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									James Tenney, Georgia
Offers Legal Counsel in
Areas of Business Law
     and Taxation
James Tenney, Georgia is a legal
professional who offers legal counsel in
areas of business law and taxation to
businesses, individuals, as well as
domestic and multinational corporations.
James Tenney has more than three
decades of legal experience and his
advice is highly valued by his clients
who are looking for legal counsel from
an established professional.
Mr. Tenney specializes in various areas
of business law and planning, some of
these include Business Acquisitions and
Divestitures, Domestic and International
Estate Planning, Asset Protection,
Domestic and International Taxation.
James Tenney, Georgia has used his
extensive experience in the legal arena
to provide advice to domestic as well as
international companies.
He has advised them in negotiating
mergers as well as acquisitions. His
timely and pertinent legal advice is
valued by his clients who want to stay
updated on the latest developments in
the field of taxation and business law.
His advice has helped his clients in
reducing their taxes and avoiding any
legal risks related to business
James Tenney, Georgia is a member of
the American Bar Association, the
International Bar Association, and the
State Bar of Georgia, the Tennessee Bar
Association, the American Association of
Attorney-Certified Public Accountants,
the ABA Section on Taxation and several
of its national committees. He is
licensed to practice law in Georgia and
Tennessee. He is also a Certified Public
Accountant licensed in the State of
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