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									Analysing Equity Data
Panel Session

Ms Lin Martin
Vice President (Academic and Information Services)
Deakin University

Ms Anne Baly
Branch Manager
Teaching, Equity and Collaboration Branch
Department of Education, Science and Training

Mr Phil Trickett
Assistant Director
University Statistics Unit
Department of Education, Science and Training

Ms Maureen Maclachlan
Higher Education Analysis Unit
Department of Education, Science and Training

Equity Indicators
       Access
       o A measure of the impact of recruitment strategies on the equity group derived from
         numbers of commencing students in the equity group
      Participation
       o Picks up the concept of under-representation
       o What is the incidence of the equity group in the university population compared with its
         incidence in the community
      Success
       o A measure within a year
       o What proportion of the load undertaken by equity students did they pass relative to their
         non-equity group peers
      Retention
       o A between-years measure which was an attempt to assess continuation rates for the
         equity group compared with their peers

Equity management questions that draw on the indicators
       How well are the strategies to improve access working?
       How under-represented is the equity group in the student population?
       How good are the support programs in helping students achieve success?
       Are there reasons other than academic ones which are leading to lower retention or
        graduation rates of equity students than their peers?

Definitions of equity groups

2005 Nat Higher Ed Student Equity Forum/ Analysing Equity Data                               Page 1
       Separate issue to the indicators—need precision in both
       Implementable in terms of minimal additional or no additional data collection
       Must allow comparison between universities in terms of national policy
       Better to define a group precisely and know the limitations of what you are doing than not
        define it at all or do it in such a complicated way that it is not implementable and
       The indicators will work even if the definitions of the groups change

How can we use the data analysis of equity indicators?
       Measure improvement over time within the one institution and for the sector
       Measure effectiveness of targeted strategies for particular groups
       Assist in identifying the reasons for low participation if used in combination
       Measure the degree of disadvantage being suffered by equity groups relative to their non-
        equity group peers

2005 Nat Higher Ed Student Equity Forum/ Analysing Equity Data                               Page 2

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