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                     Equine Science and Technology
                          Horse Reproduction
Multiple Choice. Circle the correct answer.

   1. All of the following are kinds of semen used in artificial insemination EXCEPT

   A.   Boiled semen
   B.   Cooled semen
   C.   Fresh semen
   D.   Frozen semen

   2. What is the process of recovering a fertilized egg from the uterus of one mare and
      transferring it to the uterus of another for gestation?

   A.   Artificial insemination
   B.   Cloning
   C.   Embryo transfer
   D.   Estrus manipulation

   3. What is the method used to quantify the amount of subcutaneous fat cover?

   A.   Condition score
   B.   Conformation formula
   C.   Edward’s formula
   D.   Skin palpation

   4. The average gestation period of mares is

   A.   175 days
   B.   260 days
   C.   340 days
   D.   380 days

   5. The primary sex organ of the stallion is the

   A.   Epididymis
   B.   Gonad
   C.   Sperm
   D.   Testicle
   6. What is the primary sex organ of the mare?

           A.   Egg
           B.   Estrus
           C.   Follicle
           D.   Ovary

Matching. Write the correct letter of the term next to the description. The term may be
used once, more than once, or not at all.

                            Description                                      Item

 7. _______      Each egg is contained in a bubble-like sack called
                 a(n) ___.                                             A. 12 to 15

 8. _______      Fillies generally start coming into heat when they    B. 18 to 20
                 are ____ months of age.
                                                                       C. Anestrous
 9. _______      Refers to the time the mare is in heat and sexually
                 receptive to the stallion.                            D. Diestrus

 10. _______     Rupture of the follicle and discharge of the egg is   E. Estrus
                 known as ___.
                                                                       F. Follicle
 11. _______     This term is when the mare has multiple estrous
                 cycles during the year.                               G. Fresh

 12. _______     The primary hormone responsible for ovulation.        H. Leutenizing

 13. _______     The testicles produce this hormone.                   I. Ovary

 14. _______     The three kinds of semen used in horses – cooled,     J. Ovulation
                 frozen and ___.
                                                                       K. Polyestrous

                                                                       L. Testosterone
                  Equine Science and Technology
                       Horse Reproduction

Multiple Choice

   1.   A
   2.   C
   3.   A
   4.   C
   5.   D
   6.   D


   7. F
   8. A
   9. E
   10. J
   11. K
   12. H
   13. L
   14. G

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