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									Reablement Service
Free short-term support to help you back to independence

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What is Reablement?

Reablement is about giving adults the opportunity and confidence to
relearn and regain some of the skills they may have lost because of
poor health, disability / impairment, following a spell in hospital or
problems at home. After events like this people lose confidence and
are worried about their ability to cope at home again.

Reablement aims to:
 Enable people to stay in their own homes
 Keep or improve independence and safety in all areas of daily
 Improve quality of life

Who is Reablement for?

The service is free for people aged 18 and over who live in the
Borough of Darlington and who are at significant risk of losing their

If you don’t need support from reablement then we can give you
information and advice about community based services that can
help you stay independent and help prevent your situation from
getting worse.

How can Reablement help?

Reablement provides support for a short time to help you become
as independent as possible. You may need support with aspects of
day-to-day living such as:

 personal care
 preparing meals
 shopping

 equipment
 benefits advice
 safety in the home

We work with you in a supportive way to make the most of your
ability and skills.

How does the Reablement service work?

A member of the Reablement Team will visit you to discuss your

The team includes occupational therapy, social work and
reablement care staff who can help you improve the skills you have
and to enable you to remain at home independently.

Together we will agree what goals we are working to achieve. Your
goals are written down in a reablement support plan. You will get a
copy of this plan.

We will then work with you to:

 support you to achieve these goals
 help you manage tasks on your own.

We will also consider what other help you may need to remain

This may include:

 making sure you have the right equipment
 using Telecare equipment that can sense risks such as smoke or
  gas, remind you to take pills or call for help if you fall at home
 arranging for meals to be delivered to your home
 making sure you are getting all the benefits you are entitled to.

How does Reablement differ from traditional home care?

In traditional home care someone visits and does tasks for you.

With reablement the team works with you so that you learn (or re-
learn) tasks you need for everyday life. Many people find that after
reablement they are able to manage on their own, without the need
for continuing social care support.

What will it cost?

Reablement is free of charge while you take part in the service.

How long does it last?

Your reablement support plan will normally lasts for up to six weeks.
We check your progress with you throughout this time. Our work
with you may finish sooner if you make good progress, or it may be
extended if we think you can benefit further.

What happens when my plan is finished?

When you have completed your reablement support plan:

 You should no longer need support and can continue to live
 However if you still need continuing support, we will discuss with
  you how to best meet your needs.

If you would like further information about the Reablement Service
please contact:

Darlington Borough Council
Adult Social Care
Central House
Gladstone Street

Tel: 01325 346200


This document will be made available on request to Adult Social
Care in Braille, large print, audio or in other languages. Telephone
01325 346200.

Date of Issue - 03/03/2011                                 Ref - G9


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