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									Surveying Equipment

When the job demands high-quality Land Surveying Equipment, Surveying Tools, and Land
Surveying Supplies, these products will stand up to the job. We only sell the highest quality
commercial-grade surveying equipment tools and supplies available. We carry and sell Land
Surveying Tripods, Surveying Bipods, Planimeters, Auto-Levels, Surveyors Brush Axes, Land
Surveying Markers, Land Surveying Rods, Surveying Prism Poles, Total Stations, GPS
Equipment, Bags and Cases, Roll Flagging, Sokkia Surveying Instruments, Theodolites,
Transits, Grade Rods, Tansit Levels, Seco Surveying Supplies, Survey Stake Supplies, PK
Nails, Mag Nails, Abney Levels, Land Surveyors Hand Levels, Magnetic Locators, Tribrachs,
Surveying Prisms, and Land Surveying Equipment Adapters. We are factory authorized dealers
for all the brands of surveying equipment that we represent. If you have a question about any of
the products we sell, please don't hesitate to contact us here at EngineerSupply.

      Abney Levels           Automatic Levels         Area Planimeters          Bags & Cases

                                                     Data Collectors and     Distance Measuring
      Brush Axes         Compasses & Clinometers
                                                          Mounts                    Wheels
                                                Equipment Battery
                      Equipment Batteries

Electronic Levels                                                       Field Books

    Flagging         GPS Pole Transporters         Hand Levels         Hubs & Nails

     Lasers         Levels and Transit-Levels     Marking Paint      Measuring Tapes

                                                   Safety Vests     Surveying Equipment
  Plumb Bobs                 Prisms
   Surveying Magnetic       Surveyors Measuring
                                                       Surveying Bipods           Surveying Poles
        Locators                   Rope

     Surveying Rods          Surveying Tripods            Theodolites              Total Stations

                                                      Utility Pipe & Cable
        Transits                 Tribrachs

Levels: Used for Determining grades and elevations, rough angle turning, laying out and
leveling building foundations, setting forms, leveling walls, setting lines, setting offset stakes,
and other construction jobs.

Transit-Levels: In addition to the level, used for Plumbing walls, setting slope, truing forms,
aligning poles, fence posts. Transit Levels are used more for vertical alignment tasks.

Of all materials, wood is the most stable and less susceptible to expansion when exposed to the
warming effects of the sun. Wooden tripods also have excellent vibration damping

Aluminum is completely resistant to conditions of high humidity. Aluminum tripods are also
light-weight, providing convenience when setups are often changed. Being a metal, aluminum
can expand and contract through temperature changes. To maintain accuracy aluminum tripods
should only be used for setups of short duration such as no longer than one to two hours.

Fiberglass is resistant to the elements and provides a long lasting tripod. As a tripod, fiberglass
material remains flexible and can deform over a very long setup time.

A Theodolite is a instrument for measuring both horizontal and vertical angles, as used in
triangulation networks. It is a tool used in the surveying and engineering industry, but
theodolites have been adapted for other specialized purposes as well.

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