equal opportunity brochure 2008 by gKBl2HMI


									Services to the Wayne State
  University Community

   Affirmative action and
    equal opportunity program

   Americans with
    Disabilities Act monitoring
    and compliance

   Veterans Administration                                           For Further information,
    reporting                                                              call or write:
                                   Our Department Consists
   Search committee liaisons          of our Director, EO
                                          Specialists and            Office of Equal Opportunity
    and employment search
    committee training                    Administrative               Wayne State University
                                    Assistant/Intake Manager                 656 W. Kirby
   University employment          who are available to assist             Suite #4324 F/AB
    action monitoring                  you by providing a              Detroit, Michigan 48202
                                    number of services to the         Telephone: (313) 577-2280
   Conflict resolution and          University Community
    meditation                                                            Fax: (313) 577-7738
                                  that ensures that no person
                                   is discriminated against in    Website: WWW.OEO.WAYNE.EDU
   Anti-discrimination,
                                    employment, educational
    diversity and sexual                                              Monday-Friday 8:30-5:00
                                  programs and activities on
    harassment seminars
                                     the basis of race, color,
   Administration of the            gender, national origin,
    WSU Supplier Diversity                religion, sexual
    Program                       orientation, martial status,
                                  disability or veteran status.
   Workforce planning
    coordination (short-term                                           OFFICE OF
    and long-term)
                                                                   EQUAL OPPORTUNITY
   Non-Represented                                                    SERVICES
    employee policy
       OEO            NEED ASSISTANCE
                                                           BECOME INVOLVED
                      WE CAN HELP YOU
 QUICK FACTS               BY…
                                                              YOU CAN HELP
                                                              YOURSELF BY:

Equal Opportunity                                       LEARNING and discussing
                    and investigating complaints        the issues related to
assists WSU…        of discrimination due to race,      affirmative action, diversity,
                    gender, color, religion,
                                                        equal opportunity.
                    national origin or veteran
   students        status. We investigate all
                    allegations of sexual
                    harassment and                      SETTING a good example by
   faculty         discrimination based on             providing fair and objective
                    sexual preference.                  treatment to all people.
   staff           WORKING

   vendors         to resolve complaints and           HELPING to stop rumors and
                    incidents of tension through        harmful gossip, and to avoid
   contractors
                    mediation, negotiation, and
                                                        group stereotyping.

   suppliers
                    PROVIDING                           CALLING Equal Opportunity
                                                        for information, advice and
                    educational programs, services,
                    and materials pertaining to
                    diversity, equal opportunity and
                    affirmative action.

                    with other organizations in
                    efforts to improve the conditions
                    and relationships of all Wayne
                    State University faculty, staff,
                    and students.

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