Pikes Peak Weavers Guild by hLuYC1X


									                                                   Pikes Peak Weavers Guild
                                                  Equipment Rental Agreement
This agreement is entered into between the renter named below and the Pikes Peak Weavers Guild. The renter agrees to the following
terms and conditions:

    1.   PPWG equipment listed below is available for guild members to rent on a first-come, first-served basis.
    2.   PPWG equipment is available without charge for demonstrations, provided that the equipment isn’t being rented by another
         member at that time.
    3.   The rent and deposit (if required) will be paid at the time of rental. Deposit checks will be held by the guild treasurer until
         equipment has been returned clean and in original condition. They will then be returned to the renter.
    4.   The time and date for return shall be set at the time of rental. If the renter cannot return the item at the scheduled time and
         date, the renter must notify the contact name to arrange another time and date for the return. If the contact will not be
         available to receive the item at the scheduled time and date, then they shall contact the renter to arrange another time and date
         for the return.
    5.   The renter is responsible for the rental item during the period of rental. If the item is returned dirty or damaged, the renter
         agrees to pay for the cleaning, repair or replacement of the rental item. If the item is lost or stolen, the renter agrees to pay to
         replace the rental item.
    6.   The renter is responsible for safe use of the equipment. For example, the drum carder is not a toy and can cause injury to
         children or someone not understanding how to use it safely.
    7.   The contacts are responsible for maintaining the rental records for the equipment and forwarding rental fees and deposits to
         the PPWG Treasurer in a timely manner.

Equipment                                 Contacts           Fee_________                                          Deposit_
Norwood 4 shaft floor loom        M. Levenson $20/month                                       $25
LeClerc Dorothy 8S table loom Peggy Doney $10/month                                           $10
Includes: 12 warping sticks, 12 dent stainless steel reed, 500 inserted eye heddles, 4 side supports in case it is
ever converted into two 4 shaft looms (not part of rental), lease sticks on front and back with cord laced through
holes, a manual. Loom is marked with DT 4L 40 CM 79-05 on the front and 15-D-8-74-02 on the back.
Pat Green Drum Carder             C. Wilkinson $1/day or $5/week or $20/month.                $25
                                                  Carder must be cleaned by renter.
Inkle Loom                        H. Hubbard $1/month

Equipment Rented __________________________
Rental Charge ___________________                  per Month           Week           Day      (circle one)
Number of Rental Periods _______________________
Date for Return _________________________
Total Rent Due __________________________
Deposit (if Required) ________________________
Total Amount Due ________________________

I have read, understood, and will abide by this Rental Agreement,

____________________________                     __________________________                    ______________________
Signature                                        Print Name                                    Phone Number

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