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					                                 HVLA Board Meeting Minutes
                                      March 23, 2011

1. Call to order: 7:15 pm

2. Roll Call: Board Members:                  (P)      Gerard Daly (Present)
                                              (T)      Troy Flucky (Absent)
                                              (SID)    Joe Glaser   (Present)
                                              (VP)     Bob Augustus (Present)
                                              (S)      Martin Apprich (Absent)

                     Committee Members: Erin Daly with Social Committee
                                        Jeff Evangelisti with Boat Stickers and Inspection

                     Residents: none

3. Approval of minutes from last meeting: December 15, 2010 motion by Daly second by
Augustus (approved)

   4. Board Reports:
                  Treasurers: $ 26,862.93 in checking, report on collection of lake assoc.
                  dues from residence, $3431.50 Various Lot owners of 2009 past due.
                  Motion by Daly second by Augustus to file liens of the 2009 past due lot
                  owners in the amounts totaling $3431.50 (approved). 2010 Budget

                       .Daly reported that our new HVLA Insurance policy was issued We now
               have a commercial Liability Umbrella coverage with a Residential Association
               Insurance coverage that we never had before. $2798.00 total yearly premium
                      Daly reported that our HVLA non Profit status was renewed and updated
               with the State of Nebraska

                       SID: Flood gate, pot holes, dike trail repairs, more mowing & weed
                       control discussed

 5. Committee Reports:
                        Social Committee: Erin Daly reported Easter Egg hunt in April Sunday
prior to Easter at the usual commons area location. 4th of July boat parade on weather pending
again with the Poker Run Fundraiser July 3rd. Hawaiian Village embroidered Sweatshirts, Golf
shirts and wind jackets will be available to purchase as an additional fundraiser to assist with cost
of the Luau party on July23rd , pig roast, music refreshments located on our Residence Beach.
Erin reported past activities very successful , Holiday Party and Santa visit was a huge hit and
the Fall fun festival again was a good time for all. Motion by Daly and second by Augustus that
the HVLA Board fund this years Luau party with fundraising help from Social Committee events
and sales. Motion (approved)

Moved by Daly and second by Glaser that Bob Augustus handles the Fireworks contracting and
arrangements this year for our annual July 3rd Fireworks show. (approved)

                       Architecture Committee: There was two fence request with a motion by
Daly and second by Glaser to accept both request from Residence at 8616 Makaha Circle and
7803 Maui Circle. (approved)
Discussion again followed about the architectural drawings located in the basement of John
Christensen. Board shall continue to monitor and investigate.

                     Fish, Fowl and Wild Life; Frank Sommer will arrange this years fish
shocking and removal as soon as water temperature is warmer in the spring

                      Zebra Mussels: Troy Flucky will have commercial trailer and boat user
policy soon

                      Web Site: Gerard requested to hire new web designer and host . He
estimated cost around $700.00 additional out of pocket . Motion by Glaser second by Augustus
to accept Daly’s request and cost. (approved)

                      News Letter: Gerard reported Spring newsletter will be sent this year

   5. Open Business:

Flood and High lake water control:

Discussion followed to document last falls board meeting decision to document the conditions
and control of the flood gate, warning flags, specific documented location and area of the high
water marks used to decide when to open, close and no-wake our lake waters
Motion by Daly and second by Glaser to approve the following:

Bob Augustus will determine all warnings. If he is not available then the following
members shall determine in order listed starting with Joe Glaser, Troy Fluckey,, Martin
Apprich, and then Gerard Daly

Bill Allen shall control and determine when to open and close the gate valve as needed to
allow our Lake water to flow out into the Platte River. His back up personnel shall be Bob

With the following definition and instructions

“Open waters” a Green Flag shall be flown indicating All motorized watercraft permitted
to run up to a maximum 35 mph top speed No wake speed in all coves. The Lake Water
level shall be located below the top level of the metal strip attached to the concrete walkway
at the overflow channel area

“No Wake warning” a Yellow flag shall be flown indicating warning that All motorized
watercraft shall travel at a no wake speed in all areas of the lake. The Lake Water level
would be located at the top of the metal strip that is attached to the concrete walkway at
the overflow channel area

“Closed lake warning” a Red flag shall be flown with No motorized watercraft permitted
to run in any part of the lake including the cove areas. The Lake Water level would be
located at or above the concrete walkway located at the overflow channel area
All warning changes shall be posted on the marquee sign and flags changed out accordingly
Flag pole areas are located at boat ramp , lot # 11 beach, and above marquee sign

This defined and resolved issue of high lake water warnings and closing was approved

   7. Discussion New Business:

Boat launch weekend shall be the weekend of Saturday April 30th and Sunday May 1st. We will
serve hot dogs, chips and refreshments. Social Committee will have their fundraiser apparel
there for sale.

Discussion followed about complaint from pet owners not being responsible and picking up their
droppings along the dike path and walkways. Motion by Daly second by Augustus to have
Glaser Signs print and post “pet owner be responsible” signs around path areas. (approved)

Daly passed out information about Ice safety that will be posted on our web site this year. A new
bubbler use policy will be discussed in the near future to allow for notices and postings for
bubbler use during the winter months.

Motion by Daly and second by Glaser to spend money for repairs to the residence beach area
again this year and keep it looking good all year long with new sand, raking, plowing, weed
control. Motion (approved)

8. April next meeting to be announced and adjourned at 8:38 pm

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