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					                                                                                                                     March 2011

                                 ANSC 2623, Equine Health and Management
                                Course Philosophy and Instructor Requirements

Philosophy: This course is designed to prepare students to understand the aspects of equine health, diseases, soundness, first
aid, preventive maintenance, and management of horses in domestic situations.

Instructor Objectives: The instructor's teaching techniques should ensure that the students are able to:
     Learn basic anatomy and its relationship with movement of the horse.
     Identify soundness in a horse and what causes unsoundness.
     Learn how to determine age, height and weight of a horse.
     Identify the basic signs, causes, and cures for more common horse diseases.
     Learn basic parasite control.
     Learn basic management practices dealing with foaling, weaning, and castration procedures.
     Learn about proper hoof care.

Course Teaching Requirements: The following should be followed by all instructors teaching this course (online and in the
traditional setting):
          1. Three hours of lecture per week
          2. Lecture should include coverage of:
               (1) Functional anatomy
               (2) Biomechanics of movement
               (3) Unsoundness
               (4) Health management
               (5) Parasite control
               (6) Selecting and judging horses
               (7) Determining age, height and weight of horses
               (8) Common management practices
                    1. Neonatal procedures
                    2. Weaning and castration
                    3. Breeding
                    4. Management of pastures
                    5. Wound management
               (9) Shoeing and hoof care
          3. Examinations should be given on all lecture material.

Assessment Responsibilities: Instructors teaching this course are expected to participate in the assessment activities as
required by the University. Generally this course is assessed by utilizing preselected assessment questions imbedded in the
final exam.

Business and Agriculture Division Contact Information:
Division Chair: Robert Mitchum, 501-882-8847, rlmitchum@asub.edu
Lead Instructor: Chuck Wisdom, 501-882-8882, cwwisdom@asub.edu
Online Course Monitor: Wendell Dillard, 501-882-8914, wldillard@asub.edu

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