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									Consumer Advice                                         Learn More                                        CFTC
                                                                                                          Consumer Advisory
• No matter what you’re told, forex trading is risky.   For information & educational materials on the

                                                        legitimate foreign currency market and/or forex
• Don’t be pressured into an immediate decision.

                                                        fraud, call the CFTC Consumer Hotline at
•  secommonsense.
                                                        1-866-FON-CFTC (1-866-366-2382) or visit
• Get everything in writing.
                                                        our website www.cftc.gov and click

• Check with the CFTC.
                                                        on “Consumer Advisories.”

• Seek advice from an accountant, lawyer or
 an independent 3rd party.

• Don’t invest more than you can afford to lose.

• Don’t mortgage your home or cash in your
 savings to trade forex.

                                                        Other useful resources:

                                                        National Futures Association

                                                        North American Securities Administrators
                                                        Association’s Fraud Center
                  EXERCISE                              Financial Literacy and Education Commission
               CAUTION                                  www.mymoney.gov
             WITH YOUR MONEY

                                                        Commodity Futures Trading Commission
                                                        1155 21st Street NW • Washington, DC 20581

                                                        Phone (202) 418-5000 • www.cftc.gov
I F      I T       S O U N D S                   T O O   G O O D            T O        B E        T R U E ,     I T    P R O B A B L Y                    I S       !

                                                          Be Alert



Unsafe Conditions
Forexfraudsterstypically:                               moveupordown.”

• Promise profits, but they don’t deliver-                “Youmustinvestrightnoworitwillbetoolate.”
  their customers lose money instead!

• Claim most customers make money, when                   ....Don’tInvest
  in fact most lose.

• Claim to be trading customers’ funds, when
                                                                                                                  Moving Violations
  in fact they are stealing them.                                                                                     In a recent period, the CFTC filed over

• Give you phony success stories from made-up                                                                     80enforcementactions in federal court against
                                                                                                                  hundredsoffirms, owners and employees
• Create fake account statements showing                                                                          for defrauding over23,000customers who
  false trading profits.
                                                                                                                  lostover$300million in these forex schemes.
• Claim that they have been in business for                                                                           Many of these forex fraudsters were
  years, when in fact it is often only months.
                                                                                                                  also criminally prosecuted and are now in jail.
• Claim to be solid and stable firms, until
                                                                                                                  However, the defrauded investors rarely
  they disappear and leave customers’
  calls unanswered.                                                                                               recovered any of the funds they lost.

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