    9 pm on 13th
          with CS.
                                                                          Report to RMG
          Actions- report by ASG to RMG (13th Sept)                       Clarify involvement   CS
                                                                          at RMG
          Next RMG meeting 13th September – reps to meet                                        CS
          beforehand to clarify actions points.

                                                                          Challenge decision
          Re-Strategic Commissioning Group, AC is the rep.                                      RMG
          Appointment of a second rep was discussed. CS reported
          that the council has now decided that ASG won’t be involved
          in these discussions. As this was part of the RMG work
          programme, it was agreed to challenge tis decision.

     ASG notes                                                                         14/09/2012
5.       Rep Feedback and Forum News
         Note to RMG from ASG
         Improving Future Bid - establish protocol for future re-process
         for future.

         Equalities Forum (JP/RA)
         Re-Older People’s representation on ASG. Consider at the          Include in               CS/all
         same time as review of RMG membership/ASG membership.             membership review

         Training – Judy has met with BISON rep Rebecca from
         Equity. BISON are developing an equalities training package
         – Judy and Ranjit are invited to advise on content.

         Forum aim to carry out profiling of members re-specialist

         Safer Forum (PB)
         Peter fed back from the Community Safety Board Meeting.
         The board is very streamlined – he has one of the 7 votes.
         Peter is the interim rep on the Equalities Forum.

          Young Lives (MB)                                                 Localism Bill            MB
          Young Lives progressing the consortia approach, example of       presentation
          good practice for others.
          Matt will prepare a presentation on Localism for the next
          meeting (6th Sept)

         RAP (TD)
         Tony updated members on the RAP Economic Summit to be             Pursue DP issue          CS/TD
         held on November 18th. There is an issue around obtaining
         the database of invites to previous summits; the database is
         withheld due to data protection.

6.       ASG Workplan 2011/12

         It was agreed that the workplan should include long term          Prepare draft            CS/JF

7.       Localism – Buddies required for Assistant Directors

         It was agreed to seek more information about the role and         Obtain information       CS
         responsibilities of the Buddies.
8.       AOB
              21 Sept @ Midland Hotel – Community Impact
                 Assessment event organised by BACC, JUST
                 WY and ANTP – looking at the impact of cuts.

9.       Next meeting

         Tuesday 6th September 2011 10am – 12pm at CNet -
         Centre for Enterprise, 114 - 116 Manningham Lane, Bradford BD8

     ASG notes                                                                             14/09/2012

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