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2nd Literacy Overview 09 10 by adss8UF


									                                                         Trinity Episcopal School
                                                      2nd Grade Literacy Curriculum
First Trimester                               Second Trimester                                   Third Trimester
DIBELS Fluency Assessment                     DIBELS Fluency Assessment                          DIBELS Fluency Assessment
Independent Reading Assessment                Independent Reading Assessment                     Independent Reading Assessment

Writing Workshop                              Writing Workshop                                   Writing Workshop

      Launching the Writing Workshop                      Author Study: Learning from                Persuasive Letter Writing
      Small Moments: Personal Narrative                    Mentor Author Kevin Henkes                 Poetry: Powerful Thoughts in Tiny
       Writing                                             Illustrators and Realistic Fiction          Packages
      Craft of Revision                                    Writing                                    Writing a Life: Biographies

Reading Workshop                              Reading Workshop                                   Reading Workshop

      Building a Community of Readers                 Readers Think and Talk About the               Readers Become Experts About Series
      More Grown Up Readers Take Charge                Characters in Our Books: Characters             We Love: Series Reading Clubs
       of Our Own Reading: Making                       Go on Journeys                                 Readers Deepen Our Understanding
       Decisions Without Always Needing a              When Readers Hold onto Meaning                  of Books by Talking About Characters’
       Teacher to Tell Us What to Do                    Like a Lifeline, We Can Tackle Tough            Relationships and Problems
      Tackling Trouble: When Readers                   Parts of Texts                                 Nonfiction Reading: Reading to
       Come to Hard Words and Tricky Parts             Readers Practically Become the                  Become Experts and to Share Passions
       of Books, We Try Harder and Harder               Characters as We Read: There’s a
                                                        Thin Line Between Reading and Role-

Language Enrichment/Word Study On-going practices that are built upon throughout the year and extended within core curriculum

      Systematic Phonic Instruction
      Vocabulary: Words selected from literature
      Diversified Spelling Program
      High-frequency Word Wall

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