Global In-Vitro Diagnostics _IVD_ Market by IrrIndia1


									 Executive summary

 Market overview

 Immunoassays

 Hematology

 Molecular diagnostics

 Microbiology

 Clinical chemistry

 Geographic analysis

 Competitive analysis

 Global players
 The global in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) market was valued at $44 billion in 2011 and is expected to have a

modest growth during the study period.

 The U.S. represented the biggest market for IVD equipments accounting for about a half of the total


 The report studies various segments of the IVD market including Clinical Chemistry, Molecular

diagnostics, Immunoassays, Hematology and Microbiology.

 Clinical chemistry dominates the global IVD market whereas molecular diagnostics is expected to

register the highest growth during the study period.

 Increased patient awareness, patient self testing, rapidly aging population globally and automated

testing due to technical advances are the major growth drivers of this market.
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