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									                           National School Boards Association

The National School Boards Association (NSBA) is a not-for-profit organization representing
state associations of school boards across the United States. Working with and through our
state associations, NSBA advocates for equity and excellence in public education through school
board leadership. We achieve that mission by representing the school board perspective before
federal government agencies and with national organizations that affect education, and by
providing vital information and services to state associations of school boards and local school
boards throughout the nation. Our vision is with outstanding school board leadership to
achieve student success.

For more information on NSBA’s programs and services, go to www.nsba.org

National Affiliate Program
NSBA’s National Affiliate program provides unique opportunities for school districts across the
country to have a voice, to realize their vision, gain the knowledge and skills they need to
govern and save their district money. More than 2,400 member school districts around the
country, who are also members of their state association, are improving the future of public
education as members of NSBA's National Affiliate program. National Affiliate districts have
total access to the most comprehensive and valuable resources NSBA offers to our public
school leaders. For more information on the National Affiliate Program, go to

Conferences and Training
To support NSBA's mission, the association provides several opportunities for professional
development through its annual events, publications, and other services. The annual events
provide training opportunities for school board members and members of their district staff,
focusing on five key areas: leadership, advocacy, technology, urban school issues, and school

Council of Urban Boards of Education
CUBE represents over 110 urban school districts in 35 states and the Virgin Islands. Our
member districts educate nearly 8 million students, in over 12,000 schools, with a collective
budget of approximately 99 billion dollars. CUBE helps urban school leaders find solutions to
challenges at the local level and seeks to improve their policy making effectiveness. CUBE
creates a forum for urban school board members to share innovative practices through issues
seminars, conferences, legislative advocacy, research projects, professional networking
opportunities, specialized publications, and local governance and policy assistance. For more
information on CUBE and its programs, go to www.nsba.org/SecondaryMenu/CUBE.aspx
Council of School Attorney’s
Leadership in legal advocacy for public schools...the NSBA Council of School Attorneys is a
membership organization of 37 affiliate state councils, over 3,000 attorneys nationwide, who
work to improve the practice of school law and prevent lawsuits against public schools. For
more information on COSA and its programs, go to

Technology Leadership Network
NSBA's Technology Leadership Network (TLN), founded in 1987, is the district networking
program that provides an innovative way to bring the school board, administrators, and the
district technology team together to glean the best practices from other districts and to make
well-informed technology decisions.

More than 350 school districts, education agencies, and colleges of education benefit from this
remarkable support system. Connect with trailblazers and acquire invaluable resources for
using technology in schools. Get the latest information, ideas, and advice. The Network fosters
a team approach to technology decision-making. As one of the most respected and established
networking programs in the field, it includes every level of the district's technology team:
superintendent, educational technology and curriculum directors, principals, teachers, and
school board members. For more information on the TLN, go to

TLN Site Visits
TLN Site Visits demonstrate innovation in action, and show how school districts showcase
effective technology solutions. Participants tour schools, ask questions, and see first-hand how
new practices transform the learning experience. For more information on the TLN Site Visits,
go to www.nsba.org/tlnsitevisits/

Federal Relations Network
The National School Boards Association’s Federal Relations Network (FRN) involves local school
board members from every congressional district in the country who are committed to
grassroots advocacy for public education. The FRN gives local school board members an
opportunity to make a difference in the education of our nation’s public schoolchildren. The
ultimate goal of FRN’s advocacy is to make public education a top priority of the federal

FRN members are appointed by their state associations to attend the FRN Conference and
remain in contact with their members of Congress throughout the year to discuss NSBA's and
their state association's positions on key education issues. For more information on the
Federal Relations Network, go to www.nsba.org/SecondaryMenu/FRN.aspx

Three national caucuses affiliated with NSBA provide a forum to actively participate in national
dialogue on public school education issues under NSBA's aegis. Membership for each Caucus is
open to all individuals interested in supporting the purpose of the Caucuses.

The National Black Caucus of School Board Members promotes equal educational
opportunities for students of color through the active engagement of Caucus members in
national dialogue on educational problems, issues and concerns.
The National Hispanic Caucus of School Board Members promotes equal educational
opportunities for Hispanic children and encourages effective communication regarding minority
affairs among boards and their associations.
The National Caucus of American Indian/Alaska Native School Board Members promotes
quality education for all students with emphasis on the problems and successes of the
American Indian/Alaska Native student.
For more information on NSBA’s Caucuses, go to

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