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					             Equipment Fund Application –Example Answers

This document is provided as a tool to help you understand the type of
information we are seeking in an application to the equipment fund. Please
note that any reference to volumes of material, costs of equipment and/or
makes of equipment are wholly fictitious and should not be considered

Question 5 – Location of equipment
Where the equipment or infrastructure is to be located in different premises to
the address specified in question 2, addresses to be provided. Otherwise
state “as above”

As above

Question 6 – Aims, objectives and achievements of project
Provide details of the overall aims and objectives of the project and its
estimated long-term outcomes. Where the project is an existing initiative
please provide a summary of achievements to date. Information is to be
provided in terms of quantities such as volumes/ weight of materials in
addition to percentage values.
Our Green Agenda project started in 2008 as part of our overall sustainability
agenda driven by our multidisciplinary sustainability steering group. The aim
of Our Green Agenda is to improve our ecological footprint year on year by
10% to 2015. Our objectives form part of our environmental policy and
resource efficiency objectives include:
     To reduce waste produced across all our operations by at least 5% per
       year to 2015
     To recycle 60% of all waste materials by 2015, 15% by 2010, 40% by

Since 2008 we have reduced waste produced by 12 tonnes through improved
procurement practice, improved IT infrastructure and systems networking and
staff awareness, training and incentive/ reward schemes.

We have established a number of local community partnerships to help reuse
over 5 tonnes/year of equipment and materials.

We are currently recycling 50% of our paper waste (10 tonnes/year), 12% of
our plastic waste (6.5 tonnes/year), 10% of our cardboard waste (3.5
tonnes/year) and 90% of our glass waste (12.5 tonnes/year). An aluminium
and steel can recycling project has been piloted indicating the potential to
recycle another 3 tonnes/year of materials.

Question 7 – Nature and quantities of resource to be addressed by the
Volumes/ weight of material currently being used or sent for disposal. Where
the equipment or infrastructure is to reduce quantities of materials being used,
estimates can be provided of current material use. Note that the fund will not
provide equipment or infrastructure aimed at improving energy efficiency.
Phase 3 of Our Green Agenda is to close the loop on material use and reuse
where possible.

We currently produce 30 tonnes of food related waste, 35 tonnes of cardboard
and 54 tonnes of plastic per year – of which 50 tonnes relates to plastic
disposable cups, utensils etc.

Question 8 – Describe the equipment being applied for and the
anticipated impact on resource efficiency
Provide a summary of the equipment proposed to be purchased and outline
the level of impact in weight and percentage, the equipment is proposed to
have in relation to the materials defined in question
We are seeking funding towards the cost of an industrial dishwasher to allow
the use of washable drinking cups, cutlery etc. reducing plastic waste by 30
tonnes/year (56%).

Question 9 – Details of equipment supplier
You must provide at least 1 quote for equipment being purchased. Details are
to include the name of suppliers and the reason for choosing the selected
supplier, including information on environmental aspects of the equipment
proposed to be purchased and the supplier such as accreditation to an
environmental management scheme, materials and energy efficiency benefits
of the equipment (including recycled content where appropriate) and
packaging take-back arrangements
We have obtained a quote for the proposed dishwasher model ECO2010 –
the most energy and water efficient model identified through discussions with
EST (see attached). Quote is £1760 excl VAT.

Question10 – Amount of funds applied for (incl VAT where applicable)
Only covers the capital cost of the equipment.

£2068 incl vat

Question 11 – Reporting and monitoring plan
In applying to the fund, applicants are committing to providing information on
the outcomes achieved through the use of the equipment provided by the
fund. Specify the timescales for achieving measurable results along with an
outline monitoring plan. The Welsh Assembly Government will require a
report to be provided by 28 February 2011 on results achieved.
Upon order of the dishwasher, suitable cups, cutlery etc. will be purchased for
use and all orders of plastic utensils stopped. Residual plastic material waste
will continue to be monitored. Breakages of replacement items will be
monitored to determine actual quantities of other material that will be sent to
landfill in place of the plastic.
Question 12 – Specify funding previously received from the Welsh
Assembly Government for resource efficiency related activities

Funding for recycling bins received in 2007 for £4560

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