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									             CARE Enterprise Partners
             Project Fact Sheet                                                                       Updated: March, 2006

Project/ Enterprise:         Peru Agri Venture
Country:                     Peru

Sector:                      Agribusiness

Type of Assistance:          Enterprise Assistance and
                             (anticipated) Venture Fund

Total CEP's Investment and    25,000 USD Assistance
Assistance Value:              Grant
                              Anticipated 250,000 USD
                               Equity, loans and guaranty
Inception Date:              January 2005                     Est. End Date/ Divestment:       2009

In Brief                      In collaboration with CARE Peru and Edyficar, a leading Peruvian Microfinance institution,
                               CEP is initiating the Peru Agri Venture Fund, witch will provide, on the one hand, patient
                               loans and equity to new agribusiness enterprises in Huaraz, Peru and, on the other hand,
                               a guarantee fund to the benefit of Edyficar for on lending to small local farmers. It is
                               anticipated that the fund will provide its first series of investments (up to $250,000) in
                               June, 2006, to three agribusiness working in the artichoke, spinach and oat markets.
Details on CEP’s              CEP initiated the idea of the Agri Venture Fund after a visit to Huaraz in August 2005.
Participation/ Assistance:     CEP subsequently provided technical support and business planning assistance in the
                               form of a one-time Enterprise Assistance grant.

Partner Organizations:        CARE Peru
                              Edifycar (Microfinance institution)

Social and Environmental      Anticipated income security and increases for 1500 participating farmer families in Huaraz
Impacts and Benefits:          region.
                              Organic production of spinach.
                              Oats sold to municipal government for local school feeding programs.

Recent Developments:          Visit by CEP team in January 2006, short-list of 3 enterprises for first round of funding.
                              Hiring of business planning support consultant to solidify business plans.

Upcoming Events/              CEP return visit to Huaraz in late April 2006.

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