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									  Data Sharing in a Complex Partnership:

    Lessons from the University of Hartford &
University High School of Science and Engineering
         What this presentation isn’t:

• Not a description of a sophisticated set of

• Not a showcase for some great, new software.

• Not a proud portrayal of best practices in
             So What is it?

A reflection of the trials and tribulations of
delivering promised data to your partners.
                    A Few Facts
• The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship
  Foundation has partnered with the University of
  Hartford and the Hartford Schools on the Creation of
  the University High School of Science and
  Engineering since its earliest planning stages.

• Data on College Courses by UHSSE Students has
  Been Available Since 2004-2005.

• Promised data for the SIS did not arrive until the
  summer of 2009
                 So what happened,
                 or didn’t happen?
• I’m not exactly sure and it’s too easy to attribute to
  personalities and indifference.

• There were clearly some misperceptions on the part of
  key U of H personnel.

• The biggest one: A lot of difficult data formatting
  required by university personnel. (This was not the case
  at all.)

• All we had to do was deliver transcripts to Kristin Vogt,
  who would take care of the rest.
             Second Misperception
• The University of Hartford needed an
  interpretation by its chief counsel regarding it’s

• The black hole of legal opinion (interpreting and
  reinterpreting the latest Dept. of Ed. statements.)

• A long, slow march to a signed consent form by
  each student’s parent or guardian.
         The Provost to the Rescue

“This doesn’t require a legal opinion. It’s a
  simple IRB issue.”
Human Subjects Committee Requirements

• Description of the study population and

• Data collection and analysis procedure.

• Procedures to ensure confidentiality.

• Assessment of risk and benefits of research.
        Kristin and JFF to the Rescue
• Already obtained a data sharing agreement with the
  Hartford Public Schools.

• Delivered a sample IRB application tailored to the
  University of Hartford – University High School of
  Science and Engineering situation.

• Provided an addendum explaining data uploading
  procedures and precautions for assuring
          Data Challenges: Round 2
• College Readiness Diagnostic pilot for Education
  Policy Improvement Center (EPIC).

• Back to Human Subjects Committee at U of H and
  Hartford Schools.

• The concerns raised by HSC are modest, primarily
  clarification of procedures and wording of the
  notification form.

• Accepted a passive consent form.
                 New Challenges

• Personnel changes at the University High School.

• Need to find the “Account Manager” to work with

• Need to develop other aspects of our grant response.

• Working these issues out right now.

• You’d better expect some frustrating problems
  cropping up.

• But as they say, “This is not rocket science.”

• There is a tremendous amount of support from
  Woodrow Wilson.

• With persistence, problems can be resolved.

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