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Hello everyone. Can you believe August is here already?! August means the Summer
Champs …..and the Summer Champs means the end of the showing season is near!

I hope that Anna Williams has made a speedy recovery and is now back riding pony
and going to shows. For those of you that don’t already know, Anna had a freak
accident, when she was struck by lightening a few weeks ago on her way to the school
bus and had to spend a few days in hospital!! As I write this she is recovering at home
but hopefully, by the time this is printed, she is up and about again.

The Spencer yard
At South of England Broadgrove Serenade collected her HOYS 128cm S.P ticket,
Valentine Hierarchy was 3rd in the HOYS 133cm SHP and Monarch of the Glen
was 2nd HOYS Int WH. At East of England Millwood Grange Penelope was 2nd in
the HOYS 138cm S.P and Valentine Hierarchy was 5th HOYS SHP. At Lincoln
County Chaseford Charmer was 2nd HOYS 128cm S.P and finally, at NPS Area 15,
Broadgrove Serenade won the 128cm S.P Class with Henrietta, whilst brother
Harvey stood 2nd on Chaseford Charmer. Millwood Grange Penelope won the
138cm S.P class and was reserve champion. Valentine Hierarchy won the 133cm
SHP class and Rotherwood Pavorotti won his first ever outing in the mixed height
S.P class

Kendall Banks-Browne
I received a lovely email from Kendall….

‘Its ages since I have written in to Area 16 but just to let you know what I have been

I got three new rides last year and have three novices at the moment as well as good
old Rocky, although I have only really been concentrating on my first novice 15
hander, Galaxy (Ringling Galaxy Quest) who we got from Ireland when my mum
went and had fun with Debbie and Patrick Edmundson buying horses for a few days!!
I had a fantastic result on her at the Winter Champs, finishing 8th in the Restricted
Open which was huge and she jumped brilliantly but had the last pole down so I was
thrilled. She is continuing to be all that I wanted from a novice.
I have a lovely coloured who has taken a while to break and come on but I think that
as I have grown so much this year this may be my last year on Rocky unfortunately
and that means that we may have to sell him although I just want to keep him at home
as I don't want to part with him!! If we have to sell him I think I may go eventing
next year and need to go on to horses so will possibly do some workers with Galaxy
and continue with my Intermediate and an event horse so the coloured will have to go
to someone else as well!!!

Rocky and I have had another year of consistently clear rounds at most shows but it
seemed to take me a long time to qualify for Royal International and we were
beginning to think I may not even get there even though I got second last year! I have
now qualified and the Hoys ticket is now being chased by what seems like every
member of the BSPS and everyone has such good horses this year. It has been a lot of
travelling but now I've left school for the summer its not so bad.

Looking forward to BSPS champs and the rest of the season. I would just like to put
down all my thanks to Debbie and Patrick Edmundson for all their help with my
horses and me. Thanks.’

Edward and Georgina Veale
The Veale family have had some very good results with their ponies…

‘Deben Georgina was 1st Lee Smith 12hh SHP at PUK Winter Champs, 1st 12hh SHP
at Woodbridge and 1st 12hh SHP and qualified RIHS at South Suffolk.

Colliyers Eclipse had three 3rds in M&M Small breeds at PUK and won the
Concours Lead Rein for the third year running! 2nd at Woodbridge in Kingsford, 3rd
in Kingsford and First Ridden at Hadleigh, 4th at Suffolk, 1st Heritage First Ridden
and Reserve Mini Champion, 2nd small breeds at NPS Area 15. Georgie did her first
Side Saddle Equitation class at the South Suffolk and was 3rd and 2nd in the Concours
D’Elegance side saddle at Woodbridge. She and Nobby will be going to the Side
Saddle Championships in August for the first time!

Brookhall Mandalay was 1st M&M small breeds and reserve champion at Hadleigh
and 3rd in the Mixed Height SHP. She was 6th in the HOYS A’s and B’s at Royal

Sophie Martin
Sophie has sent me an update of her results .…

‘I would firstly like to say a huge thank you to Gemma for riding Harvey (PENN
JOSH) in the HOYS ridden Welsh D’s at the Royal Norfolk show and coming an
impressive 4th. It was a big class and I really hope he behaved himself and you
enjoyed riding him.

I have finally had a run of shows myself starting with The Suffolk County, which he
won. We also took him to NPS Area 15 where he was 1st and Champion Open
Heritage ridden and at Area 16 Summer he was 2nd Open Heritage ridden.
In his dressage career he has also continued to go very well, moving up to novice
tests. He has gained a further 3 wins.’

Well done! And I really enjoyed my ride on Harvey, thankyou for asking me!

Good luck to all of you at the Summer Champs, I shall see you there (and yes…I want
to know how you all get on!).

Dates for your Diary

Tues 21st August - Area 16 Drinks Party at BSPS Summer Champs (at the lorries
of committee members in the white stable area).

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