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Let's Focus on Laser Safety (Construction Safety, Eye Protection,
Machine Safety)

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What’s at Stake
  • Laser products are used in many workplaces
  • Laser pointers to refer to information
  • Lasers as line guides and as levelers
  • Lasers are used for cutting and measuring
  • Laser beam is a powerful tool
  • Can cause permanent damage

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What’s the Danger
  • Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
  • Lasers increase light’s intensity
  • Light concentrates into a slender beam
  • Can cause temporary flash blindness
  • Permanent damage to the retina

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   • Struck in the eye by the beam from a laser level
   • Fortunately, the power of the laser was low
   • “Blink reflex” was fast enough to avoid permanent eye damage
   • Serious eye injury from a laser
   • Intern suffered damage to the retina of her eye
   • Thought the laser was not working
   • One in a series of safety and security lapses

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How To Protect Yourself
  • Injuries occur when
         • Laser is unintentionally operated
         • Safety equipment is not used
         • Procedures not followed
  • Know the class of laser you’re working with
  • Intensity of laser beams varies greatly
         • Some require no special measures
         • Some require eye protection
         • Some require very strict and detailed safety measures

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How To Protect Yourself
  • If eyewear is required
         • Protect against the particular lasers
         • Talk to your supervisor
         • Style of safety eyewear you should be using
  • Use the minimum energy required
  • Read the manufacturer’s instructions
         • Follow all warning labels, safety features and instructions

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How To Protect Yourself
  • Keep beam paths away from eye levels
  • Using a low – or intermediate – power device
  • Post warning signs and barrier tapes
  • Warn other workers
  • Observe all posted warning signs
         • Required eye protection

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How To Protect Yourself
  • Never stare into a laser beam
  • Never aim or shine a laser
         • Person, pet, vehicle or aircraft
         • Reflected beam can act like a direct beam
  • In the event of injury, immediately seek medical attention

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Final Word

If you work with or around lasers, learn about the specific hazards and how to protect
Observe any warning signs, wear the appropriate personal protective equipment and
follow all recommended safety procedures.

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