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When it comes to choose your beach vacation sometimes some people
will find it hard to choose between one to another beach destination.

Bali Beachfront Villas

When it comes to choose your beach
vacation sometimes some people will find it     Jimbaran located on the south part of Bali with many
hard to choose between one destination to       of beautiful white sandy beaches. Here, you can relax
another beach destination. There are so         by the beach, swim in the ocean or playing some golf
many beach destination available in the         in one of the beachfront golf course of the island.
world. One fine example is the island of Bali   Jimbaran has more sun than any other area in Bali so it
with its beautiful white sandy beaches. On      will be a good destination for your beach vacation.
the island of Bali there are several beach
destination to choose from and below you        Selected beachfront and Cliff front Villas in Jimbaran:
will find some of the beach destination in
Bali include with selected private villas as    # Villa Pemutih
your accommodation.                             The villa located on the cliff with overlooking view of
                                                Padang Padang, Bingin and Impossibles beach. Villa
                                                Pemutih offer stunning view of the ocean and has
                                                private beach access via a stairway. Villa Pemutih.

                                                Featured Bali Villa
                                                Villa Casa Evaliza is 4 bedrooms villa located 400 meters from the beach in the
                                                up market Seminyak area on Bali ’s southwest coast. Within a few hundred meters, guests will
                                                find the well-known Oberoi and Legian Hotels, in addition to the famous KUDETA, La
                                                Lucciola, Hu’u Bar and Living Room restaurants.
    Bali Beachfront Villas

# Villa Hanani
The villa has beautiful beachfront surround
with lush tropical garden and also spacious
lotus pond. The villa is design with Balinese    Selected beachfront villas in Seminyak:   # Villa Lega
style complete with private swimming pool.                                                 This is a contemporary style villa with
See more info about Villa Hanani.                # Villa Beach House                       unobstructed views of the Indian Ocean. The villa
                                                 Located on the beachfront side of the     has five air-conditioned bedrooms with two master
# Villa Cahaya                                   beach which offers unobstructed views     bedrooms positioned on the upper floor to
The villa located on top of a cliff facing the   of the Indian Ocean. This villa           maximize the view and the sounds of the sea. See
view of South Ocean. The villa has a four        equipped with four bedrooms with a        more info about Villa Lega.
bedroom with terraces overlooking to the         open plan living area. The villa also
sea. See more info about Villa Cahaya.           equipped with 15-metre swimming
                                                 pool. See more info about Villa Beach
                                                                                           Nusa dua
                                                                                           At Nusa Dua you can expect to be pampered like
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                                                                                           never before because this area specifically builds as
                                                                                           a resort compound with many famous resorts and
                                                                                           other tourism facilities around. The beach is pure
                                                                                           white sandy beach with many activities which you
                                                      BETTER                               can do by the beach.

                                                     VACATION                              Selected beachfront villas in Nusa Dua:

                                                  On Bali Private                          # Villa Bali Becik
                                                                                           The villa setting is on the white sand of Nusa Dua
                                                      Villas                               adjacent to Conrad Hotel. Villa Bali Becik is one
                                                                                           of the few beautiful villas in Bali offering white
                                                                                           sandy beach at the door step. This villa will be
                                                                                           your dream come true villa where your tropical
                                                                                           memory will be cherish for a lifetime. See more
                                                                                           info about Villa Bali Becik.

                                                                                           At this vacation destination you can enjoy blue
                                                                                           waters and also white sandy beaches. Candidasa
                                                                                           offer the best and yet secluded beach for your
                                                  Our Bali Villas are                      beach vacation in Bali.
                                                  perfect for singles,
                                                  couples, family and
                                                  friends. Your privacy
                                                  is assured at our
                                                  range of selected Bali
                                                  villas. Make your Bali
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                                                  Villa Rental today to
                                                  avoid disappointment.
Popular among younger travelers the
Seminyak area offer a relaxed day by the
beach, wonderful night life and also amazing
shopping experiences. You will find a wide
range of shops, range of restaurants along
the street of Seminyak. From the area you
can easily reach other destination in Bali.
                                          Getting the most                                                  BETTER
                                          from your Bali villas                                          On Bali Private
                                          vacation                                                           Villas
                                          Try private villas in Bali for your family vacation

                                                                      vacation away from the busy
                                   # Villa Pantai Candidasa           day life of the city.
                                   The villa has two luxurious
                                   bedrooms with breathtaking         Selected beachfront villas in
                                   balcony views of the Indian        Canggu:
Selected beachfront villas in      Ocean, Nusa Penida Island, the
Candidasa:                         surrounding mountains. See         # Villa Arika
                                   more info about Villa Pantai.      Villa Arika located on the
# Villa Gita                                                          beachfront side with 1.2 hectare   Our Bali Villas are
The villa located on the ocean                                        of tropical gardens. The villa     perfect for singles,
front with spectacular views of                                       four bedrooms where each of
the Lombok Strait and amazing      Canggu                             the bedrooms has view to the
                                                                                                         couples, family and
snorkeling just steps away. The                                       ocean. See more info about         friends. Your privacy
villa has a three bedrooms with                                       Villa Arika.                       is assured at our
                                   Just about 15 minutes drive
shimmering private infinity pool
with an outdoor Jacuzzi with
                                   from Seminyak you will found                                          range of selected Bali
                                   this small fishing village which
breathtaking ocean views. See
                                   has wonderful beach, the echo
                                                                                                         villas. Make your Bali
more info about Villa Gita.        beach famous among surfers.                                           Villa Rental today to
                                   This beach will be a quick beach                                      avoid disappointment.

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Description: On the island of Bali there are several beach destination to choose from and below you will find some of the beach destination in Bali include with selected private villas as your accommodation.