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                  e-mail: gmyers@itctel.com     Web: www.sdlakesandstreams.com

                            MINUTES OF THE APRIL 14, 2011 MEETING

WHAT: SDL&SA Meeting
WHERE: EDWDD Conference Room, 132 Airport Drive, Brookings
WHEN: Thursday, April 14, 2011
        1. Meeting Agenda and approval of previous Minutes
      The meeting was called to order at 1:00pm. A motion was made by Janie Wittmeier, seconded by
        Dick Neish to approve the minutes of the last meeting and the Agenda as amended. Motion
II.     ASSOCIATION Reports:
        1.        Administrative Report
                 a.       Financial Reports:
                         * Approve Expenses, Checks Written
      .Motion made by Bill Cunningham, seconded by Ken Stange to approve the checks written.
                 Motion passed.
                         * Review financials.
      Motion made by Dick Neish to approve the Financial Report, Seconded by Janie Wittmeier.
        Motion passed.
      The board felt there was a need for Ken Stange to have a computer wherein he could utilize Intuit
        for the Financials of the company. Bill Cunningham made a motion for South Dakota Lakes and
        Streams to a lot Ken up to $800 to purchase a new computer. The motion was seconded by Dick
        Neish. Motion carried.
        2.       Education Reports
                 a. Flandreau Wetland Enhancement report
                         GFP Grant proposal
      It was reported by the president, Jerry Myers, that the Game Fish and Parks turned down the
        proposal for the addition of birds to the Flandreau Park. He said that he will modify it somewhat
        and resubmit it to the Audibon Society.
                 b. I & E (EPA) Minigrant
                         Proposal resent for 0-b-P information grant
      President Jerry Myers reported on the radio interviews he has given to date and those schedule in
        the future on o-based phosphorus.
                 c. Committee Reports
                          * Membership
      Membership is coming along quite well. It was asked that a bill for dues be sent to past members
        to have them realize their oversight in not paying them. A discussion also took place asking that
        each individual member of the Board be a member. That was agreed to.
       These bills will be sent out immediately, along with reminders of the Grant Writing Workshop.

       The Spring Splash has been sent. It was agreed upon to have an eSPLASH which will r4educe
        the cost of producing it. This was agreed to.

                            - Update
    Updates will be done in the next week or so. Trudie has been gone. There are two SPLASHs
      missing. These will be added as well. She is going to try to include a continuing calendar of lake
New and renewed Webbers
    There are 8 active ones to date.
              d.      Planning
                      •        GWW
    The Grant Writing Workshop will take place on May 6th at LATI in Watertown. Applications are
      coming in.
    There will be a reminder sent out next week reminding those who might not have gotten the
      message earlier of the upcoming event.
    Bill Cunningham will take care of the lunch and snacks for the event.

     • Radio broadcasts selling 0-b-P Two broadcasts have already been done. Others have been
                e.      Lake Association Report
      Things are being added as received.
                f.      Report from West River
                    Board member, Jim Hake, reported on the Outdoor Campus West, specifically
                        focusing on the area that will be created educating the public about rivers,
                        streams. There will be a cut out beaver hut, dam, and things related in nature.
                    He mentioned they were looking for a septic flow simulator. Jay Gilbertson and
                        I will work through EDDWD and the Chorothers Foundation to get one for them.
                    A $5000 donation will get one’s name or the organization on a plaque for the
                        Outdoor Campus West.
                    They are working on Spring Creek 319 program which is in the process of
                        repairing the watershed.
                    They have also been working doing some repairs to Rapid Creek.
                    A grant has been received for $100,000 to dredge Canyon Lake.
                g.      Water Board Update:
                    There is a new rule for application of pesticides to water areas. This applies to
                        the spraying of lake weeds.
III. Foundation Reports:
                                       ter Foundation
                    The balance on hand is: $7481.38
                      Ace Hardware in Sioux Falls and Malhoald’s in Watertown only display fertilizer
                       with 0 phosphates.
                    Brookings County and others have posted a 300’ no wake law
                    There are many events around our member lakes. We will try to have an active
                       and ongoing calendar to stay abreast of these activities.
     Dick and Ardis Neish have submitted their retirement from the Board of the South Dakota Lakes
       and Streams effective in September. They were thanks for their many years of service to the
       board. They and their ideas will be greatly missed.
     Board members discussed possible replacements.
               a. Regular: June 9, 2011, EDWDD 1:00PM
`              b. Annual: September 10, 2011 Place: Hillside Resort, Lake Madison

Approved 6/9/2011 as amended with those in attendance and absent listed.
Members Attending: Gerald Myers, Ardis Neish, Dick Neish, Janie Wittmeier, Bill Cunningham, Ken
Stange, Jim Hawke, Trudie Myers
Absent: Jerry Soholt, Jim Beech

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