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									Cholera                                     Sometimes cholera is mild and like any
                                            other form of diarrhoeal disease. It is
                                            normally when an epidemic strikes that
An Introduction                             severe cholera takes hold. It begins
                                            with very frequent and watery
                                            diarrhoea and develops quickly. There
Cholera is a very infectious disease        may also be vomiting and dehydration
that can be fatal. In ALL cases of          can appear within hours of the disease
cholera watery diarrhoea is present. In     affecting an individual. Severe
severe cases it is this that leads to the   dehydration can cause serious problem
sufferer becoming dehydrated and this       with an individuals:
is the cause of death. Cholera can                   blood circulation
quickly spread when:                                 heart
         lots of people live closely                kidneys
            together                                 brain
         there is poor sanitation
         a disaster has struck and         The end result of a failure to treat
            clean drinking water is in      dehydration is death.
            short supply
                                            It must be remembered that it is not the
Cholera is particularly dangerous to        cholera germ that actually kills the
old people and children.                    sufferer; it is the dehydration it causes.
                                            Dehydration can be stopped and the
What causes Cholera?                        patient given the opportunity to get
                                            better. Indeed, within three to five days
Like many serious diseases cholera is       the sufferer should be free of the
caused by a germ, called Vibrio             illness. It is very important that as soon
Cholerae, which infects a person when       as a person shows signs of suffering
they swallow contaminated food or           from cholera they should be given as
water. The stool (solid waste) of the       much liquid as possible. This will
sufferer contains millions of cholera       reduce their chances of becoming
germs and if anything is in contact         dehydrated.
with them it too becomes a carrier.
Finger, clothes bedding even earth can
be become infected and act as carriers.
Someone who touches any of these
with their fingers then passes the germ     What to do if someone shows signs of
into their body via their mouth.            developing cholera
Because it is so easily spread the
disease quickly passes from one             As soon as someone starts to pass
question to another and an epidemic         watery stools they should be given
can result. When public water supplies      liquids. Whenever possible the sufferer
are infected, as they might be after an     should be taken to a health or medical
earthquake, cyclone or other natural        centre, where they can receive expert
disaster the infection rate can multiply    treatment. Experts can administer
VERY quickly.                               liquids via a drip directly into the
                                            blood stream. If needles are not
Looking for Cholera                         available or when the watery diarrhoea
                                            starts to become less severe the
medical staff can give liquids by a tube    treatment all cholera cases can recover.
up through the patient’s nose.              Then everyone will be less
                                            Worried about the disease.
In some locations getting to a health
centre is very difficult. The patient can   Next time we shall look at ways of
still be saved if those helping them        preventing cholera from spreading
give lots and lots to drink.                within a community.
Even those who have attended a health
centre will need liquids when they
return home.

A simple liquid solution that can be
made up is a mixture of salt, sugar and
clean water. This mixture is called an
SOULTION and can save lives
cheaply and effectively.

Nursing mothers can help their child if
it becomes of sufferer of cholera. They
can offer the infant breast milk Breast
milk is pure and full of goodness and is
the best way of giving young children
the liquids they need to combat
Older children need to be encouraged
to drink small amounts of liquid


Cholera can strike any community,
especially if it has undergone a
major problem. This may be a
draught, flood, earthquake or other

It is important that ALL members of a
community should know what to do
when the first cases of cholera appear
in their population. Everyone must
know how to avoid catching the deadly

When people know how to protect
themselves against the infection they
will realise that with effective

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